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Origin Protocol Airdrop Review: DeFi is Eating Traditional finance

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About Origin Protocol Airdrop

Origin Protocol Airdrop is building a platform that enables the creation of many decentralized marketplaces, allowing buyers and sellers to connect and transact directly on the blockchain. The company is building a set of protocols, developer libraries, and a decentralized application using the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS, with an initial focus on disrupting sharing economy marketplaces

Origin Protocol is airdropping a total of 1,000,000,000 OGV to OGN holders, OUSD holders and OUSD liquidity providers. Random snapshots will be taken starting from July 5th to July 12th. 2022. Users who’re holding OGN for the full 7 days will be eligible for the airdrop. Users who’ve held OUSD between January 2021 to the snapshot dates or users who provide liquidity to the OUSD pairs on Curve or Convex till the snapshot dates will also become eligible for the airdrop.

PlatformTotal ValueMax. ParticipantsWebsite
ETH1,000,000,000 OGVUnlimitedClick Here To Visit

Step No 1

Register for the Origin Protocol Airdrop, by creating an account.

Step No 2

Verify your email & log in to your account.

Step No 3

Take part in the referral program and invite 3 friends.

Step No 4

Join Origin Protocol Airdrop on Telegram group & Telegram channel

Step No 5

Follow Origin Protocol Airdrop on Twitter & like/share the pinned tweet and tag 3 friends.  

Step No 6

Like/follow Origin Protocol Now, everyone can become a on Facebook & like/share the pinned post.  

Origin’s flagship products are tackling the fastest growing verticals in Web3

Origin Dollar (OUSD) is the first stablecoin that earns a yield while it’s still in your wallet. Access DeFi yields without any of the hassles. No staking. No lockups.

Origin Story is where top creators sell their NFTs. Now you can too! Personalized storefronts. Flexible sale formats. Secondary royalties. No code required.

Origin Token (OGN) allows you to own a stake in the Origin ecosystem. Believe NFTs are the future? Want governance privileges? Buy OGN on Coinbase, Binance, or Uniswap.

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Open-source platform

Origin is an open-source platform that enables the creation of peer-to-peer marketplaces and e-commerce applications. The Origin Platform initially targets the global sharing economy, allowing buyers and sellers of fractional use goods and services (car-sharing, service-based tasks, home-sharing, etc.) to transact on the distributed, open web.

Using the Ethereum blockchain and Interplanetary File System (IPFS), the platform and its community participants can interact in a peer-to-peer fashion, allowing for the creation and booking of services and goods without traditional intermediaries.

  • Transfers direct financial value (listing, transaction, and service fees) from large corporations like Airbnb, Craigslist, Postmates, etc. to individual buyers and sellers
  • Transfers indirect financial and strategic value (privately aggregated silos of customer and transaction data) from those same corporations to the entire ecosystem
  • Creates new financial value for marketplace participants that contribute to the growth of the network (e.g. building new technology for the Origin Platform, bootstrapping new product verticals, and referring new users and businesses)
  • Is built on an open, distributed, and shared data layer to promote transparency and collaboration
  • Immediately allows buyers and sellers across the world to do business with each other without difficult currency conversions or tariffs


Since the advent of the Internet, digital marketplaces have paired buyers and sellers of goods and services to enable transactions that were never before possible. Craigslist launched in 1995 and for years dominated in local and neighborhood commerce. That same year, eBay was started and created an entirely new category of auction-based sales, creating a more market-efficient way to do business.

Fast forward 20 years, and countless Internet marketplace businesses in both the B2C and B2B categories have flourished.

In recent times, sharing economy marketplaces like Airbnb, Uber, Getaround, Fiverr, and TaskRabbit have paired buyers and sellers of the sharing economy1 with great success. Fractional usage of assets can now be “sold” just as easily as atomic items, and people all over the world are exchanging their excess inventory, time, and skills for financial gain.

Origin has a world-class team

The team is led by serial entrepreneurs, a founder of PayPal, early employees at YouTube, and engineering managers at Google and Dropbox.

The Origin Platform

The vision is to promote the open and free exchange of services in the new Internet. To do this, they have built a platform that replicates much, if not all, of the functionality of third-party intermediaries on the blockchain and other distributed systems. This is an ambitious goal and a technically difficult engineering challenge, but they have already hit early milestones to prove out technology and early use cases.

The Origin Platform has three major components that are all open-source:

  • Origin-enabled end-user applications
  • Origin developer infrastructure
  • Origin protocols

Origin-enabled end-user applications

The Origin flagship marketplace app is our consumer marketplace product that allows buyers and sellers on the network to do business. It is available today on the web at shoporigin.com and on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Origin protocols

Origin protocols encompass the open-source standards for many marketplace features, including user identity, publishing listings, and peer-to-peer transactions. The Protocols also include an open and shared data layer of users, listings, and other data on our Marketplace contract.

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