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DForce Defi Coin Review : Reimagine Money. Reinvent Finance

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About DForce Defi Coin

DF is the platform utility token of the DForce Defi Coin network, an integrated and interoperable DeFi platform. It will be used for transaction services, community governance, system stabilizer, incentivization, and validator deposits. DForce price today is $0.287615 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $3,193,461 USD. dForce is up 10.57% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #455, with a market cap of $33,010,470 USD. It has a circulating supply of 114,772,957 DF coins and the max. supply is not available.

DForce Defi Coin Facts

Defi Coin NameDForce Defi Coin
Short Name DF
Source CodeVisit Source Code
Ethereum Contract0x431ad2ff6a9c365805ebad47ee021148d6f7dbe0
Chat Option Click Here To Visit Chat
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

How does dForce work?

DForce Defi Coin advocates for building an integrated and interoperable open finance and monetary protocol matrix, including asset protocols (USDx, GOLDx, dToken), liquidity protocol (dForce Trade), and lending protocol (soon-to-be-launched dForce Lending). dForce Token (DF) is the utility token that facilitates governance, risk buffers and interest alignment across the dForce Network. team includes both crypto veterans and professionals from Goldman Sachs, Standard Chartered Bank, Hony Capital. dForce is backed by investors including CMBI (China Merchants Bank International), Multicoin Capital, and Huobi Capital (the investment arm of Huobi Group).

Defi Protocol Matrix

Maximize the best potential of liquidity within the matrix, which are camped into three important dimensions: asset protocols, lending protocols, and liquidity protocols.

Liquidity Mining

Greenlighting more ways for incentivized liquidity to tickle down tiers of dForce Legos like Champagne Tower.

Asset Protocols

A Synthetic Stablecoin with Systematic Interest

USDx is a fiat-back synthetic stable coin pegged into a basket of regulated stable coins (1 USD = 80% USDC + 10% PAX + 10% TUSD) at pre-determined weighting, which is adjustable through on-chain governance. Users can earn interest income on their USDx holdings by simply depositing USDx into the USR contract.

A Digital Token backed by Physical Gold

DForce Defi Coin is a gold token 100% back by constituent gold tokens and is denominated in gram instead of a troy ounce. gold is featured by zeros fees associated with on-chain transactions, 100% compatible with all DeFi protocols, and easy for integrations (please note there will be a fee levied by Paxos for on-chain transactions of PAXG).

Best Accessible Yield Aggregator Users will receive dToken when they deposit supported ERC20 token, which is proportional to the stake in the pool and is redeemable at any time. dToken can be transferred to other users, platforms or smart contracts. dToken can attend to a variety of yielding protocols (either dForce-native, eco-system projects or third-party protocol like Compound, Aave, etc).

Lending Protocols

Hybrid Lending Facility

DForce Defi Coin Create a wide range of separate borrowing pools (which connects to the dToken’s Hybrid Pool) catering to users of different needs and risk tolerance.

dForce Lending Protocol

Permission-less version of lending protocol with more embedded risk control parameters and diversified sources of capital supply (dToken pool and other sources).

DForce Trade

DEX Aggregator with the Best Market Price Pooling fragmented liquidity across multiple DEXes to support large-volume trades with the best price.

Stable Coins

Additional transactions involved various U.S. dollar-linked stable coins – such as USDT, BUSD, TUSD, DAI, USDC, HUSD and PAX – totaling nearly $10 million. They Further, a total of 581 units of WBTC, HBTC and imBTC – ethereum tokens that peg to bitcoin as an underlying collateral – have also been returned. The sum of these is worth around $4 million at bitcoin’s current price.

DForce Defi Coin Review : Reimagine Money. Reinvent Finance

Multicoin Capital

The DForce Defi Coin Foundation recently received a $1.5 million strategic investment led by Multicoin Capital and joined by Huobi Capital and Chinese bank CMB International (CMBI), with a goal to grow the foundation’s staff and to launch additional DeFi products in the coming year.

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