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Friday, May 27, 2022 Advertising Review : You can Earn a 30% Commission Every Month

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About tool started life back in November 2016, called At the time Google Search Console only gave you access to 3 months worth of data, so the first idea was simply to archive that data using the Search Console API so you had more to work with. With having Google Search Console data in a database, and through talking with customers, new reports and functionality were added including the ability to run SEO tests and SEO split tests. Google eventually made 16 months of data available to all users through Search Console, so with the archiving less important the decided to focus and reposition the product as an SEO testing tool – and migrated over to in April 2020. Welcome to the affiliate program. You can earn a 30% commission every month for every customer you refer. Sign up now and you’ll get a unique referral link you can share on your blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or to your email newsletter list. is a tool built on the back of those manually put together spreadsheets. Instead of doing all the number crunching and graph drawing manually – SEO Testing will do it automatically for you. SEOTesting will help you become more organised in the way you track and manage onpage changes to your site. It will help you improve your rankings, and highlight new queries to target that will bring new traffic. And it will help you see the results of your SEO efforts – and show what is and isn’t working.

Quick Facts About

Commission TypeCPS
Min Deposit$50
Minimum PaymentNo Minimum
Payment MethodPayPal
Tracking SoftwareRewardful
Cookie LengthUnknown
Official WebsiteClick Here To View

How to Run an SEO Test using This guide takes you through the steps on how to create an SEO testing using Sand how to interpret the results once they start to flow in If you are concerned about clicks and rankings to a page, it makes sense to run an SEO test whenever you make a change to an individual page or your entire site. You compare the SEO numbers from before the change was made, to the SEO numbers after the change. By getting the numbers from Google Search Console, automatically collects this data for you, allowing you to easily see whether the changes have had a positive or negative impact on rankings, clicks, click through rate etc

SEO Testing Best Practices

Before running an SEO test, it is good to bear these best practices in mind:

  • Only change one thing at a time. If you make multiple changes you will be unsure which change created the rise or fall in test results.
  • Run tests on pages and queries that are already getting impressions and clicks from Google.
  • Form a clear hypothesis and record it.

How to create an SEO test

1, Go ahead and make the change to your page, and resubmit the page for Google to recrawl through Search Console.

2, After selecting the site in you want to create a test against, click the SEO Tests link on the left hand menu.

SEOTesting Features The excel at SEO testing, but the do a lot more than just that.

SEO Split Tests

Easily setup a control group and test group of urls so you can SEO split test the results over the same time period.

Time Based SEO Tests Create a simple SEO test that compares weeks before the change, to weeks after.

Test Historically

Test start dates can be back dated so you can run tests on historical data.

CTR Opportunities Uncover queries that have a low CTR. Work on titles and meta descriptions to get more clicks. Click here to learn more about improving your organic click through rate.

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