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Pointpay.io Ico Review : A Unique All-in-One Solution

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About Pointpay.io

Pointpay.io is a cryptocurrency banking platform that disrupts the traditional bank model by enabling low-cost and instant fund transfers across the globe using native blockchain technology and token (PXP). Currently the PointPay Crypto Exchange and PointPay Crypto Wallets are operational, with the PointPay Bank and PointPay Payment System scheduled for release in 2019. PointPay was elected the best blockchain startup of 2019 by public vote at Blockchain Life conference. Early adopters receive the most favorable pricing.

PointPay is creating a fundamentally new product that combines three services in a single closed-loop ecosystem: PointPay Crypto Bank, PointPay Crypto Exchange platform and PointPay Multi-currency Wallet. They work so that the potential customers could be users of the World Wide Web residing anywhere in the world.

Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
Restricted areasCuba, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and North Korea, Yemen
Token NamePXP
Token TypeUtility
Price1 PXP = 0.1 USD
Currency AcceptingBTC, ETH, XRP, BNB, LTC, XLM, USDT, BCH, TRX, EOS
Minimum InvestmentN/A
Softcap1,000,000 USD
Hardcap30,000,000 USD


The crypto-industry ecosystem is developing by leaps and bounds. It’s becoming more attractive not only for investors who view the cryptomarket as a way to get maximum profit in the shortest possible time, but also for ordinary users who value cryptocurrencies for their fast transaction functionality, anonymous calculations and absence of any kind of intermediaries. Cryptocurrency platform PointPay notes that many people like the idea of “finance without borders”.

That is why the number of people actively using cryptocurrencies is steadily growing and approaching the psychological mark of 50 million people. Cryptocurrencies’ number growth dynamics is also rapid. If in 2010 the number of cryptocurrencies could be counted on the fingers of one hand, then in 2018 their number exceeded 2000 and has greater chances of reaching 2500 by the end of the year.

Trading Crypto Ecosystem, or Money Must Work

Today, an overwhelming number of crypto exchanges provide traders with access only to rate and volume charts for a specific token or coin. Users conduct their own technical analysis based on the data presented on the exchange, make a decision and place an appropriate order. The movement of funds ceases as soon as the system detects a request that satisfies the conditions of the trader’s application for the purchase or sale of cryptofunds. From this moment, the user turns from a trader into a holder. No funds movement anymore. No daily profit from cryptocurrency assets holding.

PointPay Platform Investor Preferences

Token holders who have invested significant amounts in PXP will receive tangible preferences when working with the system, including an increase in the service speed, a discount on the exchange, transfer and withdrawal of funds, the percentage of which increases depending on the number of tokens available to the investor, an increase in the interest rate on cashback and crypto deposits, and even an option to get an instant loan: the amount of loan available to the investor, again, will depend on the size of its investments in the project, increasing in accordance with the number of tokens available .

Pointpay.io RoadMap

June 25, 2018

PointPay Company Registered
POINT PAY LTD (Company No.11431098) .

Q3 2018

 Development of the basic MVP Crypto Exchange features started
– Development of the basic Wallet MVP features started
– ICO website development started

Q4 2018

Blockchain listener completed
– Referral system implemented for Crypto Exchange and Crypto Wallet
– ICO website completed

Q2 2019

 Android mobile application for Crypto Exchange development started
– Ecosystem planning and development

Q2 2019

– May 22, 2019
ICO website launch + announcement

– May 22-Jul 21
Private ICO Round

Q3 2019

Jul 22 – Mar 22
Round 1 – $0.10 per token

– Mar 23 – Nov 22
Round 2 – $0.20 per token

– Nov 23 – July 22
Round 3 – $0.30 per token

– Crypto Bank market analysis
– Crypto Bank: infrastructure planning
– Integrated Crypto Exchange platform development
– Integrated Crypto Wallet platform development

Q4 2019

– Start of Crypto Bank development
– Referral and affiliate systems integration for Crypto Exchange
– Referral and affiliate systems integration for Crypto Wallet

Q1 2020

– Filing for the following licenses:
Reg. D license, EMI license UK, EMI license Estonia, EMI license Eurozone, EMI license Singapore, Banking license Cayman Islands)
– Main crypto exchange features completed
– Multi-currency Wallet
– iOS, Android apps released (Multi-currency Wallet, Crypto Exchange)

Q2 2020

 Gateway crypto services development begins
– Crypto merchant services development begins
– Fiat support, purchasing crypto for fiat available
– Crypto bank v1.0 development begins

Q3 2020

– Crypto Bank: mobile apps development
– Fiat currencies trading support
– Insurance of funds in the Crypto Wallet

Q4 2020

– Crypto Bank: payment systems integration
– Extended analytics and support features for Crypto Exchange implementations
– Fiat currencies management integration into PointPay Crypto Wallet

Q1 2021

– Following license granted: Reg. D license, EMI license UK, EMI license Estonia, EMI license Eurozone, EMI license Singapore, Banking license Cayman Islands)
– Crypto Bank: business projects investment platform development
– Financial derivatives trading

Q2 2021

– Crypto Bank consulting and trust management
– Initial Wallet Offering

Q3 2021

– Crypto Bank iOS and Android apps completed

PointPay News

PointPay news is here to deliver ICO updates and project progress. Secure Your funds are safe with innovative SPV architecture, Satoshi way. Intended for daily use with a single address for most cryptocurrencies. P2P currency transfers, payments, messenger and marketplace are at your service.

PointPay Online Payment System

PointPay is aiming to develop online payment system enabling merchants to accept cryptocurrencies for the goods which they sell on their websites. The visitors will be able to buy the goods and services for crypto. The list of cryptocurrencies is determined by those that the PointPay Wallet supports i.e. 95% of the cryptomarket. Those merchants who have PointPay’s tokens on their balance will be provided with a discount. The visitors of online stores will be able to pay either copying the wallet address manually, or just scanning the QR-code automatically with a mobile phone.

PointPay Multi-currency Wallet

One of the products being developed by the PointPay cryptocurrency platform is a PointPay Multi-currency Wallet. It has the following technical functionality.

1. The ability to securely store the most popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others.

2. The ability to recharge the balance of the most popular fiat currencies – dollars, euros and yuans – with the help of VISA / MasterCard, UnionPay, Payeer, AdvCash, Yandex.Money payment systems, etc.

3. The possibility of exchanging funds in the following ways: fiat-cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency-cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency-fiat.

4. The ability to instantly cash out cryptocurrency through the withdrawal on the card VISA / MasterCard, UnionPay , payment system Payeer, AdvCash, Yandex.Money, etc.

5. The system automatically generates statistics on the overall account balance, displaying it in dollars, euros or yuans.

6. The system provides up-to-date cryptocurrency rate data.

Main Team Member

Goals for Entering the Token Sale

As follows from the very definition of token sale, the purpose of this process is to attract investment in a cryptocurrency project. The PointPay team sees its first task not in occupying one of the many empty niches existing in the market, but in creating a fundamentally new product that will unite at least three services in a single ecosystem:

PointPay Crypto Bank, PointPay Crypto Exchange platform and PointPay Multi-currency Wallet, and so that their potential customers could become users of the World Wide Web, living anywhere in the world. There can be no doubt about the demand for such a product – there are no analogues to it at the moment. Attempts to create something like this have already taken place, however.

The results invariably turned out to be far from the expected due to various obstacles – starting from the lack of professionalism of software developers who were disrupting the implementation of relevant technical solutions, and ending with the narrow thinking of their leaders, which did not allow them to aim at activities of their projects the whole world. The projected minimum amount of crowdfunding for token sale is $1 million.

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Crypto investments come with high risk and you should always exercise caution when investing in any crypto asset. Investing in crypto carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Any investment decisions made by you are made at your own risk and we are not responsible for any losses that may occur. Before investing, we recommend you consult a financial advisor to understand the risks and rewards associated with investing in crypto.

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