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PixiaAI: To Know More About This Crypto Read Our Article

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PixiaAI: In this article, we cover a detailed review of PixiaAI. How does PixiaAI Crypto work & Are important features?

About PixiaAI

PixiaAI is an AI that is capable of creating art, NFT collections, staking contracts and much more! She is fully compatible with most NFT platforms – just choose your creator fees before trading your collection on OpenSea as the number 1 NFT platform!

The platform will walk you through the steps necessary to creating a contract that suits your unique requirements, from customizing token rewards and APR settings, adding boosters for mining operations or making any other adjustments – they are here for you.

Pixia provides you with peace of mind knowing that your NFT staking, Token staking and Miner contract will be tailored specifically to meet your exact requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency and profitability. Personal NFT Staking Smart Contracts add utility on collections – make the most out of community endeavors today by exploring Pixia platform!

PixiaAI Point Table

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePixiaAI
Short NamePIXIA
Max Supply100,000,000
Total Supply 100,000,000
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

PixiaAI Price Live Data

AI art & NFT management system

Art based on your ideas taking life at your fingertips, talk to pixia on telegram or twitter. Images in any style and in a quality you have never seen before. Animate or interpolate within seconds. Pixia takes your breath away, all you need to do is imagine and Pixia provides A simple 5 min setup, and a “So-Easy-My-Grandma-Could-Do-It” interface within Telegram.


Collaborate with your community into creating unique ai images and videos. Choose the pieces you love on the dApp and create a community made NFT collection. Add utility on your collection with your personal NFT staking smart contract.

NFT Compatibility

Pixia was developed to be fully compatible with most NFT platforms, such as OpenSea – the industry-leader – making your NFT creations easily listed and traded on popular marketplaces.

Creator Fees

Pixia allows you to select creator fees associated with NFTs that best align with your business goals and revenue models, giving creators their desired share from every transaction.

Customized Contracts

Pixia provides a user-friendly platform that facilitates the process of crafting customized contracts for NFTs. You can tailor each agreement to meet your exact specifications – be it changing APR or creating token rewards; adding boosters to enhance mining capabilities or anything else!

APR Customization

Pixia offers users the freedom to customize the annual percentage rate (APR) of their NFTs, giving you complete control over all financial aspects of your ecosystem. By controlling interest rate with tokens, Pixia gives users more power over financial aspects associated with NFTs.

Customizable Token Reward Structures

Pixia allows you to tailor the token rewards associated with your NFTs to match the needs of your community, such as bonus tokens for specific actions or achievements that help foster engagement and incentivize participation within it.

Miner Boosters

Pixia offers you the ability to add boosters to your miner and enhance its performance and productivity. These boosters can be tailored specifically to meet your desired outcomes – such as increasing mining rate, improving efficiency or unlocking additional features.

OpenSea Integration

Pixia’s seamless integration with OpenSea is the premier NFT marketplace, providing users with an efficient means of trading their NFT collection directly on OpenSea’s vast user base and robust trading infrastructure.

Guided Process

Pixia makes creating and managing NFT contracts effortless with their step-by-step guide, so that you understand each customization option available and its impact on your NFT ecosystem.

Humans Are Obsolete

Pixia is a revolutionary force towards predatory scams and low quality projects in the market.
It represents a critique of the flipping degen that has taken hold and a call to reclaim the values the market was founded upon. Join the movement, be part of the change, build with Pixia.

$PIXIA Token 100mtotal supply

The total supply of $PIXIA is 100 million. This is a fixed supply, there will be no $PIXIA minted. The $PIXIA token has been created and the total supply can be verified at Etherscan.

How to get $PIXIA

The $PIXIA Token is already available on several DEX on the Ethereum Network. A bridge to the Binance Smart Chain is planned. All CEX platforms will be displayed below when available.


Pixia provides an all-in-one solution for NFT creators, offering compatibility with various NFT platforms and customization options. Users of Pixia can quickly choose their creator fees and trade your NFT collection on OpenSea, the leading NFT platform. Pixia will walk users through creating a contract tailored specifically to your individual needs–from setting APR rates,

Customizing token rewards or adding miner boosters – making the creation and trading experience smooth and user friendly from beginning to end. Pixia empowers creators to maximize their potential within this space by offering seamless and user friendly user-friendly experience from creation all the way through creation to trading!


What are ‘Hours’?

Hours refer to the amount of GPU processing time allocated per month for different plans. The basic plan comes with 200 GPU-minutes/mo, the standard plan with 15 GPU-hours/mo, and the pro plan with 30 GPU-hours/mo. One hour is roughly equivalent to 60 minutes of text processing, 30 minutes of image generation, 12 minutes of video generation.

What is the Community Gallery?

The Gallery is a place where paid members can explore images being made on the platform and a central place to organize your own images, collect favorites, and more.

What if I don’t want my images to appear in the Gallery?

We are building an open-by-default community focused on collective exploration and fun. If you have a need to opt-out of this and be private-by-default you can stake the pro plan and activate private generation with the “/private” command.

How does commercial use work?

If you have staked and subscribed at any point, you are free to use your images in just about any way you want.

Can I cancel my staking subscription plan?

You are free to cancel your staking subscription at any time but the unstaking will be possible at the end of a 30 day lock cycle. If you change your mind, you can stake and relock your tokens before the end of the 30 day cycle.

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