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FTX Creditors Sue Sullivan and Cromwell Over Conflict of Interest in Bankruptcy Proceedings

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FTX Creditors Sue Sullivan : Creditors of troubled cryptocurrency exchange FTX have filed a lawsuit alleging Sullivan & Cromwell has an undisclosed conflict of interest when overseeing bankruptcy proceedings for the exchange.

Questioning Objectivity

This class action lawsuit filed by FTX creditors raises serious doubts about Sullivan and Cromwell, the law firm overseeing its bankruptcy. This includes its prior extensive involvement with FTX – including legal fees totalling $8.5 million over 16 months prior to its collapse – as well as significant legal fees totaling more than that.

FTX Creditors Sue Sullivan and Cromwell Over Conflict of Interest in Bankruptcy Proceedings

Influence of Prior Relationships

Ryne Miller’s move from Sullivan and Cromwell to FTX as General Counsel in 2021 drew particular scrutiny, as his participation with acquisitions and bids at FTX provided evidence of their close ties between both firms.

Allegations of Impropriety

The lawsuit alleges that Sullivan and Cromwell obtained proprietary information about FTX operations and supported questionable financial decisions of its exchange, such as purchasing Robinhood stock with customer funds through FTX – raising questions of integrity and independence about Sullivan & Cromwell.

Financial Gains Are Under Investigation

As Sullivan and Cromwell’s earnings from FTX-related proceedings top $180 million, criticism mounts. This impressive sum, coupled with historical increases in charge rates, raises serious doubts over whether it can act impartially during bankruptcy proceedings.

Regulatory and Legal Challenges

This lawsuit adds to regulatory and legal concerns over Sullivan and Cromwell’s involvement with FTX’s bankruptcy proceedings. Senators and other stakeholders have voiced doubts regarding its independence; therefore leading them to call for an impartial examiner to oversee these proceedings.

Ongoing Debate

Philadelphia’s Third Circuit Court of Appeals recently brought suit to question Sullivan and Cromwell’s role in representing FTX during its bankruptcy filing, calling for an impartial investigation. The lawsuit highlights ongoing discussion surrounding their suitability for representing FTX during this process as well as wider issues surrounding conflicts of interest and regulatory oversight in the cryptocurrency industry.

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