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Vdice.io Casino Review : Platform is Simple to Use

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About Vdice.io

Vdice.io does its own interpretation of UIs for various betting games, as they have been deployed on public blockchain infrastructure, by various development teams from around the world. Each is a possible interpretation of a pretty display for a given game.

There are no crypto-tokens, funds, logic, user data, information, critical game code, execution or information on the web-server. Instead, there are some pretty images and basic APIs pulling data from various smart contracts that have been deployed on public blockchain infrastructure, by various development teams.

Vdice UIs each represent just one interpretation of a UI for viewing these various smart contracts. One could also design and implement their own UI for viewing these very same smart contracts, and deploy them on their web-server, or anywhere they like. Indeed, many have.

As such, it is not even necessary to interact with any of these smart contracts through this, or any, web interface itself. Indeed, as all games exist as independent code on public blockchain infrastructure, it is possible to interact with these smart contracts directly, without any UI, and execute any of the smart contract functions.

Casino NameVdice.io 
Casino Type Instant Play, Mobile
LicensesCosta Rica
Live ChatYes
Deposit MethodBitcoin
Withdraw MethodBitcoin
Restriction CountryN/A
Email Supportcs@vegascasino.io
Term & ConditionClick Here To Read Term & Condition

How To Join Vdice.io Casino

How To Join

Go the registration page, than casinos are required to collect some details from you before you play. the primary step requires basic signup details like name, postcode or address, date of birth and preferred deposit method. you’ll then be asked to make a username, password and a memorable security question. Usually, you’ll then be required to verify your email address by clicking on a link in an email sent to you by the casino. a number of the more modern new casinos allow you to register using your social media profile.

Deposit Process

Every casino has slightly alternative ways to form a deposit, but after the primary one, every other consecutive deposit are going to be similar enough to know . the subsequent are the essential steps to adding cash to your account. By making this move, you’ll access the important play mode, wager and win.

1.Go the ‘Cashier’ section on your interface .

2. Scan through the available options and choose your preferred method.

3. Once your payment method is chosen , you’ll need to follow with the instructions. These can vary. Some may popup a 3rd party account Like Facebook,Twitter,Google. have a form. Credit or open-end credit transactions usually happen directly on the location and are the quickest methods.

4. Complete any form, review your transaction and ensure your deposit.

5. In most cases, a deposit are going to be instant or but 10 minutes.

6. Check your casino account to verify the cash is there and begin playing!

How to Withdrawal Your Casino Winnings

Once you’re able to transfer your winnings out of your account, all you’ll got to do is follow these steps below:

1. Login to your casino account.

2. Confirm you’ve got enough funds in your balance to initiate a payout.

3. Attend the ‘Cashier’ and choose ‘Withdrawal’.

4. Choose the payment method you’d wish to use and complete the questions asked.

5. Click on the submit button.

In general, payments are processed within 24-48 hours. However, this will vary from operator to operator.

Identity Verification

To avoid any fraud or scam, the casino will perform a basic identity check on you.  Most casinos allow you to play immediately after your first deposit has cleared. But you’ll need to verify your identity to continue playing or make a withdrawal. Casinos are now subject to financial regulation laws and have a legal obligation to gather this information form you.

You will be required to supply photo ID and proof of address (usually dated within the last 3 months) to verify your account- these are often uploaded to your account or sent to them via email. once you do that , your account are going to be fully functional. Fully verified accounts usually enjoy higher transaction limits and faster, smoother account withdrawals

Games & Software

As the name implies, vDice.io focuses on dice. Its interface is similar to Bitcoin dice games like OddEvenBETs and SatoshiDICE. Instead of selecting your payout and winning odds, you have to send ETH to any of the five betting contract addresses. These addresses each have fixed win odds, multiplier, and maximum bet amount.

To start playing, choose a bet from the table and click Play. You can then send your bet by scanning the QR code or by keying in your wallet address. Make sure to deposit at least 0.221 ETH, or else your wager will not go through. If you win, the rewards are transferred to your wallet. Otherwise, you will receive 1 Wei for your loss.

Besides its dice game, vDice.io also offers a three-reel slot. In order to play, you must select up to 16 spins as well as your bet amount, then press Roll. You must wager at least 0.001 ETH in order to spin the reels. Like in the dice game, you will receive ETH in your wallet instantly when you win. Keep in mind, though, that you are required to use MetaMask in order to play the slot game

Smart Contracts

Another unique feature of vDice is the Oracle function of ETH Blockchain for smart processing. It ensures that every transaction is processed in seconds. It is a lot faster than bitcoin when it comes to processing speed. However, with quick processing comes fees. It should be expected.


Users will not find bonuses on Vdice.io. However, they can increase coins through the investment program mentioned earlier. You can choose to invest in all or single games and play vDice.io. Players get a part of bettor’s wagers, but this applies to only ten top investors. When you invest more, you stand a chance of becoming one of the top ten.

Withdrawals and Payments

the casino-based platform is simple to use. You do not need an account you only need to choose a bet, and this bet will generate the code. The code will be sent to the player’s wallet with the minimum deposit. A random number will be rolled to determine if the bet won.

You need a wallet to play vDice with ether. A highly recommended site for this is Jaxx Wallet. When you have this wallet, you can bet on the site. Withdrawals and deposits are so simple that you just need your wallet address.

What is Blockchain Gambling?

Blockchain Gambling you ask? Well…where to start?

The Ethereum blockchain is just a big, decentralised, public database.

All blockchains are just databases really. They aren’t so mysterious.

Somebody always controls a database. This control is the power to change things.

But with the Ethereum blockchain there is no single person (or group) in charge.

So changes to the database can only be done via consensus (consent). A majority of the participants in the network must agree.

This makes the Ethereum blockchain database decentralised.

Non-Blockchain (Centralised) Gambling

This is your standard type of gambling game.

It works the same as an exchange service actually.

You send your ETH to the game owners. They record your ETH balance in their own database. You see it as some numbers in your own account. Now you’re at their mercy!

Blockchain Gambling (Decentralised)

There are no accounts. You never send your funds to any 3rd parties. There is no internal database guarded by some anonymous site owners.

Instead, you play directly from your own (local), personal, Ethereum wallet.

There is no trust involved. You always control your funds!

You send funds directly to a Smart Contract, on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Smart Contract processes the bet and returns the win directly to your wallet.

You only have to trust the Smart Contract. This is public, verified code, that lives on the very public Ethereum blockchain.

Now, for this kind of awesome approach there is a trade-off. Bets are processed slower than with a centralised database.

Loyalty Points

You Show Your Loyalty By Playing More, They Show Ours By Rewarding You More. With Every New Level You Reach, Loyalty Points Generate Faster. Play More, Get More, Win More.

Vdice.io Customer Support

Vdice.Io Customer Service Offers A Variety Of Support Channels, Including Live Chat Support, Email Support, And Social Media Support. However, The FAQ Is Not The Most Comprehensive Support Page, But It Can Answer All Common Questions.

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Crypto investments come with high risk and you should always exercise caution when investing in any crypto asset. Investing in crypto carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Any investment decisions made by you are made at your own risk and we are not responsible for any losses that may occur. Before investing, we recommend you consult a financial advisor to understand the risks and rewards associated with investing in crypto.

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