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NanoVMs Advertising Review : 30% Recurring Commission

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About NanoVMs

NanoVMs is an American company that launched in 2015. NanoVMs runs linux software faster and safer than Linux through unikernels. NanoVMs offers the Nanos C2 downloadable SaaS package and various support plans. Unikernels come with a four point security model: no users/passwords, no shell, dramatically reduced attack surface, and no most importantly no ability to run other software on the same system as the program being deployed. NanoVMs works on every major cloud provider..

NanoVMs tracking cookies last 60 days, meaning that if a visitor clicks on your affiliate link, then you will be credited with the referral as long as they sign up within 60 days.

Quick Facts About NanoVMs

Commission TypeRevShare
Base Commission30% recurring commission
Minimum Payment$2
Payment FrequencyMonthly, Upon Request
Payment MethodPayPal
Referral CommissionN/A
Tracking SoftwareRewardful
Cookie Length60 days
Advertisers ContactSupport
Affiliate ManagerClick Here To View

Why Use unikernels?

NanoVMs Unikernels are fast, secure, increase server density and eliminate devops. Unikernels can boot 2 orders of magnitude faster than docker and run software up to 20% faster. by design help prevent many types of remote code execution attacks and you can run thousands of them on commodity hardware.

Massive VM Consolidation

We can provision hundreds to thousands of virtual machines on the same hardware.

Ultra Secure

NanoVMs don’t scan for hacked systems – we remove the tools hackers use to stop it in the first place.

On-prem Private Cloud

No matter what you use, we work with your existing infrastructure so you can immediately get going.

Performance Engineering

Look for these following signs:

  • Your AWS bill makes you want to cry.
  • You measure everything in hundreds of milliseconds – not microseconds or nanoseconds.
  • You have a critical service written in a scripting language (python, ruby, js) – and you know that it’s hurting.
  • You think observability tools are the same thing as profiling tools.

You need some talented performance engineers at your side. They are comfortable in many languages but for these tasks will usually rely on C, Rust or Go. We’ll introduce you to unikernel Nanos and show you a world beyond Linux. Yeh, we’re those types of engineers – we wrote our own kernel. Let us show you how to go further, faster and with less cost with our performance engineering engagements.

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