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What Is Million Dollar Baby (MDB)? Coin Review? Guide About Million Dollar Baby

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What Is Million Dollar Baby (MDB)?

Million Dollar Baby is an innovative token on the Binance Smart Chain, that utilizing unique tokenomics and Capital Synergy model, offers perpetual growth, mathematically proven. With a liquidity pool backed by a Trust Fund that was 50% of market cap at launch, MDB is able to ensure a rising price floor.

MDB has numerous use cases and utilities within the Ecosystem, including Gravity Project (offering an out to stagnant projects enabling their holders to recoup funds) and Millionaire’s Club. The tokenomics are based on mathematical models, and are the first of their kind in the space.

Capital Synergy works by utilizing the large Trust Fund. The Trust Fund is invested into numerous farms, pools and projects at a risk ratio on 70:20:10 (low:medium:high) to generate interest. That interest is then used to buy and burn tokens as required to support and increase the price floor.

Important Points Table Of Metavault Trade

Coin NameMillion Dollar Baby
Short NameMDB
Max Supply1,000,000,000
ExplorerClick Here To View
DocumentationView Document
WebsiteClick Here To Visit

How to Buy the Continental & Trade On Exchange?

First Step

Buying MDB Is Very Easy Task . Just Find Exchange Where MDB Available & Buy Through Your Credit & Other Altcoin .

Second Step

Once You Purchased MDB. Now It Is Time To Store Your MDB Or Start Trading On Exchange .

How does it work?

The MDB Ecosystem is an innovative protocol utilizing unique mechanisms to return a wealth of value to investors.

Capital Synergy

Capital Synergy defines how the unique assets work together to create buy pressure that requires zero volume.

Trust Fund

The token is backed by our Trust Fund that at launch is a ratio of 5:1 Trust Fund to Liquidity.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix signal system helps traders know the best time to buy and sell MDB, and waits in the wings ready to swing in and eat the dips in the chart.


The Gravity Project offers failing or stagnant projects a way out, offering holders a chance to recoup lost funds and be part of a larger ecosystem.

Like gravity in the universe draws together bodies of mass, Gravity Project by MDB draws together projects, combined for a brighter future.


MDB has a fixed supply of 1 billion tokens. The token is not elastic and new tokens cannot be minted. The taxes on transactions are used only in 2 ways, to specifically benefit the protocol.

  1. 1.The majority of tax goes straight into the Trust Fund. This provides a second mechanism to ensure Trust Fund growth. (The first mechanism is that a percentage of the interest generated goes back into the Trust Fund also).
  2. 2.A small % to Marketing/Ops to allow us to pay our staff, manage ongoing marketing campaigns and ensure overall smooth running of the project.

The following taxes apply to buys and sells. There is no transfer tax.Buy Tax – 10% Total

  • Trust Fund 8%
  • Marketing/Ops 2%

Sell Tax – 15% Total

  • Trust Fund 12%
  • Marketing/Ops 3%

What is MDB’s purpose?

MDB started as a lightbulb moment, Million Dollar Baby. Using proven mathematical models, MDB has the ability to make everyone that holds a millionaire. Seasoned investors in the DeFi space will know all too well that sound investments can be few and far between. Capital Synergy takes away that uncertainty. MDB quickly evolved as we explored the mechanisms and methodology behind Capital Synergy further, and quickly our commitment became to Make DeFi Better. Responsible DeFi is the future, and sustainability is key.


Phase 1

  • Launch socials & begin marketing
  • Apply for audit (Certik, SolidProof & Solidity)
  • Complete private & presales
  • Public Launch on Pancakeswap
  • Launch Millionaire’s Club & VIP
  • Apply for CMC & Coingecko listings
  • Announce initial partnerships
  • Confirm initial Trust Fund investments
  • Launch The Gravity Project
  • Announce Project X
  • Launch Millionaire’s Club

Phase 2

  • Website V2
  • Launch Project X
  • Dapp
  • Launch MDB Plus
  • Implement QLaaS
  • Continue high level marketing campaign & press releases
  • Launch MDB Stake
  • Announce new partnerships
  • List on further decentralized exchange.
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Crypto investments come with high risk and you should always exercise caution when investing in any crypto asset. Investing in crypto carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Any investment decisions made by you are made at your own risk and we are not responsible for any losses that may occur. Before investing, we recommend you consult a financial advisor to understand the risks and rewards associated with investing in crypto.

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