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Itheum Ico Review: It Is Legit Or Scam? Read Our Full Review

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About Itheum Ico

Itheum wants to change this current toxic model for personal data collection and exchange and level the playing field — where the commercial enterprise and “you” (the Data Creator) equally benefit from the trade of personal data.

Itheum Ico empowers data ownership in the metaverse and brings new market value to your data. It enables this by providing “decentralized data brokerage” technology. It’s a suite of tools that enables high-value data to be bridged from web2 to web3 and then be traded via peer-to-peer sales. It allows for “viral adoption” via creative NFMe ID (Non-Fungible Me ID) and Data NFT technology and innovative Data Coalition DAOs (which bulk trade your data).

It also aims to be fully privacy-preserving, regulation-friendly, and cross-chain; making it the most comprehensive core blockchain data infrastructure available in the market with use-cases in both the enterprise and consumer space.

Company NameItheum Ico
Token SymbolITHEUM
Token For Sale50,000,000 ITHEUM
Ico Price$0.040000
Fundraising Goal$2,000,000
Accepted CurrenciesTBA
WhitepaperClick Here To View

Core Products

Itheum Ico has 3 Core Products that work in unison to enable new data to be generated and collected from the web2 world and for that data to then flow seamlessly into the web3 domain (via Data CAT – Collection & Analytics Toolkit). This data can be claimed by the Data Creators (users who originally generated the data) and traded using our innovative peer-to-peer data trading technology (via Data DEX).

For a platform like Itheum to reach its highest potential it also needs to have mass adoption (more users = more data = more data trade) – they aim to achieve this via final core product (called the Data Metaverse) – where they provide “viral”, “sexy” and “low barrier to entry” consumer products that will appeal to the masses and in-turn fuel mass adoption.

Data Collection & Analytics Toolkit (Data CAT)

Anyone can use Itheum’s Data CAT to seamlessly build apps and programs that can collect structured and rich personal data from users and also provide visual trends and patterns on the collected data (usually using fully anonymous or semi-anonymous analytics to protect the “Data Creator” — i.e. the user who generated the original data)

With this product, Itheum provides real-world value and adoption — and in return, they generate highly structured and outcome-oriented personal datasets (i.e they normalize what user data looks like across organization silos)

Greenroom Protocol

They envision a future where metaverse interoperability can be achieved via open-standard digital avatars and your NFMe ID avatars aim to be these open-standard avatars. Interoperability between metaverse platforms is a very early-stage idea but the primary use case is to have the “users or players” move their digital assets and avatars between independent metaverse platforms.

As an example; a player on The Sandbox can move their avatars and assets to Decentraland or possibly even into centralized metaverse platforms like Meta and participate in the native gameplay and ecosystem exploration. The Greenroom protocol is Itheums initiative for open-standard metaverse interoperability. It will consist of two parts:

A set of rules and standards to define NFT metadata that can then be implemented across metaverse platforms. The metadata can indicate the data for the visual characteristics of a character and (possibly) the standards for animation rigging to ensure the character appears as a native character in any metaverse platform.

Peer to Peer Data Trade

The base functionality that’s available when you first log into the Data DEX is the ability to discover and trade data with your “direct peers”. You will be able to see all “advertised data” from others and also “advertise” your own data in the data marketplace. As detailed in the section (Decentralized Data Trade)[#data-trade], you can advertise your data from apps that you have joined that are built on Itheum’s Data CAT or you can also advertise any “arbitrary data” that you own.

When you place data for sale you will nominate a purchase price in $ITHEUM Ico tokens, which is effectively the price for a Data Consumer to access your data. If someone wants access to your data, they will transfer the tokens requested and in return get access to the data for use based on the “Terms of Use”. The market operates completely in a “peer-to-peer” manner where there are no intermediaries involved in the transaction. Data Creators and Data Consumers deal direct with each other and the entire process is mediated using Smart Contract technology.

Data Vault

You can store highly sensitive personal data in your data vault. For example; details about your gender, race, sexual preference, prior health conditions, financial history etc.

This sensitive data is encrypted using your own encryption keys (no one else can unlock and view it) and stored in decentralized, redundant storage (no one else can destroy it)

You can then choose to append data from your vault to the regular data you trade on the Data DEX. As this gives the “dataset” more context, it becomes more valuable to the buyer — and you will earn more $ITHEUM tokens.

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