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Metahash.org Ico Review : Fast and secure Blockchain 4.0

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About Metahash.org

Metahash.org process of registering #MetaHash in Switzerland has been finalized and we’re officially a Swiss-based legal entity. Decentralized network is currently active with a multi-asset wallet. The source codes of #MetaGate protocol will be released after a public security bounty program for hackers is completed and the patent is obtained.

MetaHash is a next-generation network based on the Blockchain 4.0 technology for sharing digital assets and a platform for creating and managing decentralized apps and services in real-time.
Metahash.org is exchangeable for transactions, data storage and app functions. You can also spend #MHC to add a public address, list your app in the #MetaApp directory, purchase ads in the #MetaGate adnetwork and much more.

Token NameMetahash.org
Token SymbolMHC
Token TypeERC20
Price1 MHC = 0.0391 USD
AcceptingETH, BTC
Email Supporthello@metahash.org
Softcap36,000,000 USD
Hardcap36,000,000 USD

Meta Apps

Nodes added to the #MetaHash network are used by decentralized applications. The core code of #MetaApps optimizes the location of application copies based on required resources and financial motivation of the owners of nodes connected to the network. Any developer can create and publish an application in #MetaApps, and #MetaHashCoin holders will decide by open vote whether or not to approve it, reflecting the universal values of all the network members.

MetaHash Coin

The network’s digital payment currency. It is used to ensure consensus, to pay for all network services and to control self-financing. Recognised by FINMA on July 3, 2018 as Utility token with payment function. #MHC tokens are qualified as payment means in accordance with the AntiMoney Laundering Act.



A network library for receiving signals, working on C++ and capable of simultaneously receiving and sending more than 100,000 requests per second to one inexpensive standard server;
A network library for synchronizing signals within a cluster that manages gigantic data flows between cluster machines;
A machine learning system that decides in 40 milliseconds to respond to a signal taking into account multifactorial interrelationships;
Own analogue of Hadoop’s for similar systems in C ++ for distributed processing of large data.

Q2 2017

Development of #TraceChain protocol (Alpha version).

Q3 2017

Development of #TraceChain protocol (Beta version);
AdNow team joins us.

Q4 2017

Agranovsky IT team joins us;
Formation of Business Development team;
Formation of Operational Team.

Q1 2018

#MetaHash website official launch;
Start of the Operational Team office construction;
Onboarding of experts and advisors;
Multi-asset wallet (alpha version);
Centralized #TraceChain Net spread between multiple servers;
The ICO interface on the #MetaHash platform in the #MetaICO application;
Converting #MetaHashCoins to ERC20 and withdrawing them to the Ethereum network so that #MHC holders can choose which network to use and automatically convert ERC20 tokens into #MetaHashCoins;
Alpha 1.1. (Application Platform);
Testnet data download API;
Opening of the Operational Team office.

Q2 2018

ICO Round A start;
Release of #MetaChains. API featuring transaction history and balance of wallets associated with different blockchain platforms; Decentralized application containing information about transactions in the Ethereum and Bitcoin networks which is necessary to provide blockchain interoperability in #MetaApps;
Encrypted messenger for public notifications and messaging between wallets;
Alpha-peer nodes that connect to TestNet to be installed on any server;
Network core performance testing service (1,000,000 + transactions per second);
Interface for creating tokens inside the network #MetaHash;
Release of ICO project platfom at #MetaHash;
Voting functions in the #MetaHash network;
AI managing the routing of signals between nodes and 100 test nodes in different geographical locations.

Q3 2018

Release of the #MetaToken application, tokenization of ETH, ERC20, Bitcoin into #MetaHashCoin for use in the #MetaHash network;
Alpha-version of #MetaStorage, service for decentralized applications;
The platform for deployment of third-party decentralized applications #MetaApps (Alpha version). From the beginning of 2018, its test version will be available for Beta testing;
Final release of #MetaGate wallet for Mac/Win/Unix/Android/iOS.

Q4 2018

Start of forging;
ICO Round B start or conclusion of the Listing Agreement with the duly organized and regulated cryptoexchange;
Further plan announcement.

Q1 2019

Extensive security testing;
Source code release upon the completion of testing;
Launch of a fully decentralized system.

Main Advantages

Modern blockchain projects imply that cryptocurrency can only be used by technical specialists, traders and blockchain enthusiasts. Cryptocurrencies are complex and incomprehensible to a mass audience;

Today, none of the existing or prospective systems provide sufficient speed and convenience to make blockchain solutions usable on an industrial scale;

Speed, high transaction fees and huge complexity are the issues that the #TraceChain1 protocol is designed to address.

Technology Development

This document describes the principle of operation of the distributed network, which is launched together with the ICO Round A. While developing the current protocol, we are testing an alternative network synchronization option featuring unlimited transactions (up to millions of transactions per second), reduced latency and increased protocol security. In this regard, the version described below may be different from the final public release


Using the data provided by the #MetaChains app and taking advantage of the protected and automated decentralized data storage service, the user can convert any blockchain network’s token into #MHC and use it in the #MetaHash network. If required, the asset can be automatically converted back and transferred to its original blockchain network. This way, any digital asset (token) can be turned into a #MetaToken and used in the #MetaHash network.

Main Team

#MetaHash is an open-team structured project, which welcomes all people and companies.

Gleb Nikitin Tech Lead and Co-founder


Gateway to the decentralized internet#MetaGate is an open source program, so all developers can embed parts of its code into their applications and browsers.


walletThe wallet supports “light mode” without downloading the entire Blockchain. Data comes from different sources of the decentralized network and is checked by the user. Private keys from all Blockchains used will be stored only by the user.


CatalogCatalog of decentralized applications and the browser to work with them. Any decentralized application built on #MetaHash can be accessed, not only by the standard internet domain, but also via #MetaGate or allocated to a separate program.

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Crypto investments come with high risk and you should always exercise caution when investing in any crypto asset. Investing in crypto carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Any investment decisions made by you are made at your own risk and we are not responsible for any losses that may occur. Before investing, we recommend you consult a financial advisor to understand the risks and rewards associated with investing in crypto.

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