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IPMB (IPMB) Review : Is It Good Or Bad Coin Read Our Article

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IPMB: In this article, we cover a detailed review of IPMB Coin. How does IPMB Crypto work & Are important features?

About IPMB?

IPMB is a gold-backed cryptocurrency which seeks to create a seamless process for investors to buy, trade and hold gold on the blockchain via IPMB and its partnering NFT GeM, which is soon to be released. Each IPMB Token in circulation represents a gram of actual gold held by IPM Ltd in secure vaults.

GeM NFTs will represent a set amount of gold, also in the IPMB Ecosystem, held in vaults. E.g. GeM100 represents ownership of 100 grams of gold. GeMs can be bought at a discount rate via Staking of IPMB tokens.

IPMB Coin Price

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameIPMB
Short NameIPMB
Max Supply200M IPMB
Total Supply200M IPMB
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Bridging Cryptocurrency, Fiat and Gold with GeM and IPMB Token

IPMB is the first gold token with direct backing from physical gold. IPMB can be staked in exchange for discounts on physical gold via our NFT, GeM. IPMB fuses crypto and gold to create a seamless and fair way to invest in gold for all.

IPMB: The Cryptocurrency

IPMB is a cryptocurrency that allows you to participate with the benefit of the stability of physical gold without the hassle of actually owning gold bars. Gold is the only asset that is so directly linked to the holding, exchange, and preservation of value. It has been used as a secure, stable, and safe deposit of wealth for thousands of years.

The first mission is to produce gold bars, controlling the whole process from the sourcing of gold doré from mines to the final storage of refined bars. In return, the IPMB token holders are rewarded with special promotional events at various times during every year resulting in airdrops to their accounts increasing the value of their holdings.

GeM is NFT 100% backed by, and exchangeable into totally traceable, sustainably produced pure gold bars.

Each GeM token will represent a defined quantity of allocated physical gold metal produced and held by IPMB Ltd in first class international vaults, on behalf of the GeM holder. IPMB will be the currency of new digitised gold ecosystem as a whole, and will be the currency of choice to buy GeM tokens.


The blockchain concept is a game changer in the world of real assets investment.​ Tokens offer the unparalleled advantages of the blockchain: 100% safe, not alterable, securely encrypted, anonymous, independent of any trusted third party, and incurring very limited transaction fees.

The smart contract concept allows crypto developers to add specific features to their tokens. These features have paved the way to specific token families embedding a link to certificates ensuring direct property of real-life assets.

Token Distribution

Maximum Limited Supply is 200,000,000 IPMB Tokens. The approximate distribution of coins according to market conditions is aimed as follows:

Angel Investors10%20,000,000
Employees & Partners10%20,000,000
Treasury for liquidity, strategic partnerships, OTC24%48,000,000

How to add token to wallets

Adding IPMB Tokens to Your Wallets

IPMB Contract Address: 0xFF22c94FFb6bB5d1DF18bEb5fd1dFE7583D3B214

Or use IPMB Token Tracker on Polygon Matic

IPMB Tokens can be added to your wallet using popular wallets such as Metamask until our wallet launches in November 2023.

What Distinguishes IPMB

Access to physical gold

The company’s ecosystem will allow investors to demand physical gold delivery after a specific period. This will give investors the option to get their hands on physical gold if they want to.

Staking discount

IPMB token holders receive a staking discount on GeM holdings at the date of minting. This means that investors can save money by buying GeMs through IPMB tokens directly from the company.

Waived fees

Traditional fees for storage, security, insurance, and auditing are waived. This means that investors can save money on the costs of owning gold.

Fair trade and green gold

The company is committed to fair trade and green gold. This means that the company is committed to responsible sourcing of gold and only stores and supplies gold that is compliant and stamped by LBMA and EPMF certified member refineries.


Goldtrace360 solution coupled with IoT devices and NFC tags provide investors with reliable real-time traceability information for each step of the process, from sourcing, storage and physical delivery.

Regulatory compliance

The company will work closely with regulators and authorities and stay abreast of any regulatory updates to ensure compliance with regulations. The company also uses top-tier KYC (Know your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) compliance software to combat financial crime.

Security and transparency

The intertwining of blockchain technology and IoT devices to track the movement of gold from mining to physical delivery provides investors with peace of mind knowing that their gold is safe and secure, while providing detailed information about its operations.

Monthly Verification of Reserves

The company has engaged the services of Grant Thornton Cyprus (GTCy), to provide a monthly Agreed-Upon Procedures Report on the Reference Value of its Portfolio Reserves. In other words, GTCy will verify the existence of the backing asset for investor confidence purposes and recalculate the company’s portfolio reference value depending on the price of the underlying asset.




In conclusion, IPMB stands as a groundbreaking venture in the realm of cryptocurrencies, offering a unique and tangible asset-backed approach. The concept of a gold-backed cryptocurrency provides investors with a seamless and secure avenue to buy, trade, and hold gold on the blockchain. The partnership with NFT GeM introduces an additional layer of innovation, enabling the representation of actual gold ownership through non-fungible tokens.

The assurance that each IPMB Token correlates directly with a gram of physical gold stored in secure vaults underlines the commitment to transparency and trust. This direct linkage to a precious metal adds a level of stability and intrinsic value to the digital asset, setting IPMB apart in the cryptocurrency landscape.

In essence, IPMB’s fusion of blockchain technology, gold-backed assets, and NFT innovation positions it as a trailblazer in the evolving landscape of digital currencies. By merging the age-old allure of gold with the cutting-edge capabilities of blockchain and NFTs, IPMB presents investors with a unique and compelling opportunity to engage in the world of cryptocurrencies with a tangible and enduring value proposition.


What is IPMB?

IPMB is a gold-backed cryptocurrency designed to facilitate a seamless process for investors to buy, trade, and hold gold on the blockchain. Each IPMB Token in circulation represents a gram of actual gold securely held by IPM Ltd in vaults.

How does IPMB work?

IPMB tokens are directly tied to physical gold. For every token in circulation, there is an equivalent gram of gold securely stored in vaults. Investors can buy, trade, and hold these tokens on the blockchain.

What is the role of NFT GeM in the IPMB ecosystem?

NFT GeM is a partnering platform soon to be released, working in conjunction with IPMB. GeM NFTs represent a set amount of gold within the IPMB ecosystem, held in secure vaults. For example, GeM100 signifies ownership of 100 grams of gold.

How are GeMs purchased?

GeMs can be acquired at a discount rate through the staking of IPMB tokens. This provides an additional incentive for IPMB token holders to participate in the ecosystem and gain fractional ownership of gold through NFTs.

What guarantees the value of IPMB tokens?

The value of IPMB tokens is directly linked to the physical gold held in secure vaults by IPM Ltd. Each token represents ownership of a gram of actual gold, providing a tangible and stable value proposition.

How is the security of the gold and tokens ensured?

The gold backing IPMB tokens is securely stored in vaults by IPM Ltd, employing robust security measures. The blockchain technology used in IPMB adds an additional layer of security to the overall system.

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Crypto investments come with high risk and you should always exercise caution when investing in any crypto asset. Investing in crypto carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Any investment decisions made by you are made at your own risk and we are not responsible for any losses that may occur. Before investing, we recommend you consult a financial advisor to understand the risks and rewards associated with investing in crypto.

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