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Fieldcoin.io Ico Review : First Blockchain based land marketplace

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About Fieldcoin.io

Fieldcoin.io is developing a platform using blockchain technology to connect landowners with crowdfunding investors while enabling fast and cheaper transfers of land property to individuals and companies.

Fieldcoin’s mission is to bring the blockchain technology to land property transactions and agricultural crowdfunding projects while creating a stable transaction instrument to ease the process of land and agribusiness acquisition.

Fieldcoin brings together four of the most disruptive innovations: IoT, Blockchain technology, 4.0 Agribusiness Technologies and Crowdfunding.

Company Name2local.io
Token SymbolFLC
Pre Ico Price1 FLC = 0.05 USD
Price1 FLC = 0.05 USD
Restricted AreasUSA, China
Softcap3,000,000 USD
Hard cap31,000,000 USD

Exchange and Manage Farmland from IT Devices

Fieldcoin Ltd will create the 1st global decentralized land property management marketplace that enables the coordination of a country’s blockchain-based registry system in order to facilitate transactions between individuals. Fieldcoin Ltd will integrate land ownership into its eco-system and monetize land property on the blockchain using ERC721 tokens.

Fieldcoin ERC20 holders will have access to full land ownership on the platform and will be able to buy, sell and exchange their properties while choosing the crops to be planted and the management type of their farmland at a distance.

Fieldcoin Mission

  1. Educate on the importance of land ownership and agribusiness.
  2. Provide a tangible solution for cryptocurrency token holders.
  3. Create a token specific to land trading.
  4. Bring liquidities to farmers and small producers.
  5. Smoothen the process of land transaction.
  6. Modernize current agribusiness infrastructures.

Traceability From Land to Fork

Inputs and outputs are recorded on the blockchain.

Increased accuracy.

Cheaper recording of information.

Data is more reliable and secure.

Better transparency and enhanced customer knowledge.

Improved coordination between farmers and customers.

Ecosystem protocol graph

The purchasing event 

(1) generates the tokenization process: the LAND token creation 

(2) and integration into the platform 

(3). Also during this process, the information concerning the property transaction and ownership is recorded on the Blockchain

 (4). The token owner have all the services unlocked 

(5) and can now use the asset to make collateral loans 

(6) and use those funds to invest in crowdfunding his or others agricultural projects 

(7). Management services will be proposed to the LAND token holder who will decide among different land use options

 (8). At this step of development, Fieldcoin gradually move to management automation 

(9) by incorporating 4.0 Agriculture Innovation like sensors and use of drones on the land to automatically monitor and record the inputs and outputs of the land property 

(10) so that land managers can make better decisions while keeping track of the history of their land.

Crowdfund Agribusinesses and Get Rewarded

Participate in the next Agriculture Transition. Fieldcoin.io Use an innovative E-commerce Platform. Grow Fieldcoin’s Eco-system. Support agribusiness development. Get your capital back plus a percentage of Fieldcoin Tokens.

Agriculture Innovation

New farming methods & technologies. New cryptocurrency exchange tools. Diversification and quality of crops IT monitoring & management. Blockchain-based registry system.

Available Properties

Choose land easily from a wide selection of available properties. Send a quick application for approval to become a land owner or renter.

Buy/Sell/Rent Online

The are creating a marketplace that allows you to buy and rent land online using cryptocurrencies from anywhere.

Management Services

Fieldcoin offers efficient and effective management services in the vicinity of your land property.

Protocol Graph

1. Fieldcoin Ltd launches Pre-sale and FCO (Field Coin Offering).
2. Fieldcoin Ltd exchanges ETH collected against FIAT currencies.
3. Fieldcoin Token Holders may trade their Tokens on exchange plateforms.
4. With proceeds collected, Fieldcoin Ltd acquires land properties.
5. Fieldcoin Ltd valorises its land acquisitions.
6. Fieldcoin Ltd land properties are traded on the platform.
7. Users send Fieldcoin Tokens to trade physical land and crowdfund agribusinesses.
8. Token Holders send tokens to Fieldcoin Ltd against land property ERC721 Token.
9. New land owners may decide to let Fieldcoin Ltd manage their land.
10. Received tokens are traded into Ethereum and FIAT on exchanges.

FCO Allocation of funds

fund fieldcoin

The Main Team

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