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EZZY GAME GEZY (GEZY) Review : Is It Good Or Bad Coin Read Our Article

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EZZY GAME GEZY: In this article, we cover a detailed review of EZZY GAME GEZY Coin. How does EZZY GAME GEZY Crypto work & Are important features?


EZZY Game app is a M2E (Move-to-Earn) and P2E (Play-to-Earn) game featuring Web3 elements where you can get GEZY tokens by walking or running in the open air or by playing a simple game.

The EZZY app is based on the Fitness Mining concept (Train and Mine) — users walk or run in the open air and mine GEZY tokens which can then be exchanged for other tokens, for example USDT, or used in any other way. Thanks to this approach, training not only has a positive effect on your health but you also get GEZY tokens as a reward and become part of the developing M2E world.

In addition to training, we have added the capability to generate GEZY tokens in a simple game, thus integrating the P2E mechanics. This is convenient if the weather outside is bad, you are not well or do not want to train for other reasons. Just activate the game and catch GEZY tokens while sitting on your couch and moving your Sneakers using the buttons on the screen.

BaseApe Coin Price

Coin BasicInformation
Short NameGEZY
Max Supply1,000M GEZY
Total Supply13.33M GEZY
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

BaseApe Live Price Data

How EZZY Game works: Proof-of-Walk algorithm

In training mode, the EZZY Game app uses the special Proof-of-Walk algorithm which tracks user activity using an accelerometer, the Internet and geolocation and rewards GEZY tokens based on the data received.

To mine (get) GEZY tokens while training, you need to download the app, get Sneakers for GEZY, start your training and start moving in the open air. The Proof-of-Walk algorithm generates GEZY tokens once a minute.

The user can exchange them for other tokens, use them to mint new Sneakers, accumulate them for one purpose or another, or send them, for example, to friends and acquaintances, immediately after the training.


GEZY is the main in-game token of the EZZY Game, which is used for transactions within the fitness game and on the project website. It is required to get the Sneakers and is also awarded as rewards for workouts and games. GEZY operates in the BNB Smart Chain network, so you need to have some BNB for transaction fees.

EZY token

In parallel with the GEZY token, which focuses on the highest possible stability in the long term, the EZZY Game ecosystem also uses another token – EZY.

At this point it is more volatile and has slightly different mechanics. It can be used for various experimental mechanics.

Sneakers collections in the EZY token often have reduced Durability and increased stats, so users can get high rewards in EZY tokens in a short period of time.

However, due to the high volatility, the EZY token is more risky at this point in time in terms of stability.

That said, several deflationary elements will be added to the EZY tokenomics in the future, including a complete stoppage of issuance after some time.

Some of the GEZY tokens that developers receive (when players receive Sneakers) will be exchanged into USDT in the future and channeled into the decentralized bot and liquidity of the EZY token.

Real-life reward for walks outside or achievements in the game

All you need is your smartphone and game Sneakers

Download the app, register and get Trial Sneakers

Train outside or play the game at home if you don’t want to go out

Invite your friends and get Sneakers as a gift

DAO, transparency and well-developed tokenomics

Unique mechanics and Trial Sneakers

No levels, repairs, and other parameters. It has no complex and unnecessary GameFi mechanics, but it has Trial Sneakers of any rarity type accessible to anyone while training and playing the game only lasts 10 minutes.

Invite-to-Earn: Partnership Program

Improve your health and get rewarded along with your friends, acquaintances and team!
To do this, another unique concept has been integrated into EZZY Game — Invite-to-Earn (I2E). With the help of I2E, users can expand their collection of Sneakers by inviting new users.

Game Sneakers

All Sneakers have a limited “service life” and do not apply any cumulative pressure on the tokenomics. Sneakers have two main parameters:

Daily power

how many GEZY tokens you can get every day.


how many days you can train or play in these Sneakers.

Other parameters are identical for all Sneakers. You need to move at a speed of 2–20 km/h in all Sneakers and all Sneakers have the same amount of Energy that is enough to train during 10 minutes or play one game round. You can own multiple Sneakers – they will switch automatically at the end of each training session.



In conclusion, the introduction of a straightforward fitness game that combines real-life physical activity with entertaining minigames marks a significant step towards encouraging a healthier lifestyle in a fun and accessible manner. The Move-to-Earn & Play-to-Earn genre breaks down barriers by offering a user-friendly experience devoid of intricate mechanics, ensuring that individuals from all walks of life can participate and reap the benefits. The provision of trial Sneakers as an initial gift not only fosters engagement but also demonstrates the game’s commitment to users’ well-being.

As this innovative concept gains traction, it has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach exercise and leisure, bridging the gap between the virtual and real worlds for a more active and enjoyable existence. By motivating individuals to embark on physical activities and engage in gaming simultaneously, this fitness game paves the way for a healthier future that is both entertaining and rewarding.

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