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Kaijukingz Defi Coin Review: It Is Safe Or Not? Read Our Full Review

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About Kaijukingz

KaijuKingz was spawned from the mind of CyberKongz holder and community member, OhDots, under his newly founded company: Augminted Labs. KaijuKingz hopes to expand its community with synergistic mechanics that foster competition and collaboration between Web3 communities. The collection will start with a mint of 3,333 Genesis Kaijuz, each granting its holder access to special perks and accesses.

Genesis Kaijuz passively generate Radioactive Waste, which can be used to create Baby Kaijuz. Standing larger than life in a 69×69 pixel square, Kaijuz will have a wide variety of traits, types, and different aesthetics. Holding a Genesis Kaiju will reserve you a throne as a King of the Metaverse.

KaijuKingz Facts
Defi Coin NameKaijuKingz
Short NameKaijuz
Total SupplyN/A
Ethereum ContractN/A
Chat OptionClick Here To Visit Compound Chat
DocumentClick Here To View Document
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

How It WorksKaijuKingz

The great thinking of OhDots, a devoted holder and member of the CyberKongz community, gave birth to KaijuKingz. OhDots established Augminted Labs, a cutting-edge business committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, after realising the potential of the Web3 sector and the strength of blockchain technology.

The idea of KaijuKingz was to develop a special platform that would effectively unite various Web3 groups. The objective is to encourage competition and cooperation among these groups, opening up new possibilities and promoting ecosystem growth.

KaijuKingz is primarily a decentralised market place where users may buy, sell, and exchange digital goods in the form of strong kaiju monsters. The non-fungible tokens (NFTs) used to represent these kaiju monsters on the blockchain ensure their rarity, ownership, and provenance.

KaijuKingz stands out because to its focus on interaction and community engagement. OhDots and his colleagues have created mechanics that promote pleasant competition and teamwork. To take on difficult objectives and win prizes with one another, community members can establish alliances, team up, and play cooperatively.

Genesis Kaijuz

TThe original Kingz. These were the first KaijuKingz to be minted, and the only ones capable of generating 5 $RWASTE a day. Currently $RWASTE can be used to name Kaijuz, write lore for Kaijuz, and even to create a Baby Kaiju by Fuzing the DNA from two Genesis Kaijuz. As the project and community develops, there will be even further utilization of $RWASTE, making Genesis Kaijuz the foundation for all things to come. All 3333 Genesis Kaijuz have been completely minted and there will never be any more created.

Baby KaijuKingz

Created from mutating the fuzed DNA of two Genesis Kaijuz. There is a maximum of 6,666 of these monsters to be created. Although Baby Kaijuz require DNA from two separate Genesis Kaijuz to be created, they do not inherit traits from them. Instead, Baby Kaijuz mutate traits of their own, and can even be born with belly and spike colors that are different from their body colors. More will be revealed about Baby Kaijuz as Augminted Labs continues studying them over time.

The KaijuKingz Community

• Will aim to mentor and onboard untapped talent into the Web3 ecosystem, as well as potentially granting scholarships, making the KaijuKingz community a gateway for future Kingz to earn their own thrones.

• Will provide funding for living expenses,equipment, and classes for developers and creatives to promote them down a path of greatness.

• Will expand the KaijuKingz universe with additional features and updates, allowing it to continually grow in ways that the community values most.

KaijuKingz Team

KaijuKingz Team

Join Community

The KaijuKingz creed is to create, protect, and rule together. They aim to help in the development of Web3 and other creatives, focusing on the NFT ecosystem in particular. They hope to deliver life changing scholarships and development grants through KaijuKingz DAO; created first and foremost by and for the KaijuKingz community to enrich the Web3 and creative landscape. See how you can help, or even participate as a scholarship applicant.

KaijuKingz Conclusion

In conclusion, OhDots and his business Augminted Labs’ creation KaijuKingz is a fascinating foray into the world of Web3 communities. KaijuKingz seeks to provide a platform that brings many communities together in a beneficial way by fusing the principles of competition and collaboration.

Community members can participate in cooperative games, PvP combat, and cross-community events by trading and collecting strong kaiju creatures as NFTs. KaijuKingz provides a transparent and safe place for fans to communicate, trade, and investigate the potential of decentralised communities thanks to a dedication to Web3 principles and blockchain technology.

KaijuKingz intends to grow its community and build a thriving ecology of cooperation, creativity, and Web3 interactions while OhDots and Augminted Labs pave the way for this new era of Web3 interactions.

KaijuKingz FAQ

What is KaijuKingz?

KaijuKingz is a platform that was created by OhDots, a CyberKongz holder and community member, through his company Augminted Labs. It aims to bring together Web3 communities by providing synergistic mechanics that promote both competition and collaboration.

How does KaijuKingz foster competition and collaboration?

KaijuKingz fosters competition through its PvP battle system, where users can pit their collected kaiju creatures against each other. The battles incorporate elements of strategy and skill, allowing players to rise through the ranks and earn titles. Collaboration is encouraged through cooperative gameplay, where community members can form alliances, engage in quests, and earn rewards together.

What are kaiju creatures in KaijuKingz?

Kaiju creatures in KaijuKingz are digital assets represented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain. They are collectible and tradable, with each kaiju having unique characteristics and abilities. Players can acquire and trade these kaiju creatures on the decentralized marketplace provided by KaijuKingz.

Are there any cross-community events in KaijuKingz?

Yes, KaijuKingz organizes cross-community events and challenges where Web3 communities from different projects can come together to achieve shared goals. These events encourage collaboration and resource-sharing among participants and provide opportunities to win exclusive rewards.

How does KaijuKingz ensure transparency and security?

KaijuKingz is built upon the principles of Web3 and utilizes blockchain technology. This ensures transparency by allowing participants to verify the authenticity and ownership of their kaiju creatures. The platform also leverages smart contracts for secure and seamless transactions, as well as community governance to ensure a fair and decentralized ecosystem.

Is KaijuKingz open to all Web3 communities?

Yes, KaijuKingz aims to expand its community by welcoming Web3 communities from different projects. The platform encourages the participation and collaboration of various communities to create an interconnected ecosystem of blockchain enthusiasts.

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