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Javelin (JVL) Review : Is It Good Or Bad Coin Read Our Article

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Javelin: In this article, we cover a detailed review of Javelin. How does Javelin Crypto work & Are important features?

About Javelin 

Javelin Game is a betting game where people can play with each other via Telegram. The player creates the lobby by placing a bet. Players place a bet at or above the minimum stake, join the lobby and the game begins. Each player in turn throws the spear using the throw command. The player who throws the spear the shortest distance loses the game. The bet of the player who throws the shortest distance is split between the other players.

Javelin Game is a Telegram bot that organizes games between two or five people. After joining a game, players place bets using $Javelin, an ERC-20 token used to play that game. When the game starts, the bot deposits each player’s stake and distributes the coins accordingly at the end of the game. To play, each player must link their wallet to the bot, purchase the desired amount of $Javelin, and then join a channel where the bot hosts the game.

Javelin Coin Price

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameJavelin 
Short NameJVL
Circulating Supply1B JVL
Total Supply1B JVL
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Javelin Price Live Data

The live price today is $0.000470 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $2,665.87 USD. They update JVL to USD price in real-time. This is up 2.60% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #4900, with a live market cap of not available. The circulating supply is not available and a max. supply of 1,000,000,000 JVL coins.

How it works Javelin

In Masters, every stride, every toss, every decision holds monumental weight. If you’re prepared for a thrilling escapade, the arena beckons!


Start in Telegram with /connect to get your unique secretid. Use it on etherscan.io or our portal, then return to Telegram and type /check (#transactionhash) to finalize.

Join the Arena

Post-connection, await the arena that opens every 5 minutes. Secure your spot with a simple /join command in Telegram.

Place Your Bet

Declare your stakes in the arena with /bet (amount). Ensure a minimum of two players, or await the next round.

Let The Games Begin!

Throw your javelin as the system gauges performance. Results are sent to our smart contract which determines winners, and prizes are duty awarded.



The Blackjack Game Bot offers token holders the opportunity to play Blackjack within the Telegram chat environment. Token holders can create rooms where the Javelin Blackjack Game Bot can be played.

Spear Throw Command

Each player takes turns using an interactive command to virtually throw a spear at an enemy target, with results depending on its distance thrown.

Token System

This game uses $Javelin tokens from ERC-20 blockchain as betting units. Players should link their wallets with the bot and purchase these tokens before placing bets using them.

Bot Management

The Telegram bot oversees all aspects of game play, from collecting each player’s stake at the beginning to awarding tokens among winners at its conclusion.

Interact with the Bot

Participants can interact with the bot to join games, place bets and participate in multiple rounds.

Game Hosting

The bot hosts games between two or five players on a designated channel, providing an avenue for players to experience Javelin Game.

Security Measures

Safe linking and transactions as well as an audit trail system designed to promote fair play and distribution of tokens are the cornerstones of cryptocurrency’s security.

User Experience

Simplified commands and user-friendly interfaces ensure a pleasant gaming experience on Telegram platform.


The Game is a betting game where people can play with each other via Telegram. The player creates the lobby by placing a bet. Players place a bet at or above the minimum stake, join the lobby and the game begins.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is the activity of predicting sports results and betting on the outcome. You will be able to easily bet on any competition you want, in any sport you want, using $JVL.

Javelin Conclusion

Javelin Game offers a captivating betting experience on Telegram’s platform, seamlessly merging traditional gaming elements with those found in cryptocurrency. Players create lobbies by placing bets within them and engaging in an interactive competition between themselves by placing bets at or above minimum stake to usher in an exciting gaming experience.

The game dynamics become apparent as each player, in turn, commands a virtual spear throw. Stakes are high when one thrower throws their spear the shortest distance and loses. An innovative feature adds even more strategy and suspense into this exciting competition!

The Game is operated through a Telegram bot to organize competitions between two and five players, using $Javelin tokens from ERC-20 token exchange as in-game currency and providing extra layers of security and transparency for competitions between two to five participants. Players need only link their wallets and acquire $Javelin tokens before joining dedicated channels where Javelin Game’s bot orchestrates gaming sessions.

Additionally, the bot plays an essential role in managing the financial aspects of gaming. At the beginning of every match, it efficiently handles depositing player stakes. Post-game, it ensures a fair distribution of coins among the winners to promote an honest and reliable gaming environment.

Javelin FAQ

What is Javelin Blackjack Game Bot?

Javelin Blackjack Game Bot provides the opportunity for token holders to play Blackjack through Telegram chat. The Javelin Blackjack Game Bot can be played in rooms created by token holders. These rooms actually represent groups on Telegram. In other words, token holders who create a room can set up our “Game Bot” in any new Telegram group they create or in any existing Telegram group they already have, allowing other users in the group to play games. In this game and in any future games added, the bets placed will be in $JVL, which is the Javelin token. This option can also be expanded based on the current situation and demands. The bets of losing players in the game are transferred to the user who owns the room. Additionally, the room owner receives a 2% discount bonus for every game played in their room. The room owner can choose to distribute these bonuses to other players in their group at periodic intervals if they wish.

How do I play the game?

First, you should find an active room where the game bot is installed. You may want to browse the rooms listed on our website or in our global Telegram channel. Then, by joining the group where a room is located, you can start a new game and/or join a game that is about to start

How many rooms will there be in the system?

The Javelin Blackjack Game Bot will serve in a total of 500 rooms or Telegram groups simultaneously. This means that it is not possible to create the 501st room. However, there are some special exceptional cases, and you can continue to explore other question-answer sections for details.

What responsibilities does being a room owner entail, and what advantages does it offer?

Room owners essentially create their own casinos. This means that they can profit from the bets placed by losing users in every game session played in their rooms and also distribute rewards to winning players. Therefore, after creating a room, the room owner must determine the minimum and maximum bet amounts that they will accept through our bot, and depending on the bets and number of participants in the games they host, they must have a sufficient amount of Javelin tokens in the room contract.

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