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What Is Pollen Coin(PCN)? Complete Guide & Review About Pollen Coin

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What Is Pollen Coin(PCN)?

Pollen Coin (PCN) is a utility token for the Pollen Mobile cellular network, built on Solana. Pollen Mobile is a protocol building decentralized wireless (DeWi) networks, similar to Helium. Anyone can buy and deploy hardware that provides Internet connectivity and earn tokens in return for the quality of coverage they provide and the amount of data transfer that is serviced by their hardware. Decentralized wireless networks built on blockchains provide much cheaper Internet connectivity than traditional, centralized wireless providers along with greater privacy and anonymity. PCN is purchased and spent to fund data transfer and Internet connectivity.

Important Points Table Of Pollen Coin

Coin NamePollen Coin
Short NamePCN
Total Supply1,000,000,000
ExplorerClick Here To View
DocumentationView Document
WebsiteClick Here To Visit

How to Buy the Continental & Trade On Exchange?

First Step

Buying PCN
Is Very Easy Task. Just Find Exchange Where PCN
Available & Buy Through Your Credit & Other Altcoin .

Second Step

Once You Purchased PCN
. Now It Is Time To Store Your PCN
Or Start Trading On Exchange .

The core elements of the Pollen network include:

  • Utilization of CBRS spectrum (in the US)
  • A distributed ledger-based digital infrastructure (initially built on the Solana blockchain)
  • A crypto economy utilizing PollenCoin (PCN), a Solana token
  • Gamified rewards (paid in PCN) to incentivize early adoption and network development
  • Open source network infrastructure, including Magma Core
  • Open source designs created by Pollen to enable community members to source / build their own hardware
  • Decentralized governance via an Enhanced Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO) model

Pollen Core Values


The most important Core Value. The right to freedom of expression has long been a core value in many parts of the Western world — enshrined in the US Constitution as the first amendment in the Bill of Rights. The advent of the internet initially promised to extend that right to all of humanity. Instead of delivering on that promise, the centralization of the world’s digital communications systems and networks has in too many instances handed the tools of exploitation, oppression, and manipulation to increasingly powerful states and non-state actors.

Anonymity: Individuals have the right to access the internet on an anonymous basis.

Privacy: Individuals have the right to privacy when accessing the internet.

Decentralization: No single corporation, government, or individual should control the world’s communication networks.

Transparency: To ensure the integrity of the Pollen network, users’ trust, and fulfillment of the first four Pollen Core Values, the network must be as open source as possible and controlled by its user community via a transparent governance structure (in this case via a proposed Enhanced Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or “eDAO”).

The Pollen Network

Pollen is simple. You provide network coverage through a Flower, which is validated by Bumblebees, and you connect to the network as a Hummingbird with an eSIM– each of which earn you PollenCoin.

Key Pollen Network Components

Network Providers (“Flowers”): Flowers are mobile network antennas [3] that are built to open standards. When connected to the internet, Flowers provide wireless coverage and earn their owners PCN, Pollen’s Solana token, in return for the coverage provided and data hauled for end users. Pollen does not store the personal information of Flower owners. Flower ownership (and right to associated rewards payments) is registered via a Non-Fungible Token that is tied to the owner’s Solana wallet, enabling owners to maintain anonymity and transfer ownership of devices without requiring any centralized approval or registration.

Key Pollen Network Actors

Pollen Operating Company (“Opco”):

The initial organization (Pollen Mobile LLC) that will guide development of and manage the network until other service providers are engaged and control over the network is fully turned over to the Pollen community via the eDAO. Pollen Opco will serve as the initial Mobile Core Administrator.

Pollen Foundation (“Foundation”):

The Foundation is contemplated to be a non-profit legal entity which will own all Foundation Banks. The Foundation will be formed in conjunction with the establishment of the eDAO in consultation with the Pollen community during Phase II of the network’s deployment. Ownership of the Foundation will be transferred to the Pollen eDAO in Phase III.

Mobile Core Administrator(s):

The Mobile Core is the collection of services that serve as the “operating system” of a mobile network. The Mobile Core facilitates activities such as authenticating authorized devices / users on the network, tracking user data consumption, and routing data through the network. Pollen utilizes the open source Magma Core software platform, which is initially managed by Pollen Opco (the initial Mobile Core Administrator).

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