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Mexc.com Cryptocurrency Exchange Review: Globe Is Legit & Secure Exchange

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About Mexc.com

Founded in 2018, Mexc.com Global is known as the exchange of high performance and mega transaction matching technology. The team at Global are some of the first movers and pioneers of financial and blockchain technology. Currently, The Global caters to 6 million+ users in more than 70 countries around the world and they have just started. This magnificent achievement is a significant milestone, and they Global aims to become the go-to platform for new traders and experienced investors as they move forward in their financial journey.

Mexc.com Global is present across continents obtaining key licenses and passing jurisdictions in countries like Australia, Estonia and the United States. The Global also offers localized language support for investors from different countries making it easier for them to trade. The exchange at MEXC Global is a high-performance trading engine which has been developed by experts from banking industry and is capable of completing 1.4 million transactions per second, which results in ground breaking efficiency and enhanced performance. User security if of top priority at MEXC Global because of which servers are hosted independently across multiple countries ensuring optimal data integrity and security.

How To Sign Up & Start Trading

Exchange NameMexc.com
Exchange TypeCryptocurrency
Withdraw 0.0005 
Taker Fee0.060%
Maker Fee0.020%
Website Homepage

How To Sign Up & Start Trading

You Sign Up For A User Account By Providing Basic Information.

On Every Exchange You Will Get Option For Sign Up Or Create Account . Just Fill Some Basic Details Like Name , Email , Password , Security Question Etc For Registration . It Is First Step To Start Trading On Any Exchange

You Then Receive An E-mail In Your Mailbox To Activate Your Account.

Before You Can Login, You Must Active Your Account With The Code Sent To Your Email Address.Then You Will See A Message That Your Financial Account Is Activated And Ready To Go. This Means That You Can Log In And Start Trading In Cryptocurrency.

Identity Verification

For Successful Verification You Will Need Identity Documents. For Example, You Can Use A Driver’s License Or Passport, Where The Name Is Duplicated In Latin Letters.Confirmation Of Identity On Exchange Is An Optional Step. The Procedure Must Be Completed Only If You Want To Remove The Restrictions Of Btc On Deposit Or Withdrawal Of Funds Per Day.

Tiered Fee Level

LevelFutures wallet balance(USDT)ConditionTrading volume in the past 30 days(USDT/USD)Trading fee discountsMaker/TakerMaker/TakerAfter discount
LV 0≥ 0or≥ 01 / 10.020% / 0.060%
LV 1≥ 10,000or≥ 10,000,0000.95 / 0.950.019% / 0.057%
LV 2≥ 20,000or≥ 20,000,0000.9 / 0.90.018% / 0.054%
LV 3≥ 50,000or≥ 50,000,0000.85 / 0.850.017% / 0.051%
LV 4≥ 100,000or≥ 100,000,0000.8 / 0.80.016% / 0.048%
LV 5≥ 200,000or≥ 200,000,0000.75 / 0.750.015% / 0.045%
LV 6≥ 500,000or≥ 500,000,0000.7 / 0.70.014% / 0.042%

Fee Structure Description

1. Trading volume = the volume of the opened positions + the volume of the closed positions (all futures products).

2. Mexc.com user tier and level will be updated once a day at 0:00 (UTC+8) based on the futures account wallet balance and 30-day trading volume. The time of the update may be slightly delayed, which may cause some inconvenience. We thank you for your understanding.

3. Market maker accounts are not a part of the tiered fee discounts.

4. The rates apply to both USDT-M and COIN-M futures.

Withdrawal Fees Crypto

TokenMinimum withdrawal amountWithdrawal fee
1INCH3L1INCH 3X Long00
1INCH3S1INCH 3X Short00

Why MEXC Global ?

share of the global digital asset trading market within 1 year. Very recently in 2021 at the Crypto Expo Dubai MEXC Global was awarded the “Best Crypto Exchange Asia” award, adding an additional star to the already fulfilling list of achievements by the team at MEXC.

Safety and Stability

Multi-tier, multi-cluster system architecture

High Performance

Mexc.com High performance trade matching engine technology handling a gigantic 1.4 million units per second

High Liquidity

6+ Million traders along with Mexc.com GLOBAL partners ensuring enough liquidity and abundant resources on the platform

Localized Language Support

Provides support for multiple languages all across the globe making localized content for our native traders

Multi Cryptocurrency Support

Mexc.com Providing trading pairs and cryptocurrencies for our traders including BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC etc. to name a few.

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Crypto investments come with high risk and you should always exercise caution when investing in any crypto asset. Investing in crypto carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Any investment decisions made by you are made at your own risk and we are not responsible for any losses that may occur. Before investing, we recommend you consult a financial advisor to understand the risks and rewards associated with investing in crypto.

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