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SuperRare Airdrop Review: Pioneering art market royalties

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About SuperRare Airdrop

SuperRare Airdrop is a marketplace to collect and trade unique, single-edition digital artworks. Each artwork is authentically created by an artist in the network, and tokenized as a crypto-collectible digital item that you can own and trade. SuperRare is airdropping their new governance token “RARE” to early artists and collectors of the platform. The snapshot was taken on July 21st, 2021, and eligible participants can now claim their share from a total pool of 150,000,000 RARE.

A pioneer in the NFT space, SuperRare has grown into the premier NFT art platform, with nearly $90M+ of art collected and $3M+ in artist royalties paid to date. While highly impactful for thousands of early artists, collectors and community members, SuperRare’s success thus far is minuscule compared to how large the internet art market will become over the next 10 years.

In order to scale up and take advantage of the true power of web3, SuperRare Airdrop is embarking on a path of progressive decentralization – shifting ownership and governance of the network to community.

PlatformTotal ValueMax. ParticipantsWebsite
ETH150,000,000 RAREUnlimitedClick Here To Visit

Step No 1

Register for the SuperRare Airdrop, by creating an account.

Step No 2

Verify your email & log in to your account.

Step No 3

Take part in the referral program and invite 3 friends.

Step No 4

Join SuperRare Airdrop on Telegram group & Telegram channel

Step No 5

Follow SuperRare Airdrop on Twitter & like/share the pinned tweet and tag 3 friends.  

Step No 6

Like/follow SuperRare Airdrop Now, everyone can become a Airdrop on Facebook & like/share the pinned post.  

Next-generation NFT Platform

They are proud to have been an early participant in the NFT ecosystem, pioneering a simple yet powerful set of tools – and a product model that would be replicated by many subsequent platforms. In SuperRare 1.0, the core team hand-picked and approved artists to mint their works on a shared smart contract as SuperRare NFTs (SUPR tokens). The artists were then in charge of self-promoting and selling their artworks directly to collectors.

This model was the foundation of the “curated platform era”, which was useful helping bootstrap the early NFT art market. However, as the ecosystem has matured three major shortcomings of the model have become apparent:

  1. Curation and gatekeeping by a single, centralized team isn’t conducive to building a healthy, web-scale art ecosystem. Art is inherently subjective, and a diverse array of curatorial voices is needed.
  2. Artists deserve as much support with promotion and sales as possible. But as the community of artists in the space grows, the less promotion a single team can do for each one.
  3. The broader NFT art ecosystem has turned into a fragmented experience where artists and collectors have artworks arbitrarily segmented across platforms, and there’s no good way to manage one’s whole collection.

The future of art collecting

SuperRare Airdrop Browse and build your collection of the world’s most cutting-edge digital art

Pioneering art market royalties

Artists receive continuous royalties for all secondary sales on their artworks – forever

Built for longevity

All transactions happen on-chain, creating a tamper-proof record of each artwork’s history.

The $RARE Token

Web3 has been part of SuperRare’s DNA since day one. Built on open source ERC-721 Ethereum smart contracts, all transactions on SuperRare are on-chain (meaning provenance is transparent) and non-custodial (meaning SuperRare never takes possession of users’ money or art).

SuperRare Airdrop believe web3 is ushering in a new era of the internet. An era in which the users of a platform can be the owners of the platform, helping bring it to life and benefiting from its upside value creation.

In order to scale up and take advantage of the true power of web3, SuperRare is embarking on a path of progressive decentralization – ultimately shifting ownership and curation of the network to the community.

Curation will gradually be vested to the community of artists, collectors, and curators via a new SuperRare curation token, $RARE.

As the network evolves, SuperRare Labs will look to empower community members by offering incentives to actively curate. As a predecessor to full on-chain curation, $RARE will provide the community with governance of certain network parameters including Spaces, commissions and grants.

Network Governance

Below we’ll outline the thinking behind the SuperRare DAO and the progressive decentralization of curation and governance for the SuperRare Network.

Some useful pre-reading:

  • Progressive Decentralization Playbook
  • DAOs and the pitfalls of Progressive Decentralization
  • Example of a SIP from Synthetix

The SuperRare DAO

$RARE token holders collectively comprise and govern the SuperRare DAO – a decentralized organization that will oversee key platform parameters, allocate funds from the Community Treasury, and vote on proposed improvements to the network and protocol.

The SuperRare DAO comprises a number of key components at launch, and is expected to evolve over time through transparent self-governance. All changes to the SuperRare DAO must be voted in through $RARE governance.

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