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What Is Diviner (DIV)? Coin Review? Guide About Diviner

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What Is Diviner (DIV)?

Diviner is a NFT ecosystem to decentralization on BSC that deeply combines NFT, DeFi and games to create a virtual world full of surprises for users. Players enter different worlds to adventure by gathering their NFT, allowing players to join for free and earn easily while enjoying the fun brought by the game.

Diviner Coin is a decentralized NFT ecosystem on BSC, built exclusively for metaverse projects. Each project listed on the Diviner marketplace uses Div in its respective DAPP, and Div, acts as Diviner’s native token, is the only currency circulating on the marketplace. In this way, Div serves as a reserve currency for the entire Metaverse network connected at the Diviner network layer.

Div is so scarce progressively that entails the “turned on” of furnace as a productive asset. This dance between the furnace and Div forms a base layer of metaverse on which other metaverse economies can be built and connected.

Important Points Table Of Diviner Coin

Coin NameDiviner Coin
Short NameDiv
Circulating Supply40,000.00 DIV
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How to Buy the Continental & Trade On Exchange?

First Step

Buying SNACK Is Very Easy Task . Just Find Exchange Where SNACK Available & Buy Through Your Credit & Other Altcoin .

Second Step

Once You Purchased SNACK. Now It Is Time To Store Your SNACK Or Start Trading On Exchange .

Vision and Mission

As time goes on, Diviner Coin intends to be a beacon of decentralization for the entire NFT ecosystem, cultivate the decentralized competitors for existing NFT products, and act as a flywheel to increase decentralization in the metaverse and develop a decentralized encryption economy that can be used as economic asset in “real world”.

Diviner Products

Diviner has developed a suite of tools and smart contracts to complete a truly decentralized NFT ecosystem where users are rewarded for their participation and contributions whether it’s building unique NFT, participating in pawn play, or just using the tools provided by the platform, the Diviner ecosystem rewards everyone for their contributions

NFT Trading Market

They will launch the V1.0 of NFT Exchange firstly, which includes basic listing and trading functions with all transaction fees remaining 0%.Meanwhile, Diviner has acquired the new NFT exchange code, and we will optimize the code and launch its v2.0.

GameFi Launchpad

They believe that games are one of the most important application context for NFT. Diviner will complete the incubation and release of games through Diviner Coin GameFi Launchpad, and provide a variety of solutions such as synthesis, upgrade and increase items to strengthen NFT.

Diviner allows game developers to raise money with in-game assets by preselling NFT blind boxes. In addition, Diviner will help game developers to solve the technical issues on blockchain and provide a complete GameFi system to ensure game revenue.

Diviner guild Alliance

Diviner Coin guild Alliance is committed to Play to Earn, aiming to be a bridge between Play-to-Earn games and players, helping millions of low-income people around the world increase their income through Play-to-Earn. At the same time, it can bring maximum user traffic to the game and become the forerunner of the digital meta-universe together.

Economic Model of The Token

Diviner economic model is mainly divided into three systems: the base, product factor and the ecological facet.

1. The basic economic system mainly involves transaction fees and buy-back destruction, and the fees are used for project operation and ecological construction

2. The product layer mainly involves the expenses generated by Diviner’s own products in economic activities.

3. The ecological layer mainly involves the incubation of Diviner GamePad and other project of ecological cooperation.

The Introduction of token

Diviner economic model is mainly divided into three systems: the base, the product facet and the ecological factor.

Diviner Coin economic model is mainly divided into three systems: the base, the product facet and the ecological factor.

The circulation of Diviner tokens depends on the number of brokerage cards in the furnace. A broker card is worthy of 500USdt, and the furnace will dig up div equals to $500. It will not create any new bubbles, even lead severe deflation.

Each purchase of a blind box will gain an additional 0.5vdiv as a gift. 10 vDivs can pledge 1 broker card, then get access to the brokerage furnace to become a miners. 5% reward pool be airdropped by stages to participants holding vDivs and brokerages under the network layer with a large number of cards drawn.

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