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Terra Virtua Ico Review : AR, PC and VR Digital Collectibles Experience

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About Terra Virtua

Terra Virtua Imagine owning a rare car which you can showcase or even race on a virtual track against other players. Maybe you could own a unique spaceship to exhibit or explore in VR space? Or perhaps you want to show off your digital collection of vinyl album covers which can also unlock music – all in your personal lounge. It’s all possible in Terra Virtua. Your experience begins with owning your unique digital assets which you and your friends can share, trade, exhibit, play and enjoy.

Terra Virtua is the first fully immersive, blockchain-driven VR entertainment Platform, uniquely focusing on VR games, eSports, live events and broadcasts, combining the admission elements of Netflix (monthly subscription for all content), and pay per attraction to create a unique, immersive platform. Built around a strong community and social connection, Terra Virtua is already supported by VR content developers, run by industry leaders and secured by ERC20 blockchain. 

Finacncial Information

ICO Start2016
Restricted areas Jan 2020
Token NameTerra Virtua
Token TypeUtility
Price1 TVA = 0.08 USD
Currency AcceptingBTC, ETH
Minimum Investment100 USD
Softcap 5,000,000 USD
Hardcap29,000,000 USD

The Home Of Digital Collectibles

Terra Virtua approach to collectibles is to engage users in new and unique ways. Using gamification we move from just collecting for the sake of completion, to engaging users through competing and creating new experiences.

The Platform

The fully developed Terra Virtua Platform will be an unparalleled social experience, a massive collection of gaming worlds, and a place where everyone can create, buy, sell, and trade unique and collectible VR/AR creations.   

The Mixed Reallty App

All high-end mobile devices can be used to play, view and trade digital collectibles in Terra Virtua and other linked accounts. Users can display, share and interact with collectibles in Augmented Reality, bringing new and exciting experiences to collecting.

Terra Virtua RoadMap


Terra Virtua is conceived. Development begins.

DEC 2017

Formation of management team.

MAY 2018

Private Presale begins.

June 2018

Developer Recruitment begins.

July 2018

ICO begins;
Developer Roadshow to identify content.

Aug 2018

Identify terms for premium content.

Sept 2018

Solidify Strategic relationships.

Dec 2018

Terra Virtua Alpha testing;
Launch of AR app.

Apr 2019

Public launch of Terra Virtua Phase One.

June 2019

Beta launch of Terra Virtua Phase Two.

Aug 2019

Public launch of Terra Virtua Phase Two;
Terra Forma Alpha testing.

Nov 2019

Terra Forma Beta testing.

Jan 2020

Terra Forma release.

Main Team Member

Team image

Gary BraceyChief Executive Officer

Terra Virtua

The is a truly immersive digital collectibles platform across mobile, AR & VR, with unique social, gaming and creative experiences, all enabled by Blockchain! Whether you’re away or on the move, the Terra Virtua App will enable you to manage your TVi account from anywhere, anytime.

Avatars & Digital Collectibles:

View your collection of Terra Virtua and WAX digital assets in Augmented Reality. You can rotate and scale your digital assets however you may want.

Social Sharing:

Once your Avatars or virtual assets are resurrected in AR; you can take a snap, or create a video of your Avatar dancing around with cool animations, and share it across all major social media platforms.

Upcoming Virtual Items:

Get a load of External Digital Collectibles, consisting of several unique items, including posters, 3D models and much.. much more, coming from some of world’s top entertainment licensing companies.


Get the latest updates about the glorious reality of Terra Virtua!


Use the feedback form. Let us know what your thoughts about various features, and overall experience of Terra Virtua app.COLLAPSE.

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