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What Is LunchDAO (LUNCH)? Complete Guide & Review About LunchDAO

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What Is LunchDAO (LUNCH)?

LunchDAO is an autonomous organization that bids for “”Buffett’s Lunch”” and promotes Warren Buffett and the traditional financial forces behind him to enter the crypto industry. They will raise a certain amount of funds by issuing DAO governancetokens to compete with the global high capitalists for “”Buffett’s lunch””, and hopefully will send DAO members to have lunch with Warren Buffett. This will be a game between DAO and the elite.

Auctioning power lunch with Warren Buffett is not the ultimate goal of LunchDAO Coin, but just the beginning. During the auction process, which everyone can participates in, the consensus of members will continue to strengthen, so that $Lunch tokens will continue to grow, and value-added. While LunchDAO will also give a wider range of value to the token.

In the future, LunchDAO will use $Lunch tokens to vote and donate to increase the possibility for ordinary people to communicate with traditional financial forces through DAO, such as Warren Edward Buffett, George Soros, etc. And finally to fully empower $Lunch tokens and realize the ultimate vision of Becoming the world’s largest decentralized DAO community that communicates with traditional financial forces and cooperates for win-win results.

Important Points Table Of LunchDAO

Coin NameLunchDAO
Short NameLUNCH
Circulating SupplyN/A
ExplorerClick Here To View
DocumentationView Document
WebsiteClick Here To Visit

How to Buy the Continental & Trade On Exchange?

First Step

Buying LUNCH Is Very Easy Task . Just Find Exchange Where LUNCH Available & Buy Through Your Credit & Other Altcoin .

Second Step

Once You Purchased POLYX. Now It Is Time To Store Your POLYX Or Start Trading On Exchange .

Top Seven Advantages

LunchDAO Coin will have multi-signature from South Korean who has top credibility, one from political area, one from financial area, and one from legal area.

Refund cooling-off period

After the fundraising is over, all users have three-week “Refund cooling-off period” (link to the “Refund cooling-off period” below). The unique refund mechanism will create an interesting game in the market, and therefore causing a dynamic balance.


All users who participate in the donation will recieve a unique Dining Coupon confirmed by their crypto address. And the NFT will have the opportunity to be upgraded to a limited rare NFT with a quota of power lunch with Warren Buffett.

Open and transparent

Community voting needed when using treasury fund, which is transparent and secure.

Real Wealth Code

For many years, quotas of power lunch with Warren Buffett were mostly monopolized by the elite. But now, they have launched a challenge between ordinary investors and the elite through the DAO. The ultimate goal of LunchDAO is the integration of traditional finance and crypto assests, so that Buffett’s wisdom can be empowered in the entire crypto industry. Just like those winning bidders in the past, to get the code to unlock the door to wealth.

A real lunch between Warren Buffett and the crypto world.

Although Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, had successfully bidden power lunch with Warren Buffett before. While the develpment of the crypto industry was still in its infancy at that time; DeFi had just emerged; Metaverse has not yet entered the stage of history. So at that lunch, the crypto world and traditional finance were not regarded as equal fields. However, LunchDAO Coin wants to create a truly equal and unbiased meeting and communication right now.

True Decentralization

LunchDAO has no project party, and the initiator does not reserve the tokens. Meanwhile, Finishing auction does not mean the end of the project, but just the beginning. LunchDAO will break the vicious circle of zero-all games in the past. Realizing “co-construction, sharing and win-win”, and entering the positive development of games that enable token holders to obtain real right from it.

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