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Fanadise Airdrop Review: You Will get One Ticket

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About Fanadise Airdrop

Fanadise Airdrop is an exclusive content platform created for internet influencers to monetize their social presence and bring interactions with followers to a whole new level. While all news outlets from the past few years hid behind paywalls and started to get their fair share for the work they put into preparing the news,  internet creators remained highly underpaid. They aim to change that – bringing so much more to the table.

Fanadise is an exclusive content platform created for internet influencers to monetize their social presence and bring interactions with followers to a whole new level. Fanadise is airdropping a total of 500,000 FAN tokens to users who complete the airdrop tasks. Sign up at their launchpad, complete KYC and complete simple social tasks to get tickets. Also get more tickets for referring your friend. Airdrop rewards will be distributed based on the number of tickets a user holds.

Fanadise is a premium exclusive content subscription platform created to grow and monetize your fanbase. The internet is changing and they want to be a part of this change by rebuilding social media around the idea of content ownership decentralization.

PlatformTotal ValueMax. ParticipantsWebsite
ETH500,000 FANUnlimitedClick Here To Visit

Step No 1

Register for the Fanadise Airdrop Airdrop, by creating an account.

Step No 2

Verify your email & log in to your account.

Step No 3

Take part in the referral program and invite 3 friends.

Step No 4

Join Fanadise Airdrop on Telegram group & Telegram channel

Step No 5

Follow Fanadise Airdrop on Twitter & like/share the pinned tweet and tag 3 friends.  

Step No 6

Like/follow Fanadise Now, everyone can become a Airdrop on Facebook & like/share the pinned post.  


Influencers will finally get paid for their online efforts

Big corporations like Facebook or Google take all the profit from the generated revenue of influencers via their ad services, leaving them with no or close to zero profit. Premium content is a new trend and here to stay – engage with your favourite influencers on a whole new level, getting access to content bonuses never seen before, unlocking the potential of exclusivity.

NFT and subscription incentives for the creators

How much influencers earn when they are finally empowered with the tools to monetize their abilities and talents all depends on the work they put in. Subscriptions mean NFT’s – every time you subscribe to your favourite creator you are guaranteed to get a special pack of Moments from his or her life, as well as all of the perks of the subscription level you have purchased.

Resell moments of your favourite creators

Fanadise Airdrop longer you are connected with your idol and the higher tier of subscription you choose, the better moments and perks you get – afterwards, you can collect your NFT’s or put them up for sale on the marketplace.

Decentralized future of content ownership

  • Become the part of the next social media revolution
  • Join to perform KYC process before entering presale waiting list
  • Sign up to be first to learn about our public sale

Fanadise is a decentralized social media platform made to endure the rest of century

  • Fanadise Airdrop Designed by the people behind many successful campaigns, brands and events, the creators of DDOB, Mr. Gugu, Aloha from Deer, successful Influencer Marketing companies, Creators of some of the largest social Media platforms and many more. 
  • Fanadise is future-proof and adjustable to the ever changing world of social media, fame and entertainment. 
  • The model disrupts the status quo and allows the whole social space to grow beyond our present imagination. 

Exclusive Content

Exclusive content is intended for the biggest fans who will have the opportunity to see never-published-before pictures and videos. It can be anything: backstage, things only close friends see, unique moments, curated images, gifs, skins, filters and so much more!

Staking Benefits

  1. Stake FAN coin to get a higher chance to draw an NFT
  2. Fanadise Airdrop longer you stake, the more NFTs you get
  3. Moments available to buy only with FAN token
  4. Subscription levels accessible with FAN token only
  5. Lower subscription prices when using FAN
  6. Stake the FAN, provide liquidity and earn rewards in FAN and NFTs
  7. FanUP your NFTs using our special feature unlockable only with FAN
  8. Airdrops only for Influencer Pool stakers
  9. Unlock Influencer Pools and hunt for the Moments you want to get
  10. Take part in lottery in order to get NFTs and tokens


After they assign NFTs to every single piece of content, they move to phase II. You don’t only collect your favourite moments – you can exchange, sell and buy them on your own using own NFT marketplace developed in partnership with e-commerce company Lethe who have been working on the technology for 7 years. They will be competing with other solutions like Open Sea or Rarible. Only, they are going to do it better, faster and stronger. 

NFT’s are a revolution in ownership

This means a revolution in social media and in the way people perceive the value of digital goods and social based status.


Fanadise Airdrop Internet creators do not really have full ownership of their social media platforms and content.


Not your content – not your platform – not your power – not your money.


Fanadise Airdrop want to change the system and give power back to the creators.

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