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What Is MetaQ? (METAQ) Coin Review?Guide About MetaQ

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What Is MetaQ? (METAQ)

Based on the experience and know-how of consulting for the development optimization of large game companies, MetaQ is developing NFT games professionally through specially customized blockchain mainnet technology. The vision and strategy have two main goals. It is to first connect and expand the rewards of users who actively participate in the game, and the virtualized blockchain and NFT in real life.

MetaPlanet’s MetaQ Coin platform is a decentralized network that serves as a hub that enables services in various industries by combining the virtual reality metaverse and blockchain technology centered on MetaPlanet’s own mainnet, MetaQ. It plays a role in composing an ecosystem by allowing entertainment elements such as shopping and SNS to work in conjunction with the virtual economy.

The goal of Metaplanet is to expand the network, starting with IP-based NFT games, and to maintain the active activities of various ecosystem members, including users, various companies, and developers. Games and NFTs use MetaQ’s own mainnet, but for the convenience of users, the exchange has added a function to swap in its own wallet so that it can be traded with BSC.

Important Points Table Of MetaQ Token Coin

Coin NameMetaQ Token
Short NameMETAQ
Total Supply1,000,000,000
ExplorerClick Here To View
DocumentationView Document
WebsiteClick Here To Visit

How to Buy the MetaQ Coin & Trade On Exchange?

First Step

Buying MetaQ Is Very Easy Task . Just Find Exchange Where MetaQ Available & Buy Through Your Credit & Other Altcoin .

Second Step

Once You Purchased MetaQ . Now It Is Time To Store Your MetaQ Or Start Trading On Exchange .

The Metaverse Era and NFT


Started in 2016, the spark of the 4th industrial revolution has spread and developed rapidly the IoT, AI and virtual reality. As a result of a huge paradigm called the Metaverse, social and economic activities are expanding beyond games to include music, entertainment, contents and education.

Passing through Generations X and M, who were passionate about e-sports and MMORPG games, and Generation Z of mobile games, the Metaverse experience reached the Alpha Generation (2010-2024) and entered the environment of the living virtual world during the global pandemic.

Modern people who show consumption characteristics that emphasize individual happiness rather than group, uniqueness rather than possession, and experience rather than goods, are accepting the Metaverse as an alternative as they seek a new space to express our atrophied desires and diversity in oppressed and limited situations,

The Metaverse ultimately maintains various activities in reality, and it can be seen as an environment that provides users with a sense of social and spatial reality and based on anonymous communication, breaking down economic constraints and satisfying a sustainable life are our core values.

MetaQ platform

The MetaQ platform is centered on Metaplanet’s own mainnet MetaQ, which is a
decentralized network serving as a hub that enables services in various industrial fields by
combining virtual reality metaverse and blockchain technology. It plays a role in composing
an ecosystem by making entertainment elements such as games, shopping, and social media
work in conjunction with the virtual economy.

The goal of Metaplanet is to maintain the active activities of various ecosystem members, including users and various companies and developers by expanding the network, starting with IP-based NFT games.

Token economy

METAQ is the utility token used and circulated for NFT purchases, items, and staking, which
are common on the Metacube platform. Free and stable transactions can be conducted
without a third-party intermediary, and while enjoying various types of content on the
platform, users can acquire METAQ tokens in the form of rewards or revenue generation.
Based on this process, the ecosystem and platform are flexibly expanded, allowing an active
consumption of various contents to allow the METAQ token to have a virtuous cycle.

Platform Maker

As a governance participant, the user can receive USDT+Token support through Metaplanet
and on-chain cooperation contracts. In addition, by providing tokens to users through games
to increase the user pool, as the ecosystem grows, it shares its profits and is an important
member of the token ecosystem.


CEO, JeongYeop Shin: NCsoft (Lineage, Guild War), Smilegate (MNC)

Co-CEO, JiYoon Kim: Game Academy, EDU Holdings, Aurora (listed company), Game Business Expert
Business Director, SangOk Jang: Sonic Ant, Plero Games, Sky Technology, Management Marketing Specialist

Token Matrix

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