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Inuvo Advertising Review : It is Safe ?

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About Inuvo

Inuvo (Formerly PrimaryAds) is focused on simplifying the world of performance-based advertising. Through the Inuvo Platform, advertisers and publishers directly connect to ensure maximum return on investment from online marketing efforts including search, affiliate, lead generation or email initiatives. Monetize blogs, websites and email campaigns with the hottest cost-per-action (CPA) offers and take your affiliate marketing efforts to the next level. As a publisher with the Inuvo Platform, you can manage and receive payment for these offers all in one place. Inuvo is a data-driven company, so we understand the power of trends in data. Their IntentKey AI has analyzed the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and it is no secret that consumer trends have shifted, from shoppers looking for essentials, distractions, or items that fit their new changing lifestyles both while at home and after the pandemic begins to subside. Understanding consumer behavior in this new environment will help guide marketers to proactively react.

Inuvo is a market leader in AI-driven eCommerce solutions. Inuvo AI solutions align brand messaging with appropriate content and consumer intent. their unique and patented AI technologies and partnerships enable a sophisticated mix of marketing and eCommerce solutions that are tightly aligned and calibrated to enhance the user experience and create maximum performance for digital commerce companies. Learn more about Inuvo and investment opportunities by visiting our investors page.

Inuvo A company is only as good as its people, which is exactly why Inuvo is doing better than ever. Their staff includes developers, designers, writers, marketers, advertising experts, data analysts, and testers doing their best work in Arkansas and California. Inuvo’s non-traditional work environment and policies create a culture that empowers employees to maximize creativity and enjoy their time at work. have a casual atmosphere so we can concentrate on the important things. They don’t believe wearing a tie makes you work harder. Stressing about vacation days? Forget about that, too. People need a balance to stay sane, and Inuvo understands that. Our employees work hard and are treated like adults.

Quick Facts About Inuvo

Company NameInuvo
Commission TypeCPA , CPL , CPS
Minimum Payment$100
Payment FrequencyMonthly / Bi-Weekly / Weekly
Payment MethodCheck / Wire
Referral CommissionN/A
Tracking SoftwareIn-house proprietary platform
Tracking Linkhttp://tracking.inuvo.com/c/
Number of Offers150+
Affiliate ManagerClick Here To View

Building the Culture

Inuvo leadership team is here, on-site working alongside the rest of the Inuvo staff. It’s great being on a first name basis with the CEO and sitting across from leaders at the lunch table. Employees are encouraged to continue their education, ensuring they stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest. We want our team to continue to grow, so we put money into training and events. It’s more than a workplace. We are a family. We like to call ourselves Inuvians. We share holidays together, we share life events together, and we party… a lot.

The IntentKey™ Difference

Inuvo’s IntentKey is a programmatic media solution powered by patented AI-generated proprietary audience data. Our client media campaigns are delivered through a world-class, multi-channel supply-side platform and supported by a team of experienced campaign managers dedicated to your account. Inuvo’s unique, patented and unduplicated technology provides brands the ability to reach incremental audiences generating more high-quality leads.


Inuvo has patented intent based audience categorization technology specifically built to extract consumer intent from engagement with digital content.

  • $20 Million invested over 12 years
  • 11 Patents

Real Time Visibility

The IntentKey identifies the earliest signals of consumer intent by processing over 200,000 consumer content engagements per second through the IntentCloud, enabling the ability to reach users in near real-time.

Unique In Sight

Inuvo IntentKey developed and understands 24 million unique concepts of interest and the strength of the relationships between those concepts. These unique interest concepts and data points allow us to understand and identify audiences far beyond traditional audience segmentation techniques.

Privacy Safe

Inuvo takes user privacy very seriously and as a result the IntentKey:

  • Does not collect any PII or use any type of fingerprinting
  • Is NAI certified
  • Is CCPA compliant

Building Community

Inuvo When you transform your talent and time into generosity, you are building the community around you. Inuvo encourages employees to be active in our communities. Whether it’s serving food at a local homeless shelter, participating in a reading program for kids, or being an active board member of an animal shelter, Inuvo is proud to support the selfless and charitable efforts our employees. Follow us on Instagram to see how Inuvians are building their communities.

Digital Publishing

All content is developed by our in-house writers, graphic designers, videographers and photographers who work together to create a unique experience A family of web sites providing entertainment and information on topics ranging from health and wellness to personal finance and early childhood development. If you’ve ever wondered what the weirdest spa treatments are, where you should go on vacation, or what exactly your brittle nails say about your health, your answer is on Alot.com. Alot is our flagship site, and our largest property, with content to cover nearly any topic under the sun.


Inuvo In an Instagram world filled with gummy vitamin #ads, Earn Spend Live strives for authenticity. Earn Spend Live is devoted to helping young women navigate their career and master their finances, featuring planner and organization tips, honest product reviews, and first-person accounts of what it takes to make it in the real world.


The Essential BS is all about helping people improve their lives on their own terms, offering content in a relaxed “buddy-buddy” style that empowers readers to make changes for the better.


Inuvo A destination for all things comparison-shopping, This vs. That reviews everything from essential summer products to the newest tech gadgets to ride share services in the interest of smarter shopping for all.


Auto Review Hub has everything a car owner needs – from the research that happens before someone ever steps on a car lot to the maintenance and insurance advice they’ll need to keep their car on the road.

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