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What Is SteakHut Finance(STEAK)? Complete Guide & Review About SteakHut Finance

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What Is SteakHut Finance(STEAK)?

They at SteakHut Finance are working on the next generation of yield boosting protocols, powered by Trader Joe and their veTokenomics model. In essence, This is a yield optimization protocol that synergistically integrates with veJOE farming.

Similar to the Curve wars and more recently the Platypus party, they will serve to accumulate as much veJOE as possible and allow users to receive significantly boosted rewards by staking in SteakHut’s boosted pools.

Important Points Table Of SteakHut Finance

Coin NameSteakHut Finance
Short NameSTEAK
Circulating Supply7,853,549.00
ExplorerClick Here To View
DocumentationView Document
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How to Buy the Continental & Trade On Exchange?

First Step

Buying STEAK
Is Very Easy Task. Just Find Exchange Where STEAK
Available & Buy Through Your Credit & Other Altcoin .

Second Step

Once You Purchased STEAK
. Now It Is Time To Store Your STEAK
Or Start Trading On Exchange .

SteakHut Benefits

Low Fees, Large Returns

Users who deposit their LP Tokens into SteakHut Finance boosted pools will receive up to 97% of all yields generated by the protocol.

The remaining proportion of revenue is received by the $STEAK SteakHut Governance Token, and JOE Zappers. The performance fee is variable with a maximum of 20% and a minimum of 3%.

Early adopters gain ownership of SteakHut

The initial users who convert their JOE tokens into the Zapped JOE token, herdJOE (hJOE) are able to stake their hJOE to earn exclusive emissions of $STEAK tokens.

This encourages users to convert their JOE into hJOE and essentially entitles Zappers to own a portion of the protocol.


Accrue veJOE

With SteakHut Finance Coin, users are able to Zap their JOE to hJOE (Herd JOE). Once converted, the protocol automatically stakes it into Trader Joe’s veTokenomics. By staking JOE, the platform accrues veJOE.

Boost Yields

Accruing veJOE allows SteakHut to offer attractive farming yields for the entire Herd. By working together and using SteakHut’s collective veJOE pools, This is able to achieve much higher yields than base farming with Trader Joe.

The SteakHut Finance platform, like other models, will charge a small performance fee on our pools. This will be operated on a sliding scale from 3-20% optimized for the best outcomes for the community. All fees will be returned 100% to the community.

Staking with JOE

When it comes to staking your JOE tokens, holders have three options:

  • rJOE Staking: rJOE is an allocation token used to enter Rocket Joe launches
  • sJOE Staking: sJOE Staking provides users with yields in the form of a stablecoins
  • veJOE Staking: veJOE Staking provides users with boosted JOE farm rewards

The basics of veJOE

VeJOE is Trader Joe’s staking protocol that allows users to stake their JOE into the protocol to earn veJOE. veJOE allows users to gain higher JOE farming yields.


$STEAK is governance token and represents ownership in the SteakHut Protocol. It is a deflationary token. Holders will be eligible for buy-backs and dividends.

The governance token ($STEAK), is based on simplicity. A maximum of only 5,000,000 $STEAK tokens will ever be minted.

There will be no further generation of $STEAK tokens through staking or other means. The finite $STEAK system will ensure there will be no dilution of the governance tokens.

$STEAK is a deflationary token, which represents ownership in the SteakHut protocol. This will entitle STEAK-Holders to a profit-share in protocol revenues.

Understanding $STEAK

SteakHut Finance Coin governance token $STEAK represents ownership in the The protocol. STEAK-Holders will receive a share in profits through buy-back and dividend programs, which will be conducted on a monthly basis.

$STEAK is the native governance token for SteakHut. It has four primary use cases:

  1. 1.$STEAK owners receive a portion of SteakHut protocol revenues(~3-20%), in the form of buy-backs and $JOE dividends. The other returns are distributed to our Boosted Farming Pools, and to incentivize JOE Zapping. Further detailed in “Profit Share for STEAK-Holders” below.
  2. 2.$STEAK token holders are able to vote on proposals in direct proportion to their holdings
  3. 3.$STEAK token holders can supply $STEAK-AVAX LP on Trader Joe to receive compensation for supplying liquidity to the market.
  4. 4.Any bonus tokens generated from Trader Joe will be paid as a special quarterly bonus to STEAK-holders.
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