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Monday, December 5, 2022 Ico Review : Enabling the transition to the next generation of Internet

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About is a founding member of the Web3Infra Alliance – effort to unify different infrastructure providers to create an open developer platform for Web 3.0 applications that thrive in a decentralized and shared economy. Latest Internet protocol developments and the advancements of Distributed Ledger Technology created an opportunity to solve the core problems of the Internet infrastructure.

NOIA token is used for services and applications built on the Programmable Internet backbone. It represents a unit of transport within the network. NOIA tokens will be made available through a series of community airdrops, and Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs). Follow the latest announcements on Telegram. started as a Decentralized Distributed P2P Content Delivery Network (CDN) startup. It secured funding from institutional investors, assembled a team of world-class engineers, experts and advisors and delivered first of its kind Open Source technology – NOIA Cache.

It attracted over 9000 community members and over 5000 nodes were installed. It currently has a capacity of over 25TB in NOIA Cache nodes at any one moment and delivers content to a number of websites.

Token SymbolNOIA
Token TypeERC20
RestrictionUSA, China, Japan
Advisors 10%
Token Supply1,000,000,000
Token Sale 200,000,000

Fragmentation and design limitations

Networks differ in size, capacity, density and distances between them. The growth was decentralized and uncoordinated. Fragmentation was built into the core of Internet and determined the Internet protocol design.

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) – initial routing protocol created in 1994

BGP was designed for ISP routers to find a path to any IP address through a series of independently operated networks. It is still the routing protocol used today.

BGP is prone to ultimate design limitations:

  • BGP can only forward traffic to a neighboring router. It can’t control the whole route. It’s forward-and-forget only.
  • The protocol limitation to only act locally makes Internet work on absolutely no guarantee basis

Internet Inefficiencies & Security Problems Each change in any of the networks on the Internet causes BGP updates. These updates make a connection between two points to have a constantly changing path, which creates severe variability in Internet’s performance.

It is impossible to guarantee service reliability without using overlay networks. Low-latency, performance-critical applications and games can not operate on public internet.

Internet is Unreliable

Technology companies find it impossible to guarantee service reliability due to the problems related to the Internet’s performance.

Hard to Scale & Maintain infrastructure

Significant investments and maintenance are required to ensure quality service globally. Scalability is slow, non-dynamic and requires multiple infrastructure providers.

Not Secure

BGP hijacks cause severe privacy breaches and service disruptions. It is impossible to prevent it and reaction times vary by service providers.

Basis of Programmable Internet


The newest version Internet Protocol (IP), that expands packet size and allows adding custom header information.

Segment Routing

Noia protocol which makes routers understand routing information in packet headers and act upon it.


The combination allows adding routing information to each packet of data transferred, therefore introducing the network that can be programmed on a packet level.

Use case for Distributed Ledger Technology

Current Internet infrastructure does not have a central point of internet topology for Traffic Engineering. DLT provides the central database for storing IP addresses available for routing, but is architecturally and politically decentralized. When the state and topology of discoverable routers is known, data can be programmed based on the information about all available Internet routes.

Decentralized Internet Transit Exchange – DITEX

  • Using DLT, DITEX is created for providers and data centers to buy and sell internet access point as transit to any peer globally.
  • On DITEX buyers can secure full routes to destinations through selected peers and use Segment Routing to send traffic through them.
  • Segment Routing and Distributed Ledger Technology combined make the Programmable Internet viable.

NOIA token utility

For companies Companies can use Programmable Internet backbone as a service and pay for the traffic used.

  • NOIA Cache
  • SDN
  • Smart routing
  • Future applications built on NOIA Network

Digital currency integrated into the network

Transit points (nodes) that relay traffic serving applications and services running on NOIA Network backbone are remunerated with NOIA token proportionally to each of their contribution level.

NOIA Platform

NOIA Network-as-a-Service

It uses smart-routing algorithms and Segment Routing technology to ensure fastest, zero latency, dedicated throughput by utilizing our backbone. It has virtually no overhead costs, low barrier to start using the network and full flexibility to dynamically set up required links using certain criteria.

User Interface User-friendly Interface to set up, manage and oversee connectivity for your network links.

Smart Routing

Smart routing always sending traffic through most optimal routes based on latency, packet loss and other criteria.

Network Functions

Virtual Function Marketplace allows using dozens of Network Functions NOIA Cache.

For Software Applications

Software providers connect to NOIA Network through local Access Point and use Access Point address in their Applications or Servers in other locations.

For Enterprises

Enterprises can use their existing SD-WAN solutions to connect different locations via NOIA Network instead of MPLS links.



Carrier-grade global network ensures maximum IT infrastructure uptime.

Lower costs Network agility makes it an affordable solution compared to other overlay network solutions.

Revenue saved

Removing any downtime protects from both lost revenue and productivity.

Easy integration

Plugging into the Network is hastle-free. No complicated set-up required.

Main Team

Domas Povilauskas – CEO

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