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What Is Veritise (VTS)? Complete Guide & Review About Veritise

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What Is Veritise (VTS)?

Veritise is bringing back trust across individuals, enterprises, and institutions through blockchain identity verification. From a real person or company to virtually any form of digital asset, all entities can be registered, verified, authorized, validated, and tracked immutably in our blockchain. Products, CV’s, objects, documents, news, opinions, reviews, information, IP, NFTs, artworks and much more: if it is veritised, you can trust it!

Important Points Table Of Veritise

Coin NameVeritise
Short NameVTS
Total Supply100
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DocumentationView Document
WebsiteClick Here To Visit

How to Buy the Continental & Trade On Exchange?

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First Step

Buying VTS Is Very Easy Task . Just Find Exchange Where VTS Available & Buy Through Your Credit & Other Altcoin .

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Second Step

Once You Purchased VTS. Now It Is Time To Store Your VTS Or Start Trading On Exchange .

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Human Identification

Businesses, institutions and individuals alike have a dire need to verify both business and human identities in order to prevent fraud and identity theft. Veritise has developed a user-friendly mobile application that uses its own blockchain technology together with a patent protected process to provide you with human identity verifications that are fast, secure and trusted.

The problem

There are numerous scenarios on how scammers steal and abuse identities in order to deceive people by approaching them online or in person. Most of us have had the experience of being contacted by strangers either through social media, sms messages or telemarketing calls falsly claiming to be an employee for a certain company or an agent or representative.   These are very common ways for scammers to operate.

The Solution

Veritise offers human identification services that are specifically designed to give businesses the ability to offer people a fast, easy and secure way via the Veritise app to verify the true identity of people claiming to work for their company or have an official affiliation with their company.You can also verify their current position or status, for example:

○ Employee
■ i.e. Manager, marketeer, developer, security officer, researcher etc.
○ Independent Sales Agent
■ i.e. Listing Agent of an exchange
○ Volunteer
■ Authorized to raise funds
■ Approved to create campaigns
○ People endorsed by a company
■ Petitioners
■ Activists

Aside from humans, the companies themselves can also be verified with the Veritise app to provide consumers peace of mind. They give them the ability to verify the legitimacy of companies, stores (online and offline), service providers, authorizied dealers, charities and so much more Watch this space: they will be publishing a video demonstration of the Veritise App here soon.

How does it work

The patent pending method generates unique blockchain based codes for every single one of your products. As soon as you scan one of them an event on the blockchain is generated and cannot be reversed. The Veritise system will check the blockchain ledger and instantly make the link between the manufacturer and the actual product. If something is not right, such as the unique product code, has already been used an alert will let the consumer know to be careful.

Product Authentication

Central to the Veritise services is a strong brand protection system. As a manufacturer, the first steps are registering your company with Veritise. From there on out (once you have opted for the subscription or customised service option) you can begin to protect your products with blockchain grade strength. The Veritise system will ask for various product information that you wish to display to your consumers once they scan.

There are two principle ways in which you can apply brand protection to your products:

  • Special tamper proof stickers with unique codes, designed in partnership with Etikouest.
  • Printing Veritise codes directly onto labels or packaging via your existing printers

Get Involved

They invite you to join our community and enjoy the benefit of being among the first to receive the latest news, updates and information about Veritise. Interact with other community members as well as the Veritise team. Interested to contribute or just to stay in the loop?  The choice is yours.

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