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Friday, September 30, 2022 Advertising Review : Possibility of Growth

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About A full-cycle company, working with all kinds of student traffic (both black hat and white hat SEO, banner ads, doorways, etc.) for monetization in dollars. We’ve been in business for over 2 years now, and during this time we’ve perfected the skills at providing high-quality works and creating beautiful highly convertible websites, as well as the customer service skills. Conversion on the websites: 5-12%, depending on the selling site (target search traffic, PPC, SMM, banners, and platforms that target audience is using); Refunds and chargebacks are entirely the PP’s responsibility. However, in case of any fraudulent activities, the funds will be frozen, and such case will be taken to the Dispute Department.

Quick Facts About Affiliates Network

Company Affiliates Network
Commission TypeRevshare
Min PaymentsFirst $150, then $5
Payment FrequencyOn request
Payment MethodPayPal
Referral Commission2%
Tracking LineIn-house proprietary platform
Email SupportN/A
Official WebsiteClick Here To View

The also Provide Promo-Materials:

* ready-made sites (WordPress)
* WP templates
* banners and buttons
* calculators
* order form, prices, customer’s personal account
* samples of written works
* templates for doorways
* keys
* information on services
* information on the niche

Germany: an offer for the German Audience – The main characteristic of the German market is that both Germans and foreign students in Germany are already familiar with the concept of “Ghost Writing”, so there’s no need to create a market from scratch. What’s even more, the target audience is accustomed to the fact that this service is very expensive. They usually look for an individual writer, but once they get to us – they’ll see an aggregator with samples, support service, guarantees, etc. Just like with our Chinese selling site, localization is crucial here, so you can see the prices in Euros, German motives, appropriate types of papers, and disciplines, different from the American market. Get us a German customer and get 120-150 Euro from their averaged first order, and 40-50 Euros from next ones.

China: an Offer for the Chinese audience – Essay-Homework-Help The Chinese do not like to change or to get used to foreign languages, even when they go to study in the US or UK. They often persist in using Chinese search queries, but in addition to such Chinese search engines as Baidu, Sina or Weibo, they also use Google. That’s getting to a place, where they communicate with us in Chinese and send assignments in Chinese, while in most cases the work itself is in English.

The best part about this market is that prices on the site are 2 times higher than on American one. Asian students that choose to study in the US often are quite wealthy, while their requirements and quality standards are naturally lower. They are ideal customers that can easily bring you $90-100 from their first order, and then $30-40 for 5-6 times during one exam season (hot season: Autumn, Spring).


Full Cycle Company Own offers that are constantly being optimized. One customer returns 9-12 times.

Responsive Support Support and assistance in setting up campaigns. Fast payments on request and a wide range of payment methods.

Effective Traffic Conversion High dynamic rates for RevShare and CPL working models. Referral program and bonuses.

Possibility of Growth Rates of active partners reach up to 70% for a sale and up to 35% for a customer return. Up to $ 20 for CPL

CPL They are glad to offer you an exclusive opportunity in the essay niche! Only with Edu-Money you can no longer worry about the conversion of your traffic, the average check and the number of returns. integrated the СPL system – convert the relevant traffic into dollars for each sign up on the sites, the will take care of the rest.

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