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What Is DPWK?(DPWK) Coin Review? Guide About DPWK

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What Is DPWK?(DPWK) Coin

DPWK is a decentralized play-to-earn platform for blockchain games. Players can play more than one game launched by the DPWK platform, and the produced tokens can be transacted on the secondary market of the DPWK platform. Its first 7,000 Kreatty NFTs were generated with a decentralized algorithm.

NFTs are the only entry to the platform’s games, have the purest pedigree, and can reproduce. The offspring kitties are also NFTs and have a number of functions. The economic model of the platform uses dual-token model (KIT Token and DPWK Token).

KIT token has a limited total amount and continuous deflation, mining cards can be produced through staking KIT tokens, and KIT tokens are used for reproduction of Kreatty/Kitty NFTs and creating clans so as to ensure economic development.

DPWK Token is proving of DAO governance, and has higher value than KIT token.The DPWK platform also provides a variety of play-to-earn and GameFi and DeFi gameplay, continuously bringing users fresh and enjoyable game experience and financial wealth effect.

Important Points Table Of DPWK

Coin NameDPWK
Short NameDPWK
Circulating Supply100,000,000
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How to Buy the Continental & Trade On Exchange?

First Step

Buying DPWK Is Very Easy Task . Just Find Exchange Where DPWK Available & Buy Through Your Credit & Other Altcoin .

Second Step

Once You Purchased DPWK. Now It Is Time To Store Your DPWK Or Start Trading On Exchange .


DPK is a decentralized play-to-earn platform for blockchain games. It creates a kitty-themed game with Metaverse community. Only users with Kreatty NFTs can access games on the DPK platform, which combines various blockchain financial methods such as clans, NFT, GameFI, and play-to-earn. The goal is to create a platform that is cool, humorous, relaxed, fun, and creative.

DPK will issue kitty-themed blockchain games consistently, each of which has different gamification financial methods. Relying on tools such as GameFi framework, incentive tokens, DAO governance tokens, decentralized NFT marketplace, Swap, and so on, DPK will continue to bring users fresh and pleasant game experiences and the financial wealth effects.

After developing and releasing the third blockchain game, we will start to build a platform distribution system, helping a large number of traditional games transport to play-to-earn mode. Furthermore, gathering more players through more games and derivatives to build DPK’s global leading community for blockchain game players.


DPWK are a group of dreamers who firmly believe that blockchain will be the foundation of the future Metaverse, and the play-to-earn method in blockchain games could be the new model for the sharing economy from the future Metaverse. With its game attributes, blockchain games are easier to form a broad consensus, which will make it become the earliest successful application in the exploration of the Metaverse.

DPWK Coin will develop the games on the own, and create a sharing, co-built and developing game platform for blockchain game developers, creators and community builders through DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) governance, including publishing tools, financial tools, and game communities.

Kreatty/kitty NFT Introduction

Kreatty NFT holders are the original platform contributors, and they will spawn all platform users. Starting from the first game Pet Garden, DPWK platform will release more blockchain games with financial innovation attributes. The financial logic of the whole DPWK platform will always be applied to Kreatty NFT, KIT token, DPWK token, mining card NFT, decentralized mining, decentralized market, GameFi, and a series of gamified financial tools, which will implement the concept of play-to-earn persistently.

KIT Token

All chain games on the platform will continue to earn KIT tokens through gameplay, and KIT tokens are necessary material for NFT reproduction. The KIT token economic model is shown below. It may have other economic models in future games, but it will remain the positioning to all players through play-to-earn.

DPWK Coin KIT tokens consumed in the game will go into the public game fund, and when it needs to be recycled into the total mining pool, 10% of the one-time consumption will be burned, and the burning will continue until the total circulation is equal to 30 trillion. In the future, DAO will decide whether to continue burning and to what extent.

DPWK Token

The economic model of DPWK token is as follows, and may change into more economic models in other games. The constant function of the token is that only a limited number of players can be the master of the entire platform in the future by obtaining DPWK tokens. and the more players who contribute to every aspect of the game, the more DPWK tokens they will have the right to get. Meanwhile, DPWK platform also allows all players to obtain DPWK tokens through DeFi and staking.

DPWK Coin main output channels:

  1. 1.Planetary exploration
  2. 2.Contribution ranking
  3. 3.DeFi and staking
  4. 4.Multiple game PVP ranking


DPWK Coin platform offers multiple gameplays featuring with play-to-earn and GameFi. For example:​

  1. 1.Reproduction of Kitties;
  2. 2.Mining mode and KIT tokens;
  3. 3.Staking of DPWK and DeFI mode;
  4. 4.Rankings of contribution points for clans and individuals.
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