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How to Use Scanner App (iOS and Android) 2023 Updated Pro Or Cons

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Welcome to one of our app guides, where we will review the Android version & IOS Version of the How to Use Scanner App trading app. After this review, you will be prepared to download the Scanner app and start trading.

What is Scanner?

In order to create digital files that may be saved, modified, and shared on a computer or other digital device, physical documents, pictures, or objects are scanned using an electronic equipment known as a scanner.

Scanners employ optical technology to scan a document with a light-sensitive sensor in order to capture photos, text, or graphics. The sensor captures changes in the document’s bright and dark areas and transforms them into digital signals that a computer can process.

Scanners come in a variety of forms, each with a particular function, such as flatbed scanners, sheet-fed scanners, handheld scanners, and 3D scanners. Offices, libraries, and residences frequently utilise scanners to digitise paper documents, photographs, and other tangible assets.

Scanner Important Points

App Name Scanner
Download StorePlaystore , IOS
Application TypeTrading Platform
Founded Year2011
Free To UseYes
Paid OptionNo
Location China
Official Website Click Here To Visit

What is the Scanner Android and IOS app?

A mobile software called Scanner for Android and iOS enables users to scan and digitise images and documents using their smartphones or tablets as scanners. The software takes pictures with the device’s camera and utilises algorithms to turn them into digital files that can be saved and shared in different formats.

Users of the Scanner app can scan and save actual objects like business cards, receipts, and other papers. The programme has capabilities like auto-cropping, OCR (optical character recognition), and document sharing options in addition to allowing users to change the colour, contrast, and quality of the scanned photos.

People who need to scan papers while on the go may find the Scanner app to be especially helpful since they won’t need to bring around a separate scanner. The software is a useful tool for both personal and business use because it can be used to rapidly scan and share documents with coworkers, friends, or family.

How to Use Scanner App (iOS and Android)

A personal safety app called BIMSAFE is accessible on both iOS and Android devices. The steps for using the Bimsafe app are as follows:

Install the app on your device after downloading it from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Open the app, then sign up with your email address and password by entering both.

You’ll be asked to set up your personal safety network after joining up. Include the names and contact information of the family members and close friends you want to add to your network.

Once your safety network is established, you may check-in with them via the app whenever you are travelling or in a strange place. Simply pick the individuals by tapping the “Check-In” button and select the people you want to notify. They will receive a notification that you have checked in and can track your location on a map.

You can send an SOS message to your safety network using the emergency alert feature of the app if you feel uncomfortable. Simply shake your device or hold down the power button to activate this feature. Your location will be communicated to your safety network, which can then take appropriate action to assist you.

The app also has a feature called “Guardian” that enables real-time location sharing with your safety network. Simply hit the “Guardian” button and choose the individuals you wish to share your whereabouts with to use this feature.

Bimsafe is an all-around straightforward and user-friendly personal safety programme that can offer more security and peace of mind when travelling or in strange settings.

Scanner App Pro Or Cons

Convenient and easy-to-use, as you can scan documents and images from your mobile device instead of a traditional scanner.Image quality may not be as high as that produced by a traditional scanner.
Can help reduce paper clutter by digitizing important documents.May not work as well with larger or more complex documents.
Often includes features like auto-cropping, OCR (optical character recognition), and document sharing options, making it easy to share digital documents with others.Some apps may have limited functionality unless you pay for a premium version or subscription.
Can be particularly useful for people who need to scan documents on-the-go or in locations where a traditional scanner is not available.May not be suitable for all types of documents or materials, particularly those that require high resolution or color accuracy.

Is Scanner app safe and legit

Since they were created by renowned businesses and distributed through official app stores like Google Play or the Apple App Store, the majority of trustworthy scanner applications are secure and legitimate. Before downloading and using any software, it’s usually a good idea to conduct some research and read reviews.

When using scanner apps, it’s crucial to exercise caution because some of them can include security flaws or be created with malicious intent. It’s also a good idea to carefully review the permissions the app asks for when you install it and only give it access to the features and information it needs to work.

Overall, as long as you use a reputable scanner app from a trusted source and take basic precautions to protect your device and personal information, using a scanner app can be a safe and convenient way to digitize documents and images.

Scanner App Features

Image capture

Scanner apps let you take pictures of documents or other materials using your mobile device’s camera.

Image processing

The programme will employ image processing techniques to improve the image’s quality and prepare it for OCR (optical character recognition) or other processing after you’ve taken a picture.

Cropping and editing

Image cropping and editing tools are frequently available in scanner programmes, including automatic cropping, image rotation, and adjustments for brightness, contrast, and colour balance.

OCR (optical character recognition):

You may turn scanned photos into editable text using many scanner programmes’ OCR features.

Cloud storage and sharing

Scanned photos may frequently be saved to cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive and shared via email, text message, or other messaging apps using scanner apps.

File format support

You may be able to select the file format that best meets your needs from among the many supported by scanner programmes, including PDF, JPEG, and PNG.

Batch scanning

You can scan numerous pages or documents at once using the batch scanning feature that some scanner programmes offer.


Security: To guarantee that the papers you scan are kept private and secure, several scanner apps offer security features like passcode protection or fingerprint authentication.

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