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SafeDollar Defi Coin Review: It Is Safe Or Not? Read Our Full Review

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About SafeDollar

Inspired by and improved from all predecessors, we are pleased to present the next generation algorithmic stablecoin on Polygon. SafeDollar will be the first and only algorithmic stablecoin that combines unique features of seigniorage, deflation protocol and synthetic assets.

SafeDollar Defi will airdrop 100,000 SafeDollar (SDO) to 8 communities: Basis Cash, Mithril Cash, PolyDoge, Safemoon, Quickswap, bDollar, Iron.Finance, MidasDollar with a total of 35,984 wallets.

SafeDollar Defi Facts

Lightning Network Facts
Defi Coin NameSafeDollar Defi
Airdrop Start12 June 2021 02:00:00 AM UTC
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The Next Generation Algorithmic Stable Coin On Polygon

Algorithmic stable coin

Use algorithms to balance the circulating supply of the asset.

Synthetic Assets

Mix of assets that have the same value as another asset, trading any assets on Polygon..

Deflation Protocol

Auto burn Share token, Auto add liquidity for SDO token, Tax fee when under peg make the project stronger.

Mega Jackpot

The expansion SDO need a fair distribution. Part of this is for Jackpot winners, or will be burned.




Launch Protocol and Bring SafeDollar to many users.



Launch SafeAssets and trading system.


Open SafeAssets type, support stock tokens. Trading stock on polygon with SafeDollar.


Expand SafeAssets model to other chains: Solana, Polkadot.

Seed Pool

Single Asset pools will be open at Friday 11 June 2021 12:00:00 PM UTC

  • WMATIC (2% fee): 10x
  • WETH (2 % fee): 10x
  • USDT (0% fee): 1x
  • USDC (0% fee): 1x

Deposit fee is sent to ReserveFund for providing SDO and SDS liquidity later.

Open liquidity pools (SDO/USDC: 20x) on QuickSwap 36 hours after launch.

Stage 1.2 — Airdrop

Airdrop start date: from Saturday 12 June 2021 02:00:00 AM UTC

Stage 2 — Liquidity Mining Pool SDO/USDT to earn SDS

3 tokens algo stable coin with auto deflation for Share

1. SDO (algo stable coin with tax mechanic)

When SDO is over $1, no tax fee

When SDO is under peg (<1$):

  • Tax = Min[0.1, (1 — price) * 0.2]
  • 0.5% sent to Jackpot fund
  • 0.5% sent to Boardroom

2. SDS (share token)

  • TX fee = 2% (50% to buyback SDO and burn, 50% to add liquidity)

3. SDB (bond token)

  • When SDO under peg, convert SDO for SDB to get bonus when price over peg

Use Cases for SDO

1. Trading Safe Assets (Synthetic Assets)

What is Safe Assets: Safe Assets are partial collateral assets, you can mint/redeem native token to safe assets with collateral utilization (max 18%) and trade with SDO.

  • USDT + SDO (max 18%) → safeUSDT (sUSDT)
  • WMATIC + SDO (max 18%) → safeMATIC (sMATIC)
  • and more

These safe tokens can be used for trading and/or lending on other platforms to bring profit back to SDS holders.

2. Relax room

  • Mega Jackpot (with fund from boardroom)
  • Decentralize games


SDO Initialize supply: 500K

  • 100k to airdrop for BasicCash, Mithcash, bDollar, Iron.Finance, MidasDollar, Safemoon, Quickswap, PolyDoge top-holders
  • 400k for farming in 10 weeks (90k first week — halving 20% weekly)
SafeDollar Defi Coin Review: It Is Safe Or Not? Read Our Full Review
  • 20x SDO/USDC (no fee) (open after 36 hours)
  • 10x WMATIC (2% fee)
  • 10x WETH (2 % fee)
  • 1x USDT (no fee)
  • 1x USDC (no fee)


  • SDO/USDC earn SDS
  • SDS/USDC earn SDS
  • SDS/USDC earn SDO (from boardroom)


  • safeUSDC/SDO earn SDS
  • safeWMATIC/SDO earn SDS
  • safeWETH/SDO earn SDS
  • safeWBTC/SDO earn SDS


Total Supply: 1.000.000

  • Private sale + IDO: 2.5%
  • Dev + MKT: 17.5% (vesting in 80w)
  • DAO: 20% (vesting in 80w)
  • Farming: 60% (in 80w)

Safe Center

Reward from:

  • SDO expansion rate
  • Fee mint/redeem from Synthetic Assets
  • Trading fee

Reward distribution:

  • 35% for staker in boardroom
  • 15% for SDS LP providers (locked in 80w)
  • 40% for DAO fund
  • 10% to lottery


  • Maximum 1% SDS circulating supply per address.
  • More details to be posted at the seperate article and documentation page

With its unique tokenomics and combined features, we strongly believe that SafeDollar will redefine the algorithmic stablecoin concept and set a new standard on Polygon landscape.

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Crypto investments come with high risk and you should always exercise caution when investing in any crypto asset. Investing in crypto carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Any investment decisions made by you are made at your own risk and we are not responsible for any losses that may occur. Before investing, we recommend you consult a financial advisor to understand the risks and rewards associated with investing in crypto.

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