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About NuHelp ICO

NuHelp ICO is a DApp (Decentralized Application) that connects individuals with home, office, and professional service providers. Our mission is to become the global standard for connecting reputable service providers to end users. NuHelp will achieve this by utilizing Blockchain Technology with smart-contracts using a proven EOS platform to ensure NuHelp remains open and transparent allowing individuals to build trust with the service providers they choose.

The NuHelp application core proto-type has already been built and is in BETA mode with mobile applications on Android and iOS. The application has been tested in a production environment and has passed A proportion of the funds generated by the initial token offering will be used to extend the DApp capabilities, making it a robust fit for within the Blockchain Technology.

The remaining funds will be used to fund the go to market strategy, the setting up of operations and logistics, and the support of engineering and development of complementary decentralized applications within the NuHelp eco-system.

Company More Detail

Company NameNuHelp
Token SymbolNHT
Price0.8000 USD
End Date14th Jan 2018
Start Date1st Jan 2017
Email SupportYes

Why Are Bitcoin Casinos Gaining Popularity

The biggest advantage of bitcoin casinos is the anonymity that bitcoin as a cryptocurrency offers. It is so secure that no one has even found the person under the pseudonym ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ who is supposed to have invented the legendary cryptocurrency. Bitcoin casinos do not offer transaction fees and do not limit the daily number of transactions. Since gaming online is generally not controlled by any government authority, and there is hardly any regulation in most countries regarding cryptocurrency, casino gambling with bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular.

Creating An Online Bitcoin Account

1) The first thing you need to do is create an online coin account. You will need our name and email address to start. You will also need a password that you can remember, but hard for others to get to. Some words of wisdom: Please do not use the same password that you use on other sites. Once someone has access to just one password code, they can get into everything (especially if you are someone who uses the same passcode all the time).

We say this especially because bitcoin accounts are very vulnerable to hacks. Not to say that your account is not going to have some good security (because it will). However, it is better to be safe rather than sorry. Choose something that has upper and lower letters, numbers, and symbols. Coinbase will send you notification email that everything is okay once your account is settled. You can log in and start.

2) You are going to have a two-factor identification process once you sign up. Coinbase does this for everyone. All this does is add an extra layer of protection to your account. Coinbase NuHelp ICO will also let you add a friend or family member as a backup (in case of emergencies). Hackers have a much harder time getting in because they have to know your account passwords, codes, and identification. Those who do not wish to add someone else will have to go through the reset process if their phone is lost. Having a backup number just makes the process faster. It adds another way to identify you, in the event your phone does become lost.


Traditional casinos usually require their customers to provide them with private and personal information, especially credit and debit card details. Providing such confidential information to these platforms can be a risky endeavour. This is further accentuated by the dreary process of filling the forms required to NuHelp ICO give those details. Bitcoin casinos eliminate this impediment guaranteeing the gambler’s safety. In most cases, all gamblers have to do at a bitcoin casino is to deposit funds at a specified location and start gambling, just like that. They also do not ask for a lot of private personal information and this ensures that bitcoin casinos are much simpler and safer to play on.