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Serenitysource.com Ico Review : Automated Demand Response

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About Serenitysource.com

Serenitysource.com is an Australian project that created a patented technology, which is based on the comprehensive use of blockchain and smart contracts. It allows the project to act as an energy retailer which gathers the data related to the household energy consumption and production of renewable energy that is subsequently being sold at the most favorable price.

The marketing message of this project is “Serenity – Energy on the Go”. SerenitySource has provided open access to the token code on GitHub, so that every user could check its integrity and come up with useful solutions.   

The Serenitysource.com platform will be connected to national electricity operators, providing the balancing the demand and supply of electricity, responding at the substation level, and making possible a structural transition towards blockchain and renewables.

Company NameSerenitysource.com
AcceptingETH, BTC, USD
Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
Restricted areasUnited States, Republic of China , North 
Softcap5,000,000 USD
Hard cap20,000,000 USD


A sustainable world, where every household is organically fitted with a renewable energy  production and storage capabilities, being a small-scale energy generator connected to the distributed grid, and as a part of a shared economy monetizing their planet caring behavior through incentives and rewards.

The Challenge

The power sector is facing a transition from a centralized structure with a small number of “large-scale” energy providers (hydro, coal, gas and nuclear) to a decentralized scenario of Distributed Energy Resources (DER), such as solar and wind.


Serenitysource is bringing blockchain to the energy sector with the potential to transform how people engage with these utilities by bringing control and transparency back to the end users and offering solutions for people who have been neglected by traditional systems.

Why Serenity?

Unlike a traditional energy distribution model, Serenity’s model is to transact energy sales, surplus energy trading, and other ancillary activities over the blockchain. The Serenity platform will be connected to national electricity operators, providing the balancing the demand and supply of electricity, responding at the substation level, and making possible a structural transition towards blockchain and renewables.

Serenitysource.com know that there is a demand for these services and products and that by and large, it is only the complications that discourage people. Through the power of the blockchain, they are removing these complications or at the very least simplifying them, paving a clear route to a healthier planet for all people.


The smart energy gateway, IoT blockchain enabled devices (HEPEK) is core hardware which will be installed at customers’ premises and will accurately measure and record on blockchain electricity consumption and renewable production. By having access to real time spot electricity market price, gateway will be making smart decision to store generated energy into batteries or export electricity to grid and sell it on energy market for the best price.

Serenity Token

Serenitysource.com token will be used as a right to perform work on behalf of Serenity community network and acquire share in Serenity revenues generated. Serenity is created to acquire access to Serenity Energy Retailer services and obtain additional electricity discounts.

Token Distribution In Serenity Source

  •  1% Of Pre-Mined Tokens Will Be Available For Sale, Stage 1.
  •  5% Of Pre-Mined Tokens Will Be Available For Sale, Stage 2  .
  • 34% Of Pre-Mined Tokens Will Be Available For Sale, Stage 3.
  •  5% Of Pre-Mined Tokens Will Be Distributed Through Air Drop, Bounties, Referrals, Marketing.
  • 40% Of Pre-Mined Tokens Will Be Held In Treasury.
  • 15% Of Pre-Mined Tokens Will Be Held By Founders And Core Team.

The Main Team

elma new

Business Model

The Business Model Suit Serenity Vision And Concept Of Distributed Community. Serenitysource.com Aim To Become Energy Retailer, Renewable Energy Generator And Sustainable Residential Developer, Delivering Residential Net-Zero Dwellings (Estates) And Commercial Facilities For Renewable Energy Production (Solar, Battery, Wind Farms).

  • Energy Retail Services.
  • Renewable Energy Production.
  • Carbon Credits Monetization.
  • Residential Property Sales And Rental Income.
  • HEPEK Smart Device Sales And Lease.

International Affiliates Licensing

Global Serenitysource community will require Energy Retailer services to be provided under different trading jurisdictions. Serenity will partner with other business who are keen to implement our business model and utilize blockchain technology Serenity is currently developing.

The expansion plan will be implemented through licensing affiliated business and partners. Successful candidates should be capable to run Energy Retail business and to redeem defined amount of SERENITY tokens. Redeemed tokens will be taken out of supply and destroyed.

Rapid Building System

Rapid Building System® will be used as a “cornerstone” for building Carbon Negative, Net-Zero homes.

With integrated blockchain enabled gateway HEPEK, Serenity is giving homeowners tangible platform to produce a renewable energy surplus.

Such homes, regardless of location, will be part of the new emerging distributed network of sustainable dwellings producing electric energy and selling the surplus to other members of the network ecosystem.

Rapid Building System® is a holistic construction design which conforms set of Passive House design principles:

  1. Thermal Insulation
  2. High Energy Performance Windows
  3. Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery
  4. Airtightness
  5. Thermal Bridge Free Construction
  6. Integrated PV roof panels


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