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What Is Prometeus (PROM) Coin Review?: Guide About Prometeus

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What Is Prometeus

Prometeus Network describes itself as a secure and decentralized ecosystem designed to solve real-world problems in data brokerage. It was created for the Influencer Marketing, Medical and Insurance data market industries. Prometeus Network is developed by Prometeus Labs, a company of data scientists and entrepreneurs. Prometeus ecosystem is a decentralized, secure framework that allows fully trustless and anonymous data storage and exchange.

Prometeus Coin was first designed as a marketplace for data trading. Prometeus data exchange platform called Stoa allows people to get rewarded by selling their personal data or the fruits of their labor saved as files. For instance, it allows artists to get rewards from their followers for selling them original music, videos, pictures and so on. It serves as a decentralized cross-horizontal hub for big data (Health Care, Finance, Public, Research, Retail, Marketing) and connects data providers from any industry to data consumers.

One day Prometeus discovered that the community lacks the environment where they can discuss data trading deals in a secure and anonymous way. To answer this request, they have been implementing and developing infrastructure that provides more freedom to people through the public blockchain, as mainstream social networks and messaging services have been limiting the freedom of communications.

That is how Prometeus Coin started the second product Ignite: a decentralized and firewall-resistant microblogging service that offers censorship-free space for people to express themselves, even if their opinion goes against mainstream views. Ignite is purely community-driven, without centralized governance.

Important Points Table Of Prometeus

Coin NamePrometeus
Short NamePROM
Max Supply19,250,000
ExplorerClick Here To View
ChatClick Here To Chat
WebsiteClick Here To Visit

How to Buy the Prometeus Coin Coin & Trade On Exchange?

First Step

Buying PROM Is Very Easy Task . Just Find Exchange Where PROM Available & Buy Through Your Credit & Other Altcoin .

Second Step

Once You Purchased PROM. Now It Is Time To Store Your PROM Or Start Trading On Exchange.

How We Got Here

The are Prometeus Cryptocurrency Labs: people who come from a variety of fields and industries, united under the idea of decentralized and censorship-free communication. They are a team of high skilled professionals with extensive background in blockchain and cryptography, AI, big data, adtech and data brokerage.

The professional expertise lead us to discovering the outrageous situation of data privacy and freedom of speech violation, pervasive in the modern digital world. They believe it unfair to have our personal data traded behind our backs, with no consent or reward.

This how Prometeus was born: they have developed a data trading solution which helps people to fully own and monetize their data.

Prometeus Coin Mission is to empower people to express themselves and exchange/share data across any borders and limitations, by using public blockchain technologies to establish a decentralized and censorship-resistant framework.

Where We Are Headed

Here at Prometeus Labs, they believe that only the Freedom of Information Exchange (including Freedom of Speech) can drive the whole world forward. Nobody but yourself should decide how to manage your personal data. Even unpopular opinions deserve to be heard.

The mission is to facilitate the free flow of information online, boosting global communication that supports individual liberty without any form of censorship. Due to their decentralized nature, Prometeus products are not governed by anyone and can not be blocked by any barrier or firewall.

They hope that the products will become a step forward in a long journey of mankind’s evolution towards free and independent digital society.



Prometeus Cryptocurrency Smart contracts based business logic distributes all the value across the network sustainably and transparently. All the transactional info is immutably stored on a public blockchain.

Privacy and Security

No KYC or any personal identification required. All data is encrypted while uploading to our robust and secure distributed data storage. No one can access data without purchasing it.


Data in Prometeus Coin network is stored forever on a distributed data storage.

Censorship resistant

Due to its nature, no data in Prometeus Network can be censored: any censorship is impossible by design. Reputation management is run by our self-regulating community.



Everyone can share their mind freely via texts and media files. They are stored immutable for dozens of years and can’t be blocked by any form of barrier or firewall.


Buy and sell any data (documents, pictures, videos, etc) in a secure and decentralized way. The whole process is anonymous and does not require an identity verification.

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