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Sellhealth.com Affiliate Network Review: Get Earn 5% referral Commission

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About Sellhealth.com

For more than a decade, SellHealth.com has been helping tens of thousands of affiliates earn substantial commission incomes each month with the lineup of natural health products. SellHealth.com is a network that has been at the forefront of the affiliate marketing industry for over a decade. They consistently prove to have the highest commission percentages, best conversion rates, and working with guarantees that affiliates can cut out the middle men, negate all of the brokered deals currently in the space, and make the most money possible. A number of the products/brands are well known across the world, and they strive to continue to create new products with excellent reputations and even better commissions

Quick Facts About SellHealth.com

Company NameSellHealth.com
Commission TypeCPA, CPS
Min Payments$50
Payment FrequencyBi-Weekly
Payment MethodCheck, Wire, ACH (Direct Deposit), PayPal, Paxum
Referral Commission5%
Tracking SoftwareIn-house proprietary platform
Official WebsiteClick Here To View

Affiliates in the network enjoy:

  • SellHealth.com commission payouts – up to $350+ per sale
  • Industry-leading conversions of your referred traffic to sales
  • A dedicated Affiliate Support Team, available by email and phone
  • In-demand products, sold with innovative, proven marketing collateral
  • Sophisticated affiliate order tracking & commission payouts
  • Commission payouts on fax, phone, and mail orders – not just Web
  • Accurate real-time statistics provided 24/7 on every sale you make
  • Friendly, responsive customer service
  • Some of the best product guarantees in the industry
  • Real people with real phone numbers to answer your questions

The 4 Reasons Why YOU Should Join SellHealth Today!

High Conversion & High Commission

SellHealth.com has some of the highest converting AND highest paying offers not only in the health and fitness industry, but the affiliate marketing industry as a whole. The affiliates enjoy between 30 and 50% commission on offers, and they don’t undercut affiliates once they earn the customer, they pay you on every sale and upsell!

Guaranteed Payments

Ask any of affiliates about on-time payment track record! SellHealth has never missed an affiliate payment in over 19 years of business, THAT’s saying something in this industry! They pay the affiliates bi-weekly on all commissions earned, so you’re guaranteed your payout!

  1. You generate a sale from your marketing activites
  2. The commission is added to your SellHealth account
  3. Every two weeks your balance is paid out
  4. Accurate real-time statistics are provided 24/7 on every click you bring
  5. You generate a sale from your marketing activites

Knowledgeable, Personal Affiliate Support

SellHealth.com are not some high-volume churn and burn affiliate network with inexperienced general support staff who don’t have a clue how to run an internet marketing business. They have got skin in the game, they own the products they promote in the network, and they actively market these products in the own channels ourselves!SellHealth provides you direct contact with a personal Affiliate Manager who intricately understands YOUR business – in addition, you get access to a roster of staff with over 30 years of combined experience in funnel development, SEO, banner design, copywriting, conversion optimization and media buying.

In-House Advanced Tracking Software

SellHealth.com pride ourselves in having an entirely in-house tracking software platform, built with the specifics of network in mind, to give you the most real-time, accurate data possible, straight from our web-sites.

They don’t rely on third-party platforms which use external pixel data to correlate leads, sales, and commissions, our software is built into sales pages, to give you the most accurate picture of your click performance.

Why Health Affiliate Programs Are So Profitable

The affiliate marketing industry has gone through many changes over the years. Regardless of the ebbs and flows that may have taken place, thousands of companies still rely on affiliate marketers to drive traffic to their offers. Two industries that consistently perform above all others, no matter how the economy performs are finances and health.

At SellHealth, we’re admittedly a little biased about the importance of health – but with good reason.

In recent times, they have experienced a pandemic of catastrophic magnitude. Sadly, unemployment rates have skyrocketed as a result of the number of industries that have been affected. What was at the top of people’s mind during times like that? It’s their health and physical wellbeing. This is just one of the many reasons why health affiliate programs are so profitable.

Health Affiliate Programs Perform in Good and Bad Times

Without getting overly scientific, let’s start with the psychological factors that drive human behavior. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs lays out the essential elements that drive human behavior. At the very foundation of the pyramid are several essential elements:

  • Air
  • Food
  • Water
  • Shelter
  • Sex
  • Sleep

Health Affiliate Programs Help Target a Niche

A suggestion that SellHealth.com affiliate managers give to new affiliates is to pick a niche. Don’t start with a broad category of health. Instead choose a subsection like sexual health, and then narrow it down even further to an area like men’s sexual health.

You can also narrow a niche like “men’s sexual health” further and focus on a specific issue like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, increasing semen volume, improving sperm count, and so-on.

Anytime that a marketer can help find a solution to a problem – especially a so-called “embarrassing problem,” you have hit a goldmine. Any one of the issues mentioned in the “men’s sexual health” category can be a campaign that an affiliate marketer can leverage to turn into a win-win: A solution for the consumer, and profit for the affiliate.

Cross-Sell Opportunities with Health Affiliate Programs

One of the great parts about being an affiliate marketer in the health space is the fact that there are an endless number of cross-selling opportunities.

For example: Let’s say you’re marketing to women who want to increase their libido by taking a supplement that helps give them back the spark in the bedroom they had in their 20’s. What age range would that woman typically be in? Generally, women experience a drop in their libido over their late 40’s and early 50’s. Are there any other issues that could arise for a woman in that same age range?

Other topics that are on a woman’s mind at that age would include:

  • Skin care: Wrinkles, skin elasticity, scar removal, and skin discoloration.
  • Bladder health: Urinary incontinence solutions.
  • Anti-aging: Increasing growth hormone in their bodies to promote better overall health.

What Are You Waiting For? Get Started Today!

There’s never been a better time to get started with a health affiliate program than right now. SellHealth has the infrastructure, the team, knowledge, resources, and products to not only help you sell to your audience – they’ll help those customers keep returning back and getting you paid each time it happens!

To get started as an affiliate with SellHealth is a quick and easy process. Simply fill out the affiliate application form as completely as you can with accurate information, and your application will be reviewed within 24-48 hours. If your application is approved, you’ll receive a welcome email from your affiliate manager with instructions and tips on how to find what you need in order to hit the ground running with SellHealth.

SellHealth.com you have any questions about the affiliate program, contact our team, or visit us on our Facebook or Instagram pages. They look forward to helping you create a profitable business!

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