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For.tube Defi Coin Review: World’s Top DeFi Lending Platform

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About For.tube Defi

For.tube Defi, previously known as the Force Protocol, describes itself as a suite of distributed crypto-finance service protocols that runs on an open-source blockchain. Its main aim is to offer crypto-finance solutions to developers through its software development kit (SDK) and application programming interfaces (APIs) for decentralized application (DApp) development.

The platform offers solutions for cross-platform asset transactions, cross-chain communications, crypto-asset-backed stablecoin insurance, token board insurance, and on-chain payments. The Force Protocol project is a decentralized protocol layer that is developed and managed by the Force Protocol Foundation Ltd. ForTube launched its decentralized finance (DeFi) service on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in September 2020.

For.tube Defi offers many advantages, including flexible support of globally popular cryptocurrencies that provide higher yield combinations and an upgraded algorithm and ledger structure that significantly reduces gas costs. It also has a robust technical framework with more secure smart contracts.

Project For.tube Defi Facts

Defi Coin NameFor.tube Defi
Short Name FOR
Circulating Supply639,520,000.00 FOR
ExploreClick Here To Visit Explore
Chat Option Click Here To Visit Chat
Max Supply1,000,000,000
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

ForTube Economics

Multi-Chain Markets

Supports ETH and Binance Smart Chain, with more chains to be integrated in the future.

DAO Governance

For.tube Defi Coin Construct a decentralized governance framework, and gradually transit the core governance power to ForTube community.

Pools Segregation

Implement asset rating and asset isolation to improve capital efficiency and value capture.

Risk Control

Define the risk control rule set to avoid contract risk, market risk and oracle risk.

Wealth Management

ForTube provides users with decentralized lending services and customized financial products, with various interest models and flexible earnings methods.

Fees Description

The income of the lending pool mainly comes from the handling fee of lending (currently 20% of the borrowing interest), and the possible subsequent flash loan handling fee, etc. The distribution of income is mainly divided into four parts:

a) 60% of all lending pool income will be distributed to each $fDAO token holder to incentivize them to participate in governance and cover risks.

b) 20% of all lending pool income will be distributed to the system reserve, which is the ultimate measure for the platform to cover risks. In order to improve the platform’s safety mat, the ForTube Foundation donated 100 million $FOR as a risk deposit.

c) 10% of all lending pool income will be distributed to the Research & Development team for system gas fees, security audit fees and other expenses.

d) 10% of all lending pool income will be distributed to the marketing team to incentivize platform users to use and promote ForTube products. ForTube will disclose the expense-related addresses to the community and also accept donations from the community

Who Are the Founders of ForTube?

ForTube was originally developed and managed by the Force Protocol Foundation Ltd., founded by Pete Mardell who also works as the company’s chief executive officer. Mardell graduated from Barnfield College in 2004.

Wealth Management

ForTube provides users with decentralized lending services and customized financial products, with various interest models and flexible earnings methods.

Aggregation Earnings

As a powerful hub among DeFi protocols, ForTube Vault brings maximum aggregation earnings to users and ensures maximum liquidity while improving capital utilization.

In practice, ForTube perceived the following problems to improve for DeFi projects:

Single Fund Pool: When assets with different risks are integrated into one single lending pool, it makes difficult risk pricing and prevents more funds from joining.

Token Economic Model and Platform Governance : The value captured by the platform has not been transferred to the project token, and the willingness and participation of token holders in governance are quite low.

Security Control: Smart contract security and oracle security problems lead to huge losses. According to statistics from The Block Research, 15 DeFi platforms were hacked in 2020 with a total loss of $120 million .

Community Construction : The communities of most projects are not strong enough and lack an effective incentive mechanism to bind the interests of platform users, token holders, and developers together.

$FOR Holders

A strong community builds better products to attract more high-quality community members and create network effects. Developers, $FOR holders and platform users are the backbone of the development of the ForTube community.

ForTube V3 will launch a new risk control system and economic model, which completes the risk classification of the capital pool in the Innovation Market and Main Market.

The bonding curve model provides more risk and benefit combinations for $FOR holders, allowing users to reach an agreement with the ForTube agreement. 60% of all lending pool income will be distributed to the $fDAO token holders to encourage them to participate in governance and cover risks.

At the same time, 10% of all lending pool income will be distributed to the marketing team to incentivize users who contribute to the ForTube protocol.

Eligible users will receive a series of incentives, including deposit and borrow mining, regular airdrops, fee reductions, invitation rewards, etc.


The core development team undertakes and supervises the construction of the ForTube community and ecosystem, defines and maintains the technical framework of the ForTube community.

Under the framework of community autonomy, approve, adjust, delete or construct projects and maintain their sustainable development.

10% of all revenues will be allocated to research and development expenditures for system gas fees, security audits and other expenses.

In addition, the For.tube Defi Coin community continues to maintain the Bug Bounty program for all technical personnel and third-party network security experts, encourages bug bounty hunters to find and feedback the bugs in the agreement, and issue bounty based on the severity of the bug.

What Makes ForTube Unique?

For.tube Defi Coin Yield Farming is a DeFi bank that was launched by is based on the Force Protocol. ForTube supports the depositing and borrowing of cryptoassets. Users can deposit, withdraw, borrow and repay at any time. The interest rates are automatically adjusted by the platform’s algorithms.

As of March 2021, the supported tokens include USDTUSDCHUSDBUSDDAIHBTCETHBNBHT and OKB. Users can earn through the Force Protocol’s ecological token FOR by providing liquidity for the supported tokens.

This platform is permissionless, decentralized and fully trustless. It is transparent due to the fact that all of the transactions are publicly auditable. Additionally, it is fully programmable, allowing developers to code business logic into low-cost and interoperable financial services.

How Is the ForTube Network Secured?

The ForTube network was audited by the SlowMist blockchain security firm and passed all the checks.

ForTube 2.0 has an original off-chain audit system that can perform uninterrupted audits of smart contracts to protect users’ assets. It utilizes safe and upgradeable system architecture that allows for the improvement of various system modules under a decentralized governance system.

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