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What Is Share NFT Token?(SNT) Coin Review? Guide About Share NFT Token

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What Is Share NFT Token?(SNT)

Welcome to the world of Share NFT Token, there are many nft platforms at present, but in all platforms, you can only get income by investing in nft, and there is no other way. And they , with a different idea, a new reward system, are ready to start a whole new exploration and adventure. share nft is an innovative trading platform that deeply combines NFT, DeFi and staking mining to create a virtual world full of surprises for users.

Here, you can not only create, discover and share your own NFTs, you can also get more reward distribution through the synthesis of NFTs, they use the new reward mechanism to find and screen promotion ambassadors to ensure that they can understand pursuit. They have seen so many projects rise, fall and die, and They think they have learned enough lessons. The fundamental reason why most projects don’t last is that they don’t allow users to continue to make money, even if it looks interesting.

So, we developed the Share NFT Token platform, and we introduced a new system. The core of the system is that we first tell users that they will give you the qualifications to earn more rewards, and then you can start sharing, no matter who is sharing , each promotion user can get a reward, the harder the user, the more reward. At the same time, they will screen out hundreds of promotion ambassadors, a perfect system will find suitable people, and a lot of rewards will make the promotion ambassadors work harder to promote.

Important Points Table Of Share NFT Token

Coin NameShare NFT Token
Short NameSNT
Max Supply1,000,000,000
ExplorerClick Here To View
DocumentationView Document
WebsiteClick Here To Visit

How to Buy the Continental & Trade On Exchange?

First Step

Buying SNT Is Very Easy Task . Just Find Exchange Where SNT Available & Buy Through Your Credit & Other Altcoin .

Second Step

Once You Purchased SNT. Now It Is Time To Store Your SNT Or Start Trading On Exchange .

Token: SNT

Share Token introduction

The total amount of SNT (Share NFT Token) is 50 million, the marketing wallet is 7.6 million, the private placement is 4 million, the pre-sale is 24 million, and the liquidity is 14.4 million.

Sales Tax

Purchase tax point: 6%, 3% transferred to marketing wallet, 3% destroyed. Sales tax point: 10%, which will be converted into bnb in real time, and bnb will be divided into 4 nft reward nft mining pools according to the ratio of 10%-20%-30%-40%.

Share NFTs

The total number of nfts in the mother box of Share nft is 6,000, which will never be issued. It is the foundation of the entire share nft world architecture, and it is the most important part of it. It is recommended that you must have one. At the same time, it is also a must-have item for you to gain income in the share nft world. With it, you can participate in pledge mining.

Share’s nft is divided into 4 levels, from low to high: N, S, SS, SSS,King. At the beginning of the project, you have two ways to get the blind box, 1. Blind box pre-sale, you can get the blind box by purchasing. 2. You can get a blind box by destroying 10,000 share nft tokens (SNT for short). Please note that you can only get N by opening the blind box, and higher-level NFTs can only be obtained through synthesis.

Get Share NFTS

Share NFT Phase 1: Pre-sale

In the first phase of the blind box pre-sale, a total of 3,000 blind boxes were minted and sold. Users need to spend BNB to cast a blind box, consume 0.2 BNB to get a blind box, and each blind box has an NFT NFT.

Share NFT Phase 2 : Open Trading Market

After the blind box pre-sale ends, they will soon open the trading market so that everyone can trade, and those users who missed the pre-sale can freely buy in the market.

Share NFT Stage 3 Casting: Blind Box

In the third stage, after the launch of the Share nft token (SNT for short), users can destroy 10,000 SNT minting blind boxes. In this stage, the total minting amount is 3,000.

NFT transaction rates

ShareNft Trading Market Rules

The Share NFT trading market only supports the use of BNB for transactions. Successfully selling NFT will deduct 10% of the BNB earned by the seller as the handling fee. The deducted handling fee will be injected in the proportion and order of 10%, 20%, 30% and 40%. N-level, S-level, SS-level, and SSS-level mining pools are used for NFT pledge mining rewards.

ShareNft Trading Market Development

The Share NFT trading market will cooperate with different project parties in the later stage to help them carry out NFT pre-sale (the handling fee rewards obtained from the pre-sale will all be injected into share’s four major pledge mining reward pools). At the same time, we support all users to hold their own The NFTs of different projects are traded on the share platform, and even users can make NFTs for sale. Of course, all NFT transaction fees are still 10% and will be injected into the four major mining pools in real time.

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