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What Is WEB3Token (WEB3.0)? Complete Guide & Review About WEB3Token

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What Is WEB3Token (WEB3.0)?

WEB3Token project is led by the Wenzhou and Guangzhou offline teams, and the members own a number of entity companies (on-the-spot investigation is possible), and it is the only project that dares to publicly say that the compensation package is included. It is also followed by influential tweeter to promote the project.

Important Points Table Of WEB3Token

Coin NameWEB3Token
Short NameWEB3.0
Total Supply10,000,000
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How to Buy the Continental & Trade On Exchange?

First Step

Buying WEB3.0 Is Very Easy Task . Just Find Exchange Where WEB3.0 Available & Buy Through Your Credit & Other Altcoin .

Second Step

Once You Purchased WEB3.0. Now It Is Time To Store Your WEB3.0 Or Start Trading On Exchange .

Mechanism is Rising Up

WEB3Token daily constant output is 2,000 Tokens, a small and limited amount of supply. Under the POB extreme deflation mechanism circumstance, it will become a token shortage by the needs growing up. The token of WEB 3.0 will be rare and hard to earn!

Mining Mechanism

  1. 1.500 USDT valued Web3.0 Token is pledged to destroy for a mining machine arithmetic, can be stacked to increase arithmetic.
  2. 2.Arithmetic mining machine output WEB3.0: personal arithmetic divided by the whole network arithmetic multiplied by 2000 = WEB3.0 quantity
  3. 3.The daily calculation rate automatically increases by 0.6%
  4. 4.Pledged tokens come in and out as they go, pledge time greater than or equal to 45 days, gold standard exit, worth 500USDT tokens exit at the time value of 500U tokens, less than 45 days deduct 20% of the time value tokens.
  5. 5.Exit pledge mining, personal arithmetic power and team arithmetic power to zero.

Direct invitation bonus

  1. 1.Direct invitation reward is 30% of the arithmetic power, each generation will reward 5% from 2 to 10 generations.
  2. 2.Invite 1 friend will have 2 generations
  3. 3.Invite 2 friends will have 3 generations
  4. 4.Invite 3-8 friends will have 4-9 generations
  5. 5.Invite 9 friends will have 10 generations


  1. 1.WEB3Token No extreme difference
  2. 2.Unlimited generations
  3. 3.No burn
  4. 4.In and out as you go
  5. 5.Solve the human nature: pledge first come first served (first opportunity)
  6. 6.Over 200 global communities will promote this super hype project.

What is Web3Token?

WEB3Token is a real concept of community autonomy. We will upgrade it again to bring it to the real application of online and offline applications, so as to return user rights and interests to users.

Open and Transparent

All the information and data run on the blockchain, are open-source, transparent, and were written into the smart contract.

Static Earnings

The highlight of the praise is that the Static Earnings are lucrative and the dynamic connections are extremely sticky.

Marketing Boom

All WEB3Token markets around the world start promoting at the same time, the heat is extremely high, and the subsequent market explosion is great.

Joint Venture

Jointly doing business, Each one of you is a shareholder of the WEB 3.0 project.

Limited Output

The daily constant output is 2,000 Tokens.


WEB3Token total supply of 10,000,000 tokens will eventually through the POB deflation to 1,000,000 tokens:

  • 90% of the total supply (9,000,000 tokens) will be founded through the POB mining machine. According to the Binance Smart Chain block height constantly produce 2,000 tokens every day.

The remaining 1,000,000 tokens will follow this allocation plan:

  • 600,000 Tokens will be presaled on Pinksale (Whitelisted Only)
  • Liquidity Pool: 306,000 tokens;
  • Marketing wallet: 94,000 tokens (including all online marketing platforms, trending, listing on CMC, official news, etc.)


Q1 2022

  • Logo Creation
  • Website
  • Telegram Community
  • Official Twitter
  • Contract Creation
  • Mechansim Design

Q2 2022

  • POB Mechanism
  • Chain Talk APP Design
  • Chain Talk APP Beta Test
  • Audit & KYC
  • Marketing Start
  • Listing on Pancakeswap

Q3 2022

  • 3,000 Holders
  • Update info on BscScan
  • Update Logo on wallets
  • Listing on CoinGecko
  • Listing on CMC
  • NFT Release

Q4 2022

  • NFT Marketplace Beta
  • Major Influencers Push
  • Listing NFT on Binance
  • Listing NFT on Opensea
  • Listing on CEX
  • Keep Updating…
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