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What Is VicMove?(VIM) Coin Review? Guide About VicMove?

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What Is VicMove?(VIM)

VicMove is a web3 fitness and lifestyle mobile app with inbuilt NFT gaming and Social-fi elements where you can earn rewards in Crypto/NFTs just by movement like walking, running and cycling. First, you mint a NFT in the form of sneakers, then by walking, running and cycling you will earn in-game cryptocurrency, which can either be used for in-game activities or cashed out for profit.

Important Points Table Of VicMove Coin

Coin NameVicMove Coin
Short NameVIM
Circulating Supply100,000,000.00 HAWK
ExplorerClick Here To View
DocumentationView Document
WebsiteClick Here To Visit

How to Buy the Continental & Trade On Exchange?

First Step

Buying BNB Is Very Easy Task . Just Find Exchange Where BNB Available & Buy Through Your Credit & Other Altcoin .

Second Step

Once You Purchased BNB . Now It Is Time To Store Your BNB Or Start Trading On Exchange .

The Best Move to Earn NFT Game

VICMOVE is a web3 fitness and lifestyle mobile app where you can earn rewards just by movement like walking, running and cycling.

Unique features that inspire you to run


A certain amount of energy will be given to you daily to improve your income and health


The less comfortable you are, shown through Comfort Point, the less pieces of VICMOVE box you earn


A reward range will be given to you, Lucky Point decides how much or how little you get


VicMove Every Sneaker has an expiration date, as shown by Stamina Point


Leveling up helps you increase the maximum stats of your Sneaker


In the Fusioning feature, you will be able to fusion 2 sneakers and create a whole new better sneaker.

Problem Statement

Everybody wants to be physically active and fit, but majority of us struggle to break out from a sedentary life, trying to be more active and fit. And to solve this problem, there are hundreds of fitness apps in the app stores, each trying to solve fitness challenges once and for all. We’ve all personally tried tons of them, however, for decades, the challenges with fitness still remain the same:

Lack of motivation/incentives

VicMove motive of only being physically fit is not that strong enough. There is a huge gap between the motivation of working out and the amount of efforts required to actually work out.

It’s a lonely and boring activity

Human beings are a social species. It gets boring when doing something alone, especially workout.

Lack of instant gratification

The generation is used to instant gratification which is missing from the activity of working out.


VicMove Coin aim to nudge people to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. To achieve this mission, They believe that web 3.0 offers a perfect blend of tools like NFT gaming, Native global currency, Community effect etc, which bring the interesting elements of game-fi, social-fi and real money rewards.Also, linking a person’s essential daily activity to web 3.0 enables us to bring the mass adoption to web 3.0 in the most frictionless manner

Key Features

Anyone can use: You don’t have to understand NFTs or Crypto to get started. Burning those calories is all you need to know, to start using VICMOVE.

Build a habit of working out: Building a habit is hard, specially when it comes to your health. Using real money rewards and interesting gaming/social elements, VICMOVE helps you become physically active and get fit

Earn in Crypto/NFTs: Earn in cryptocurrency & upgrade your NFT value everyday simply by walking, running and cycling.


Once you own the sneaker NFT, you can start working out, participate in the game and earn in-game cryptocurrency VIM. Using these earnings, you can do the following in-game activities:

  • Upgrade your sneaker
  • Unlock features and rewards
  • Repair your sneaker
  • Fusion sneakers
  • Reset you sneaker to sell on marketplace
  • Cash out the tokens

You can also choose to sell your sneaker on the in-app marketplace where other players can acquire this sneaker to get a headstart in the game.

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