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Richads.com Review : Reach new audiences and conversions with RichAds

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About Richads.com

Richads.com Where Scale meets performance. Develop your advertising with our global self-serve performance ad platform. We offer push, pops, native formats.Use the power of our ad formats to capture new quality leads from premium sources.RichAds traffic quality is verified by Adscore. We block any bot or other fraudulent traffic. RichAds is a great place to scale your campaigns. They have very helpful staff who can give you good whitelists, and help you with what verticals work and how to optimize your campaigns. Best of all, unlike Facebook you don’t have to worry about getting banned!

Working with RichPush’s interface was a breeze as the campaign manager works well, has a ton of targeting options and you can split test up to 10 creatives easily. After testing RichPush for a few weeks,an say it’s a good network to get scale and test your campaigns.

Quick Facts About RichAds – Affiliates Network

Company NameClickdealer.com Affiliates Network
Commission TypeCPM, CPC
Min PaymentsMin payout is 10$ for WMZ or Capitalist and 500$ for Bank Wire
Payment FrequencyNet-30
Payment MethodWebMoney, Capitalist, Bank Wire Transfer
Daily Impression4 billion
Tracking SoftwareHasOffers
Email SupportN/A
Official WebsiteClick Here To View

Automated Rules

Get more control. Apply automated actions (black or whitelist, increase or decrease bids, stop) to your campaigns, subscriber lists, creatives, or other parameters according to their performance.

Micro Bidding

Optimize your campaigns for maximum performance and Richads.com accuracy. Customize bids for parameters like Publisher, Location, OS, Device, etc. and treat them differently within a single campaign.

Better Targeting

Target audience in a smarter way with 17 targeting options: device model and OS, user activity, connection type, carrier, IP address, and more.

Target CPA and Smart CPC

Let machine learning algorithms get as many Richads.com conversions as possible within your CPA goal. At the same time, minimize your cost per click and save marketing budgets.

Pre-built Whitelists

Start ads on the Premium sources with the highest conversion put together. Use other groups of sources to scale more.

More Ways to Monetize Your Website

Maximize profits from your content with performance-focused ads. Choose the right one for you:

Focus on revenue

Intuitive platform with auto optimization

Relevant Ads

Niches and ad frequency tailored to your audience

Premium direct advertisers

From 235 countries worldwide

Instant Support

Dedicated personal assistance with set up and optimization

Choose High-Performing Ad Formats

Push Ads

Push ads are small notifications imitating one-to-one messages on mobile or desktop. Users will receive a personalised alert even when they leave your website. Push ads have 100% visibility and the highest CTR.


Popunder or clickunder is a new tab that appears under the Richads.com previously visited page. They do not interrupt the user experience as appear only when a user closes the main window.

How to Participate?

Get an Account

First, you need to be registered as a ClickDealer Affiliate and launch your first ad campaign.

Run ClickDealer Offers

Then, run your favourite offers with ClickDealer and get reward Clickdealer.com points for each dollar you make, apart from getting paid for the generated conversions.

Check Your Points

The reward you get is based on how much money you make with ClickDealer. Each $10 you earn gives you a Point, with your balance updated in real time and visible once you log in to your account.

Choose and Collect Prizes

Exchange your points for a desired prize, and pick another one once you get it!

Why Choose

 Performance team who can help to launch productive ads from the start. The effective onboarding process, making creatives for your ads, and fully managing your campaigns.

• More than 4 billion ad impressions daily. Reach new audiences in 200+ countries all over the world.

• Proprietary Technology.
Apply automated actions, use smart targeting options and pre-built whitelists, customize bid parameters, and enable API integration.

Use the power of our ad formats to capture new quality leads from premium sources.

Personal-like notifications or alerts similar to 1-to-1 messages on the user’s screen. This format is resistant to banner blindness. Harness the traffic quality, huge volumes, and low price.

Ad tabs appearing under the previously visited page with no interruption of the user experience. This format is easy to launch, it has the lowest bid price and widest outreach.

The format of banners or widgets looking like recommended content and used by major brands and media companies. Run ads on reputable websites, get increased impressions, quality conversion rates, and ROI compared to banner ads.

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