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The Parking Place Advertising Review : It is Safe ?

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About The Parking Place

The Parking Place, a division of Media Breakaway, LLC, has revolutionized the domain parking and international redirect industry. With the proprietary geo-targeting system, which monetizes 100% of your international traffic, we are one of the leading domain monetization programs in the industry They also have a dedicated optimization team that is constantly reviewing traffic and offers, ensuring the highest RPMs possible for the clients. Their parent company, Media Breakaway is a leader in online performance marketing. Through our divisions; affiliate.com, The Parking Place, Redirect.com and Data Overdrive, they have provided comprehensive performance-based marketing solutions for the past 10 years. They are a division of Media Breakaway, LLC, the industry leader in online performance marketing. Through its divisions, affiliate.com, Redirect and The Parking Place, Media Breakaway has delivered comprehensive online marketing solutions for the past 15 years. Whether you have an underperforming domain portfolio or untargeted traffic, start monetizing your assets today with the highest returns in the business!

The Parking Place Whether your domain portfolio contains 5 or 5 million domains, The Parking Place can help to increase your domain monetization with the industry changing parking technology. Thye offer the highest payouts by using a combination of CPC, CPM and CPA. their clients have reported increased rates of return up to 400%! If you have international or other untargeted traffic that you’re not monetizing, you’re losing out. Through Redirect.com, a division of our parent company, Media Breakaway, they can help you monetize lost traffic. Simply visit our sign-up page and create an account. Once your application has been submitted, you will be able to login and get your domains set-up immediately. You will also be assigned an Account Manager who will contact you to help you get started.

The Parking Place are able to accept any type of traffic you send us. Whether you’re buying it, link-building, redirecting or even showing exit pops, their system can monetize your traffic. If you’re interested in using The Parking Place in a unique way, please contact your Account Manager and they can help you get started. No, we have no bans on domains and accept all types. They also work with all types of traffic including international. We offer the highest alternative monetization to traditional PPC. No bans on domains! Sign up and get started today. No bans on domains! Sign up and get started today. No bans on domains! Sign up and get started today. Let us generate a country-specific exit pop for your page, providing you with an additional source of revenue for your website.

The Parking Place and redirect.com are partnering up with Clickbooth, CPA Way and Adknowledge to sponsor THE party of ad:tech New York this year. We’ve all been to those other industry parties. Sure they might have a great rapper that you would love to see live in concert, but how much business are you actually able to do with an amp blasting in your ear? Head to Pacha NYC Wednesday, November 7th to check out the next generation of industry parties. What can you expect at our event?

Quick Facts About The Parking Place

Company NameThe Parking Place
Commission TypeCombination of CPA, CPM and CPC
Minimum Payment$100
Payment FrequencyNet-20
Payment MethodCheck, PayPal, Wire, ACH (Direct Deposit)
Referral CommissionN/A
Tracking SoftwareIn-house proprietary platform
Tracking LinkN/A
Number of Offers2000+
Affiliate ManagerClick Here To View

How will Traffic be Monetized?

The Parking Place Through their extensive research and optimization of domain website parking, we have developed a large number of landing page designs which are matched with a variety of offers. Redirect.com works with a combination of CPC (Cost-Per-Click), CPM (Cost-Per-Impression) and CPA (Cost-Per-Action) offers, so your revenue will not be based on clicks, but rather a combination of clicks, impressions and leads.

How will Traffic be Optimized?

Their optimization team is always testing new landing pages and offers to find the best combination to produce the highest level of revenue for your traffic. We currently have hundreds of different landing page designs, from prize certificates to surveys, available in our inventory which is growing constantly. Please note that it can take up to 48 hours for enough traffic data to be collected on your domains to begin the optimization process. Once this data has been collected, we will be able to start optimizing your account.

Are you really the best international redirect for affiliate networks?

The Parking Place Yes! With the specialized geo-targeting system, we are easily able to increase international redirect revenue, making you free money on previously lost traffic.

Will have access to traffic and revenue statistics?

Yes! You will be able to see statistics for revenue, views, clicks, EPC and RPM by country when you log into your account.

How often are stats updated?

Traffic statistics are collected and updated in real-time. All other statistics are currently updated every 20 minutes.


The Parking Place offer a variety of ways to park your domains with us. You can use a custom redirect URL provided by the system, point your IP, or point DNS to ns1.pql.net and ns2.pql.net. Contact your Account Manager if you have any questions about pointing traffic or if you’d like to point using a non-standard method. They do allow subIDs to be passed on all domains. Please contact your Account Manager for more information on how to setup your URLs to correctly accept subID parameters.

Is there a minimum amount Need to make before Get Paid?

Their minimum threshold to receive your first payment is $100. All accounts that generate over $1,000 per week may qualify for weekly wires.

Do you offer PayPal Payments?

Yes, the accounting team does support PayPal payments.

How does domain Parking Work?

The Parking Place Domain parking, or website parking, is when a domain owner, does not want to develop a website, but would rather take advantage of organic or type-in traffic, to monetize a variety of offers. The Parking Place is one of the best domain monetization platforms currently available. Yes! Domain parking is legal, although you should confirm that your domain doesn’t infringe the rights of any third party. Let us monetize your domains with our industry-changing parking technology.

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