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SILK Coin Review : Is It Good Or Bad Coin Read Our Article

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About SILK Coin

SILK Coin Replacement Allowance is a direct function of the short-term system’s demand. When players spend SILK (for more on spending SILK, see Section 3. Spending SILK), it is sent directly by the user into the burn wallet. A given day’s burn is tracked to determine the size of the following day’s SILK Replacement Allowance mint allocation. The Non-Replacement Allowance, on the other hand, is a function of the circulating supply of SILK relative to its soft cap.

As such, the Non Replacement allowance is implicitly governed by the total burn (and therefore total spend) of the ecosystem, in so far as that value informs the circulating supply. As the circulating supply of SILK approaches the soft cap, the size of the Non-Replacement Allowance will decrease.

SILK Coin Point Table

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSILK Coin
Short NameSILK
Circulating Supply4,474,151.00 SILK
Max Supply100,000,000
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
ExplorersClick Here To View Explorers
Twitter PageClick Here To Visit Twitter Group
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

NFT Player

If a participant owns a Play and Earn NFT – namely a Tank Body, Tank Weapon, or a Hero Tank consisting of the combination of the two – they are rewarded with Victory Points by playing and winning in the game, which can then be submitted for SILK distribution. To be more specific, every time they win a match, the specific number of Victory Points rewarded is based on the level and rarity of their NFT(s) used.

The reward distribution follows a diminishing returns curve for a given day, and is such that they should be able to receive the majority of their daily distribution of Victory Points (~90%) within the first 20 victories, although they will continue to be rewarded for every match they win. Assuming fair matches, that would require 40 games – which translates roughly to 3 hours of consecutive play.

Planetary Node Operators

Planetary Node operators, intended as the backbone of the Spider Tanks ecosystem for hosting the matches and performing the computational workload, get a reward for their availability and efforts. In the current model, the amount of SILK distributed to Node Operators will be a function of the number of matches that take place on a given day, the higher the number, the higher the workload, thus higher the SILK rewards.

Furthermore, they’ll be able to attach their Tank Body, Tank Weapon, or Map NFTs to their nodes; when those NFTs earn rewards as described above, the Planetary Node operator will in turn earn additional rewards – see Node Depot.

Why Choose SILK Coin?

Planetary Nodes will be the backbone of the Spider Tanks Ecosystem. They will provide the essential workload to ensure the whole system works properly by hosting matches and servers. As such, Planetary Node Operators rewards will come from the SILK Non-Replacement Allowance (as opposed to players’ Replacement Allowance), determined as a function of how many matches were hosted on that given day, and therefore the magnitude of the total workload.

The amount each Operator will, in turn, receive from the Total Daily Non Replacement Allowance, will be a function of the workload they have individually contributed on that given day. (see 2.3 Planetary Nodes). The higher the level of the Planetary Node, the larger the workload that it can perform. Note that the rate of Non-Replacement Allowance allocation of SILK will decrease in the long run if mint allocation amount is greater than total burn and therefore the circulating supply of SILK approaches the soft cap.

Where Can You Buy SILK Coin?

Tokens Can Be Purchased On Most Exchanges. One Choice To Trade Is On PancakeSwap (V2) As It Has The Highest 1SH/BUSD. e Trading Volume, $8,947 As Of February 2021. Next is OKEx, With A Trading Volume Of $6,180,82. Other option To Trade Include 1SH/BUSD And Huobi Global. Of Course, It Is Important To Note That Investing In Cryptocurrency Comes With A Risk, Just Like Any Other Investment Opportunity.

Market Screenshot

SILK Coin market screenshot

SILK Coin Supported Wallet

Several Browser And Mobile App Based Wallets Support SILK Coin. Here Is Example Of Wallet Which SILK Coin – Trust Wallet For Hardware Ledger Nano.


Where I Can Find SILK Coin Whitepaper?

You Can Find SILK Coin Whitepaper By Clicking Here.

Where I Can Buy/Sell Balancer Token?

You Can Buy or Sell Balancer Token On Some Popular Exchange For Example – Bitrue.

What is Circulating Supply Of Balancer Token?

Circulating Supply Of Balancer Token Is 4,474,151.00 SILK.

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Crypto investments come with high risk and you should always exercise caution when investing in any crypto asset. Investing in crypto carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Any investment decisions made by you are made at your own risk and we are not responsible for any losses that may occur. Before investing, we recommend you consult a financial advisor to understand the risks and rewards associated with investing in crypto.

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