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MetaChess Ico Review: It Is Legit Or Scam? Read Our Full Review

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About MetaChess Ico

MetaChess Ico is the first 3D multiplayer play-to-earn (P2E) and NFT metaverse chess game. The platform is in 2D and 3D. The 3D version will be divided into two. The first part is the regular chess game, with traditional chess pieces in 3D. The second part is more animated and fancy. It consists of chess pieces in the form of humanoid characters. You can own NFTs (unique chess pieces) which will be used in the game. The platform also has play-to-earn (P2E) models that make it worth players’ time.

Company NameMetaChess Ico
Token SymbolSHAH
Token For Sale1,666,667 SHAH
Ico Price$0.030000
Fundraising Goal$50,000
Personal Cap100-500 BUSD Maximum
WhitepaperClick Here To View



This is a novelty that could lead to a new wave of players getting into online chess. Players will have a variety of ways to earn in game, from learn-to earn where you gonna solve puzzles and get rewarded, to Coach-to-earn, Stake-to-earn, Compete-to-earn and many more.


The MetaChess metaverse will be introducing blood-like arenas where humanoid figures that represent the actual traditional classic game pieces will be introduced. This gives the game a true storyline, while the animations immerse you in a real-world atmosphere. Players will be able to hold unique NFTs as well as buy and sell the NFTs inside the platform marketplace.


The metaverse enables MetaChess to go beyond the traditional ‘Wiki’ online learning experience. By entering our chess metaverse, you can learn in immersive ways, including one-on-one coaching sessions. Even better, you can earn SHAH tokens or NFTs by completing puzzles and improving your chess skills.


As players accumulate assets in the metaverse, like custom chess boards or NFT chess figurines, they can earn money by leasing those to other players. This gives passive income potential that’s not available on any other platform.


Players can compete to earn in 2D and 3D PVP and matches and tournaments. You can also earn by playing special game modes in the metaverse.


MetaChess goes beyond chess. In Treasure Quest mode, you can dig up treasures in the form of SHAH tokens and NFTs. It’s an exciting and easy way to add to your bags. Also, if you own the particular square where another player digs, you get a portion of the treasure.


Grandmasters on MetaChess can market their coaching services on the MetaChess platform. They can then host classes, either one-on-one or group, and get paid in SHAH tokens. Now, good chess players have another way to earn money.


MetaChess understands not everyone can play chess all the time. For our investors who believe in the project and want to earn passive income, there is an option to stake SHAH tokens. You get rewarded in BNB or SHAH tokens.


MetaChess partners with artists to create unique, beautiful chess NFTs (non-fungible tokens). These NFTs will serve as collectibles, as well as have special features and capabilities coded into them. They’ll be a sought-after asset in the chess metaverse, and anyone can make money buying, selling or leasing them.

SHAH Token utility 

• Main currency on the NFT marketplace

• Staking • Means of payment at the coaching platform

• Access to the unique game modes

• Advertisements inside the game

• Lease lands/squares

• Entries into tournaments

Market Opportunity

The market potential is huge:

  • There are 1 billion chess players worldwide.
  • The metaverse market is expected to be worth $680 billion by 2030.¹⁷
  • Cryptocurrencies are already a multi-trillion market.
  • Play-to-earn gaming may already be worth more than $335 billion.¹⁸
  • NFT sales are projected to hit $1 trillion.¹⁹

MetaChess merges chess with all these huge new markets, offering exciting 2D and 3D gameplay and an in-game economy so players can monetize their experience.

Game Mechanics

MetaChess is revolutionizing the world of chess by fusing blockchain technology and online chess. Chess players can enjoy chess and earn money any way they like. We have multiple interfaces to suit different preferences.

  • 2D Interface: This is the simplest and most classic form of online chess game. This version is live and already working on the platform.
  • 3D Interface: This is also the classic chess game, but displayed in 3 dimensions (3D)
  • MetaChess Warfront: This is the name given to the 3D version that has human characters and displays different battle modes.

Token Utility

For a token to exist, there must be a reason to have and/or use it. MetaChess has developed the SHAH token with sustainability in mind. From staking rewards to leasing land, the SHAH token is at the center of every transaction in the MetaChess universe. It’s the fuel of our ecosystem.

  • SHAH will be used as the main currency in the NFT marketplace.
  • SHAH can be staked to generate passive income.
  • SHAH will be used on the coaching platform as the only means to transact.
  • SHAH will be used to lease lands/squares.
  • SHAH can be used to get entries to tournaments.
  • SHAH will be used as the only means of payment for users who want to add their own custom models.
  • SHAH will be used to get entry into some exclusive game modes.
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