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Monday, December 5, 2022 Ico Review : The Processing Economy Without Trust Problems.

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About is a widely spread contractual form in various industrial fields of international cooperation relations, especially in the industry of clothing, footwear, leather, furniture, software and hardware, pharmaceutical, metal working, metallurgical, machine tools, automotive, automation, machine building industry, electronics and appliance industry, food and beverage industry, petrochemical industry. At present, the annual production achieved in lohn globally exceeds 10,000 B $, representing 10% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

The lohn system consists of an economic business, carried out on a contractual basis, between two companies of different countries. One company performs, for a retribution in cash or in kind, a custom-made product according to the design, drawings, usually with raw materials and materials of the other company, which keep the right to trade that product under its own trademark.

Token SymbolLOHN
Token TypeERC20
Price1 LOHN = 0.03 USD
Min Investment1 ETH
Country Seychelles
Soft Cap3,000,000 USD
Hard Cap21,000,000 USD

How it works

The trading platform named lohncontract is the place where the main parties of lohn contract are meeting. The relationship between them managed in blockchain by smart contracts will create a safe and relaxed business climate and the secondary actors such as carriers, quality control experts or internal suppliers will be able to contribute to the smooth performance of the main contract.


The trading platform brings face to face the buyers and the producers specialized in producing all kind of goods, by managing the relation between them through the interface blockchain


The ecosystem formed of and is developed to offer to all parties the best business opportunities at the most reasonable costs in order to satisfy all requirements.


Lohncontrol offers to the buyers the possibility of hiring the best international quality experts to supervise the industrial processes to produce the goods, to follow up the conformity to the technical requirements of the customer and to assess the quality level of the finished goods.


All parties registered on lohncontrol Smart Contract are subjected to a rating system called Smart Contract Rating System which offers to everyone the possibility of choosing their business partners based on criteria like reliability and performance.

Logistics offers access to services related to production activities by facilitating the interaction between companies specialized in logistics, transport, financial risk insurance, raw material or accessories suppliers, utilities, etc.

Progress manages in blockchain through lohncontrol Smart Contract the relation between the parties involved in a lohn production contract on the trading platform by ensuring the right progress of the industrial processes.


The settlement of the payments between the parties is done directly in blockchain between them. WE DON’T TOUCH THE MONEY!

Safety offers through lohncontrol Smart Contract the settlement of payment between parties using personal payments solutions based to escrow accounts or from financial partners involved in blockchain. Roadmap

Q1 2017

Established a regional hub for the processing economy.
It’s our working platform ,also our MVP (minimum viable product) and is the first operational trading platform which precedes

Q1 2019

Upgrade MVP
Sketching of the platform architecture

Q2 2019

Listing LOHN on ICO platforms.

Q3 2019


Q4 2019

Private sale.
100.000.000 LOHN
Discount 50% for early investors.

Q1 2020

Operational VS 1.0 smart contract, blockchain solutions for processing economy.
Building of the platform architecture It’s our working platform ,also our MVP (minimum viable product) and is the first operational trading platform which precedes

Q2 2020

Is finished ecosystem between and
The smart contract lohncontrol governs this ecosystem. It’s our working platform ,also our MVP (minimum viable product) and is the first operational trading platform which precedes

Q3 2020

Branches establishment in Ethiopia and Maroc.
Branches aim to attract local producers to the platform.

Q1 2021

Branches establishment in Cuba, Costa Rica and Chile.
Branches aim to attract local producers to the platform.

Q2 2021 runs 0.1% from world industrial production in lohn. This means 10B USD.

AT=500M (into an optimistic scenario because AT could be 250M}
ATL=50% (into an optimistic scenario because ATL could be 40%)

MkLV=ARV/ATxATL=10B/500Mx50%=40 USD
MkLV=ARV/ATxATL=10B/250Mx40%=100 USD
Market LOHN Value is the minimum token value to sustain the trading platform.

How does Proof-of-Tasks work?

In the Proof-of-Tasks blockchain consensus protocol the platform create only the template of the blocks. Such a template has two things in them – the header information about tasks and the reward address for the validators. The header information inside a block points to a random stakeholder. These stakeholders then validate the pre-created blocks.

The more stack a validator holds, the chances of them approving a block increases. Only after the validation, that particular block gets into the blockchain. This is how Proof-of-Tasks uses the best of theconsensus algorithm features Proof-of-Stake to validate and add a block to the blockchain.

Moreover, the network pays both: the platform blocks creator ( and the validators the fair share of the transactional fees. Thus the system acts against the “tragedy of the commons” and creates a better solution for block validation. The impact of the Proof-of-Tasks consensus protocol is similar with Proof-of-Stake : more secured against any attack and a not power-hungry system.

The Main Team

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