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Fused Advertising Review : It Is Safe ?

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About Fused Advertising

Fused Advertising Promote Fused.com’s website and WordPress hosting services and earn $100 commission per unique referral that signs up to the web hosting services. They provide hosting for small & medium sized businesses, charities & organizations using WordPress & other content management systems.Get Started Yes! All the need are your credentials from your other vendor, and we’ll handle the migration from top to bottom. We’ll audit DNS requirements, software versions, and even scan your site for exploits/vulnerabilities before provisioning it! Yes they have a 90 day money-back guarantee, excluding domain name registrations/transfers. Start with the smallest, they can always scale it up as necessary if the need arise. You’ll find it fits most sites.

WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Perch, Craft, Expression Engine & much more. They support PHP 7.x+, Python, Ruby, Perl, & MySQL. Yes, most software you’re likely familiar with like WordPress, Drupal, Magento & much more is easily installed via the control panel. At the end of the day, you should pick a web hosting provider that sincerely cares about you & your project — and it’s success. Your reputation with the people you know depends on the companies you recommend. Refer users to a web hosting provider that sincerely cares about them, their project — and your success. We’re rated 5 stars everywhere for good reason.

There’s no restriction, as much as you can! Referring users is straight-forward & you can begin making money immediately. Rather than paying for ads directly, we ask you, the user, to send people our way (friends, family, foes, and other companies in need) & we compensate you.

Quick Facts About Fused

Company NameFused
Base Commision$100 commission per sale
Minimum Payment$100
Payment FrequencyMonthly Net-30
Payment MethodPayPal, Check, ACH (Direct Deposit)
Referral CommissionN/A
Tracking SoftwareWHMCS
Cookie Length90 days
Commission TypeCPS
Affiliate ManagerClick Here To View

24/7 Malware Scanning

They scan your site 24/7 for malware & notify you instantly if the find anything awry, helping you stay secure.

Exploit Assistance

Hacked or exploited immediately roll back your site to a safe version, close the vulnerability for you, and help analyze the root cause. Free of charge.

Nightly Backups included

We include free backups with every account with up to 150+ restore points.

99.9%+ guaranteed uptime

We spend night & day ensuring our services are performant & online.

24/7 Support

You have enough on your plate. When you need us, we have 24/7 support with response time measured in minutes.

Zero Downtime Migration

Fused handles 100% of your migration from start to finish at no charge. Never think about DNS again: Let us do the heavy lifting.

They Promise

They promise to always be there when you need us, to never upsell you stuff you don’t need, and to *never* sell your information to a 3rd party.

100% Employee Owned

100% employee owned, & the obsess about offering great service. That pays dividends.

High Paying Affiliate Program

$100+ per referral, with frequent bonuses. High Commissions with Short Withhold Period The more users you refer, the higher the commission per sale. In addition, but they pay out weekly without minimum payout thresholds. Referring clients is really easy. Get your affiliate link and put it on your site, in social media posts, videos, or give it to your contacts in conversations and follow-up emails.Why Use The Fused.com Affiliate Marketing Program

Straight-forward success

A company that cares

Partnerwith Fused.com knowing we care about the customers you send our way!

Quick Payouts

Secure payments made via paypal, ACH or check on time each month.

Advanced Tracking

Our tracking software ensures each referral is recorded accurately.

Attractive Banners

Choose from a wide variety of banners which look great on every site.

Financial Freedom

Earn as much as possible, with no cap on your earnings!

Easy to use Dashboard

Watch your earnings from our intuitive dashboard.

Free SSL Certificates

Fused now offers free certificates to all1 users at no charge. Below we’ll document instructions on how to activate the certificate, integrate it into your software & any caveats with using both the free SSL & SSL in general.

Free certificate activation

Let’s Encrypt powered certificates are automatically activated on any site that is pointed at Fused’s hosting unless otherwise requested.

SSL Advantages

Encryption & security

The obvious benefit of using SSL is content submitted to & sent from your site is encrypted, making it more difficult for prying eyes to see what your users are up to. This helps you help prevent nefarious actors on the injecting content into your site when a user visits it. These actors could range from ISPs injecting their own advertisements/content, to a device attempting to man in the middle your website. It’s yet another layer in the security onion, but an important one.

Google ranking advantage

There’s a light google page.

Potential Reduced AutoSSL Coverage

Receive an ugly email about AutoSSL coverage full of jargon? The good news is they’re easy to fix, and we’ll help translate what all the various errors mean below.

Potential Reduced AutoSSL Coverage errors

Potential reduced AutoSSL coverage emails tell you that one of your domains or subdomains was unable to have it’s SSL certificate renewed using the free SSL certificate system Fused provides. There are a few possible culprits, but the most frequent one is a domain name or subdomain is pointed to a 3rd party, for ex., a domain hosted at squarespace. For these domains, our system can’t generate SSL certificates. You can exclude certificates from renewing, thus mitigating the error.

Let Fused Figure it out

They love to help clients, so you can always forward these emails directly to us at support@fused.com and we’ll happily handle it at no charge. If you prefer to sort it yourself, the instructions & information are below.

Improving WordPress Website Performance

We’re going to lightly cover some WordPress performance related-tasks in this article. There are a couple of really basic steps you can perform in order to get WordPress performing at top speed. Google takes performance into account for ranking, and users don’t wait around for slow sites — so let’s make sure we’re squeezing as much performance out of your site as feasible.

Upgrading to PHP 7.4+

To start, let’s make sure you’re using the most recent version of PHP that your site will support. The more recent versions of PHP reduce memory usage significantly, and implement performance improvements that can get a site loading in less than a second with ease. suggest performing this task when you’ve got about 10-15 minutes available to test all of the features of your site(s) after doing so, and better to do so outside of your business hours.

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