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About is a collaborative canvas allowing artists worldwide to paint onto an ever evolving piece of art. This is a first of its kind project made possible by the use of blockchain technology. MurAll is an on-chain virtual collaborative mural/canvas/wall that all people everywhere can draw on, with out regulations on what you could draw. The complete ethos of the MurAll challenge is that it suits with the blockchain narrative of a impartial location that doesn’t filter, censor or forestall any transaction. is airdropping loose PAINT tokens to NFT artists and NFT holders. Verified NFT artists from Known Origin, Rarible, SuperRare and Async Art and ERC-721 like minded NFT holders are eligible to say the airdrop. NFT artists picture changed into taken on November 15th, 2020 and NFT holders picture changed into taken on December 18th, 2020. Eligible NFT artists can claim 1,048,576 PAINT and NFT holders can claim 193,537 PAINT tokens.

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ETH$2,200KYC for users is NOT a requirementClick Here To Visit

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Your NFT an artist has created their piece and “minted” it on the MurAll canvas, it is immortalised forever on the blockchain. The artist receives an NFT (Non Fungible Token) of their drawing; in contrast to traditional tokens, NFTs are one of a kind, ensuring that the artwork is a UNIQUE ORIGINAL which has value and can be kept or sold whenever they wish – just like real life paintings. Unlike most existing technologies, the artwork itself is contained within the token and isnt just a certificate.

Data Hosted

All pixel data is stored on the Ethereum blockchain in the event log storage. Most current solutions use things like IPFS however they are not anywhere as decentralised as the blockchain itself, and also separate the ownership of the data and the data itself; we really wanted a solution that was without the compromise of this separation, so we have done our best to create a solution that has all data on chain, the state of MurAll itself is on the Etheruem blockchain, and the NFT’s have their drawing data inside them, all on chain too.

MurAll Use uses RGB565, a 16 bit colour space which gives the best look while allowing for more pixels per transaction, as well as taking up less room on the blockchain.

Color Drawing

In order to fit as much information as possible into each transaction without sacrificing colour too much, each drawn image can have up to 256 distinct colours from the RGB565 spectrum. There is no set 256 colour spectrum, each artist can choose any 256 colours to use for each drawing.

Get For drawing MurAll

When you draw onto , not only is your drawing written into the blockchain history forever, you also get a MURALL NFT with a hash of the pixel data, which is entirely yours to do with as you please; hodl, display, sell, trade, load into other platforms, the choice is yours. You can fill the MURALL NFT with the same drawing data as your original drawing on MurAll so your NFT contains the same data as your contribution; all pixel data on the ethereum blockchain.

Total Supply Of Paint

There is a fixed supply of 22,020,096,000 PAINT tokens. At 0.5 PAINT per pixel, it costs 1,048,576 PAINT to draw over all 2,097,152 pixels once. 1,048,576 PAINT x 21,000 draws = 22,020,096,000 PAINT. A fixed cost of 0.5 PAINT (excluding the network gas fee for the transaction).

Get Some Paint Verified artists on KnownOrigin/SuperRare/Rarible/AsyncArt (snapshot taken 15/11/2020), and ERC721 NFT hodlers (snapshot for addresses taken 18/12/2020) are eligible to claim PAINT; you can check your eligibility to claim on the address checker by clicking through from the PAINT summary. PAINT can also be purchased on the open market.