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Shiba Inu Coin attracts more ‘unstable’ investors than Dogecoin

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Majority of Shiba Inu Owners Frustrated by Dogecoin Profits

Shiba Inu Coin attracts : Recent data from IntoTheBlock indicates a concerning trend among Shiba Inu (SHIB) investors as over 66% of wallet addresses containing 797 trillion SHIB coins are currently incurring losses. By comparison, Dogecoin (DOGE) boasts more profitable investors, with 48% in profit versus 39% at loss; this stark disparity underscores SHIB holders facing a more difficult period compared to their meme coin rival.

Declining Demand for SHIB Amid Dogecoin’s Explosive Growth

While Dogecoin experienced an upsurge in new demand with over 890,000 accounts created over the last week alone, Shiba Inu experienced a marked decrease. An evaluation of SHIB’s network activity revealed a 5% drop in daily count of new addresses created for trading; this contributed to an 18% decrease in total addresses involved with transactions of this cryptocurrency. Year-to-date demand has decreased by 19% which negatively impacted price and daily transaction count of SHIB transactions.

SHIB’s Low Demand Reflected in Price Decline and Transaction Reducements**

SHIB’s network activity and price performance is clearly illustrated by a significant decline in daily transactions over the last week and year-to-date, leading to a 21% fall on January 1st resulting in its price dipping 10% since then. Decreased network activity shows diminishing demand that may suggest Shiba Inu is facing challenges this year.

Shiba Inu Coin attracts more 'unstable' investors than Dogecoin

SHIB’s Open Interest Rebounds, Signaling Trader Confidence

Shiba Inu’s Futures Open Interest has experienced an encouraging resurgence since the start of February. Following an extended decline during January, its Futures Open Interest jumped by 38% since then to reach $22.06 million at press time – an encouraging sign that traders may be rebuilding confidence and opening new positions to take advantage of potential market movements.

Shiba Inu investors face a challenging landscape marked by losses and reduced demand, in stark contrast with Dogecoin’s steady gains. Yet, the recent increase in SHIB Futures Open Interest indicates a potential change in sentiment indicating renewed trader trust despite market fluctuations.

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