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How to Use Wechat App( iOS and Android) 2023 Updated Pro Or Cons

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Welcome to one of our app guides, where we will review the Android version & IOS Version of the Wechat trading app. After this review, you will be prepared to download the Wechat app and start trading.

What Is Wechat?

WeChat is a multipurpose messaging, social media, and mobile payment software created by Tencent, a Chinese technology corporation. It is also known as Weixin in China. WeChat was introduced in 2011 and immediately rose to prominence as one of China’s most used mobile applications.

WeChat users can share photographs, videos, and voice and text messages, as well as make voice and video conversations, update their own accounts, and follow the accounts of other users. A wide range of other services are also available, including e-commerce, news feeds, games, and group chat.

WeChat is particularly well-liked in China, where it’s frequently used for payment processing, appointment scheduling, and social and professional networking. Almost one billion people use the app each month, with the majority of them headquartered in China.

WeChat App Important Points

App Name WeChat
Download StorePlaystore , IOS
Application TypeTrading Platform
Founded Year2017
Free To UseYes
Paid OptionNo
Founder Name Changpeng Zhao
Official Website Click Here To Visit

What is the WeChat Android and IOS app?

On both the Android and iOS operating systems, WeChat is a messaging and social media application. Users can communicate with friends and family through text, audio, and video messaging using the WeChat app for Android and iOS.

Users of the app can also join group chats, submit changes to their personal profiles, follow other users’ accounts, and exchange photographs and videos. WeChat also provides a number of features tailored to the Chinese market, like mobile payments and social commerce.

Although the WeChat app is available for free download and use, some functions, like as the ability to make mobile payments, could necessitate that users link their bank or credit card to their WeChat account. WeChat is an all-encompassing mobile app that combines social networking, e-commerce, and messaging services into one platform.

How to Use WeChat App (iOS and Android)

To use the WeChat app on iOS or Android, follow these steps:

  1. Download the app: Go to the App Store or Google Play Store, search for WeChat, and download the app.
  2. Sign up: Once the app is downloaded, open it and tap “Sign Up” to create an account. You will be prompted to enter your mobile number, which will be used to verify your account. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the sign-up process.
  3. Add friends: To add friends on WeChat, tap the “Contacts” tab, then tap the “+” icon in the top right corner. You can search for friends by their WeChat ID, mobile number, or by scanning their QR code.
  4. Send messages: To send a message to a friend, tap on their name in the “Contacts” tab, then tap the message icon to open a chat window. You can send text, voice, and video messages, as well as photos and videos.
  5. Join group chats: To join a group chat, tap the “Chats” tab, then tap the “+” icon in the top right corner. Select “Join Group Chat” and enter the group’s QR code or invite link.
  6. Use mobile payments: To use WeChat’s mobile payment feature, you will need to link a bank account or credit card to your WeChat account. Tap “Me” and then “Wallet” to set up your payment method. You can then use WeChat Pay to make payments to other WeChat users or to pay for goods and services on participating websites.

WeChat App Pro Or Cons

Large user base, particularly in China.Privacy concerns regarding data collection and government surveillance in China.
Offers a range of additional features, such as gaming and e-commerce.Some features, such as mobile payments, may not be available or widely used outside of China.
User-friendly interface with customizable settings.Limited customization options for profiles and group chats.
Supports voice and video calls with high quality.Some users may find the app overwhelming or cluttered with features.

Is WeChat app safe and legit?

Yes, Binance app is safe and legit. The exchange is one of the most popular and secure cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It is also regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Malta and has a robust security system that helps protect user funds.

WeChat App Features


WeChat users can make audio and video calls as well as send text, voice, and video messages to other users.

Social networking

Users can follow other users’ profiles, publish updates on their own accounts, and participate in group discussions.

Mobile payments

WeChat Pay enables users to pay for goods and services on participating websites as well as send payments to other WeChat users via mobile devices.


WeChat has a number of mobile games available that can be played inside the app.


WeChat also includes a platform for online shopping called WeChat Mall that enables customers to explore and buy products from a variety of merchants.


Users can personalise their news feeds so they only receive updates on topics they are interested in.

Location sharing

WeChat users have the option to tell friends and family members where they are.

Language translation

WeChat includes an integrated translation capability that can translate posts and messages in real time.

Security features

WeChat has a number of security measures, including fingerprint authentication and two-factor authentication.

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