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Monday, December 5, 2022 Affiliate Network Review: 100% Customized to the Publisher’s

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If you have international traffic that you’re not monetizing, you’re losing out. is the best international redirect for affiliate networks and they can help you monetize on non-targeted or lost traffic. They are also compatible with all major tracking systems. Direct Track, Link Trust, Has Offers, Hit Path and Cake Marketing. is a traffic exchange where you can buy or sell traffic. The competitive bidding platform is robust and provides different traffic types you can purchase. provides quality traffic from email newsletters, display websites, pop-ups, network traffic and a variety of native ads. In addition you can choose to monetize you’re your existing traffic.

Quick Facts About

Commission TypeRPM, CPC, CPM
Min Payments$100
Payment FrequencyNet-15, Weekly for $1000 week or more
Payment MethodCheck, PayPal, Wire
Referral Commission2%
Tracking SoftwareIn-house proprietary platform
Official Website Click Here To View

Maximize Your Result today is a service that allows clients to buy or sell traffic through the robust, real-time bid system. Use the competitive bidding platform to easily purchase email, display, pop, domain, RON traffic and more!


High quality daily visitors can be purchased on our competitive real-time traffic bidding platform. Target your traffic by desktop/mobile, country, city, region, browser, mobile device, carrier, connection type time, days of the week plus more. You can even get your advertising or content in the newsfeed premium email newsletter where the consumer is already engaging or on websites as native content. Simply enter your headline, copy, image, and the URL of your landing page and place your bid.

Email and Web Native

Higher Engagement

Native ads in email and websites reach a captive audience and provide a higher engagement than typical display units. Subscriber engagement can reach as high as 300% with native advertising.

Custom Format

Ad units are 100% customized to the publisher’s look and feel creating a seamless experience to the subscriber while increasing the perceived value of your advertising message.

In Stream Placement

Native ad units are placed in the newsletter’s news stream for maximum noticeability of your content or offer. In-stream placement provides maximum value for content marketing.

Growing Premium

Native ads in both websites and email newsletters receive new inventory from premium publishers weekly which can be individually targeted.

Advertorials Native Display

Promote full content pieces or native-style display ads. Either format will attract quality, top of funnel engagement.

Device Target Location

Don’t waste time buying traffic you can’t convert on. Target individual campaigns by; Geography, Category, Device, Carrier, Browser, Day Parting and Connection Type.

International Traffic

If you’re a publisher, you probably have traffic that isn’t targeted and doesn’t convert for you. By working with, you can take advantage of one of the best redirect systems available in the industry. We can help you make money from international traffic and run of network.

How Does It Work

“They will provide you with one redirect smart link which you will enter into your system as your overall geo-redirect link, or as an individual offers to discontinue URL. For example, if you are using an offer that only accepts UK traffic, traffic from any other country will be sent to the link, which then geo-targets the previously lost traffic to a page with country-specific offers to monetize your international traffic and build domain revenue.”

How To use Redirect For Domains & Website

Simply add your domains into our platform, point the name servers to The Parking Place and start monetizing your organic and type-in traffic. The Parking Place then geo-targets any users that visit your site, sending them to pages with country specific offers which produce the highest possible EPC for your traffic.

International Redirect

Stop losing revenue on non-converting clicks. If you have non-targeted international traffic, you can start monetizing that traffic with Simply generate an Exclusive Redirect Domain in your account and set it as the geo-redirect for any offers or emails you are running. Traffic will be geo-targeted to a page with country specific offers, generating revenue on previously lost traffic.

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